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827 > Page 827 of History of Daviess County, Kentucky, together with sketches of its cities, villages, and townships, educational religious, civil military, and political history, portraits of prominent persons, biographies of representative citizens, and an outline history of Kentucky.

UPPER TOWN PRECINCT. farmer and has lived in Daviess County all his life, with the excep- tio)n of eighteen months. He was married Aug. 23, 1853, to Arte- misia Higdon, a native of Nelson County, Ky., born April 7, 1825. They have four children-Catherine, John T., Rosa, William H. Mr. Wilkerson owns 101 acres of fine land five miles southeast of Oweneboro, on the Hartford road. Mrs. Wilkerson is a member of the Catholic church. John J. Williams, carpenter and builder, was born Oct. 14, 1828, in Hancock County, Ky., where he resided till forty-five years of age. In 1847 lie enlisted in Company F, Fourth Kentucky In- fantry, Captain McCrary, and served till the close of the Mexican war. He worked on the river until the breaking out of the Re- bellion, flatboating and steamboating. Since the close of the war lie has worked at the carpenter's trade and building.- He came to Davies6 County in 1874. He was married Nov. 24, 1852, to Eliza J. Burnett, a native of Hancock County, Ky., born Oct. 7, 1832. They have six children-John H., born Jan. 2, 1859; James H., born Nov. 10, 1860 ; Robert E., born Feb. 22, 1866 ; Viola, born Feb. 6, 1868; L. T., born Nov. 21, 1871, and Letitia C., born Oct. 19, 1873. R. 1; Wootten, born in Spencer County, Ky., Feb. 17, 1839, was a son of William H. and Rosalia (Cooiues) Wootten, both natives of Nelson County, Ky. His father was born -March 25, 1811, and was killed by a guerrilla near Slate Riffle, Ohio Co., Ky. His mother was born in 1815, and died in November, 1860. R. I. was the second often children. When quite young his parents moved to Nelson Countv, where he remained till 1859, when he came to Daviess County. He enlisted in Company B, Third Kentucky Cavalry, U. S. A., and served three nears and ten months. After the war lie worked at the printer's trade till 1880, when he was appointed Gov- ernment Storekeeper. He was married March 28, 1864, to Jennie E. Higdon, a native of Owensboro, born in 1841. They have fou r children-Clara R., born Sept. 25, 1870; John T., horn Oct. 1, 1873; Alfred C., born Aug. 1, 1876; Charles R., born Dec. 27, 1882. Mr. Wootten is a member of the Catholic church and of the Catholic Knights of America. He also belongs to No. 3, Department of Kentucky, G. A. R.: 827