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[9] > Image [9] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1963-05-apr2.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

9 Section 2. 07 Said Series A Bonds shall be executed on behalf of said Board with the reproduced facsimile signature of the Chairman of the Board and attested by the manual signature of the Secretary of the Board, and the fac- simile of the corporate seal of said Board shall be imprinted thereon. Interest on said Series A Bonds falling due on and prior to maturity shall be represented by appropriate interest coupons to be attached to each of said Series A Bonds, which coupons shall be executed with the facsimile of the official signatures of said Chairman and said Secretary. Section 2. 08; For the purpose of securing the payment of both the principal of and interest on all the Series A Bonds and to secure for the benefit of all the holders of said Series A Bonds the faithful performance of the covenants and provision.s contained in the Resolution in the manner and to the extent as permitted and provided in the Resolution and in Sections 162. 340, et seq,. of the Kentucky Revised Statutes, First Security National Bank & Trust Company of Lexington, in the City of Lexington, Kentucky, is hereby designated as Trustee under the Resolution for the holders of all of said Series A Bonds with the powers and duties set forth in the Resolution and with no liability in con- nection with any action or omission to act under the Resolution except for its own negligence or willful breach of trust. Execution of the authentication certificate of the Trustee on the respective Series A Bonds shall conclusively establish the acceptance as to such Series A Bonds by the Trustee of the trusts and provisions with respect thereto as set forth in the Resolution. Section 2. 09. The Series A Bonds and coupons and provisions for regis-- tration appertaining thereto and the certificate of the Trustee to be endorsed on said Series A Bonds shall be in substantially the following respective forms; to-wit: (FORM OF BOND) UNITED STATES OF AMERICA COMMONWEALTT OZE KENTUCKY UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY COMMUNITY COLLEGES EDUCATIONAL BUILDINGS REVENUE BOND SERIES A No. $1, 000. 00 The Board of Trustees of the University of Kentucky, a body corporate, as an educational institution and agency of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, for value received, hereby promises to pay, solely from the special fund provided therefor, as hereinafter set forth, to the bearer, or, if this Bond be registered, to the registered owner hereof, as hereinafter provided, the sum of One Thousand Dollars ($1, 000. 00) on the first day of May, 19 , and to pay, solely from said special fund, interest thereon from the date hereof until payment of principal at the rate of per cent l %) per annum, such interest being payable semiannually on the first days of May and November in each year, commencing November 1, 1963, except as the provisions hereinafter set forth