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829 > Page 829 of History of Daviess County, Kentucky, together with sketches of its cities, villages, and townships, educational religious, civil military, and political history, portraits of prominent persons, biographies of representative citizens, and an outline history of Kentucky.

VANOVER PRECINCT. mill. It is now owned by Henry Vanover, and is used only for grinding corn. THE DISTRICT SCHOOL-HOUSE. In the western part of this precinct stands the old log house, where the old men now living in this locality received their early education; and it was then considered quite an old house. It is supposed to be the oldest school-house in all the surrounding coun- try. It is still used for school purposes, and is extensively known as " the district school-house." But "The building is going to decay, And the rafters are falling in." Vanover is strictly a temperance precinct; not a drop of whisky has been sold here for more than four years, and during this time the grand jury of Daviess County has found no indictment what- ever against any of her citizens. There are no villages in this precinct. About 1868 F. M. Aus- tin sold whisky and groceries in the southwest corner, and Joseph P. Waltrip was requested to give a name to the locality. As the whisky that was sold was of a very bad quality, Mr. W. gave it the name of Blue RJuin. Some time later, J. M. Baker commenced building a house at this point in which to put dry goods, but for -the want of capital he failed to complete it, whereupon Mr. Wal- trip changed the name to Needmore. There are four families, one small grocery, kept by J. W. Cravens, and one grist-mill. The burg is situated two and a half miles east of Possum Trot, in Durdsville, and four miles south ot West Louisville. Mr. Waltrip died in McLean County in 1880. PANTHER CREEK POSTOFFICE is situated on the Ashbysburg road, thirteen miles southwest of Owensboro, and was established in 1880, with John P. Burns as Postmaster. It was named after Panther Creek, which is the nearest stream. There is no regular mail route to this office. Owensboro is the distributing office, and the mail is carried by ally ,of the neighbors that happen to "go to town." Mr. Burns estab- lished a general store at this point in 1880, and is doing a good business. CH URCHES. Brrushy Fork Baptist Church is situated one half mile south -of the district school-house. The society was organized Dec. 5, 829