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6 > Image 6 of Guide to civilian organizations. Lyon County, Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

i ; ..]_. e % ? AMERICAN RED CROSS, LYON COUNTY CEAPTED (American National Zed Cross), { c/o yrs. G, 2. jell, Franklin Street, Eddyville. Founded 1917, Chairman, Q nev. Jokn.R. Flynn, Hein Street, Eddyville, Teleohone 5951. Secretary, le .. V A ,.. -.. U _v_ f H , nys. G. o. nall. Telephone 29ll. Terms expire Jmiunry, l9eo. E lfgdpjjnrgg: 255. Qualifications, annual subscription of one dolldr or i ever. ig Committees: Ptblicity, Themes C. Hanberry; Production, Hrs, T. K. `Woodwerd, both of Eddyville. j Burgess: nid to distressed in tne event of wer or disaster. E g Horxal Civic Activities: Cooperating with local Defense organizations. ..` / . . . . . . ~ L ucfcnse ~ctivitics; Engaged in Red Cross Assistance. Training for if Sewing end Preparation of Surgical Drcsoinjs, Interested in Hospital and Clinical Assistance. V I Local Publications: None, i BATTIST TRAINING UNION (Soutbcrn Baptist Convention 3. T. U.), c/b gy Eddyvillc Taptist Church, Eddyville. Tounded l954. Rresident, Carl Q Yates, Water Street, Eddyvillo. Sccrotrrv, Jim Frank Lostcr, Edoyvilb. ij Telephone 2602, Terms expired October, l942, Q Iembcrsbip; 25. Open to members of local Baptist Church. fi i Committees; None reported. _Q Purpose; Training in religious k adcrshio and in church activities, Iornal Jivic Activities; Cooperating with lcd Cross, It Defense nctivitics; Interested in lcd Gross fssistunec, first lid. ji Local Publications: None. E I I E I