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832 > Page 832 of History of Daviess County, Kentucky, together with sketches of its cities, villages, and townships, educational religious, civil military, and political history, portraits of prominent persons, biographies of representative citizens, and an outline history of Kentucky.

HISTORY OF DAVIESS COUNTY. present Elders are Isaac T. Moseley, M. C. Moseley, J. M. Ruby, J. H. Wilhite, J. V. Wilhite, Luther Moseley and W. G. Hansford; Present Deacon and Clerk, C. M. Ruby. Number of communi- cants, 103. Services the third Sabbath of each month by Rev. Willis Smith. Sabbath-school is held from the first Sunday in April until the third Sunday in October, inclusive; prayer-meeting once a week during the winter. Rev. Joseph Weaver, the first Pastor, lived in this county until his death, which occurred several years ago. Three churches, Christian, Baptist and Methodist, are located on one hill, known as Union Hill. At one time all of these denominations worshiped in a small log house, where the Methodist church now stands-hence the name. It was the prop- erty of the C. P. congregation, and was built by members of all denominations in a verv early day. Glenville Baptist Church was organized July 29, 1865, by Elders Dawson, Givens, Blansford and Robertson, at the old log house, sometimes called Mount Pleasant. The names of the charter members are as follows: Bats Oost, Joseph Givens, John L. Ileheart, Louisa Phillips, Anna Givens, Sophronia Cox, Emily Bsaird, Eliza Clark, Amanda F. Igleheart and Palestine O'Burns. The first Clerk was J. L. Igleheart. The first Deacons were Joseph Givens and Bats Oost. The church continued to worship in the old lot house until their new house was completed, in 1867. Cost of new building, 1,200 or 1,400. The first Pastor was Elder L. C. Tichnor, who served until August, 1870. He was succeeded by D. E. Yeiser, and in June, 1871, Elder Tichnor was again called, and served until 1876. D. E. Yeiiier was then re-calied, and served fifteen months, and was succeeded by Elder William Stevens, who served until July, 1880. After his resignation Elder Tichnor again became Pastor, and has served to the present time. Services are held twice a month. Present membership, sixty. ELECTIONS. For politics of parties see Lower Town. 1852, Aug. 2: Sheriff-Landrum, 213; Veech, 9. For railroad tax, 27; against, 184. 1860, Aug. 6: Appellate Clerk-C. McClarty, 15; L. Combs, 20; R. R. Bowling, 55. Sheriff-H. W. Scott, 73; John Locke, 80. County Attorney-J.,JI. McHenry, 13; J. -R. Claybrook, 53. Colo- nel-R. L. Boyd, 45. -Lieutenant-Colonel-J. P. Thompson, 46. 83s)