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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

56 From: Keniucky Purebred Livestock Association, Versa;illes, Ky. -$1,500. 00. President Dickey presented check for $1,500. 00 from the Kentucky Purebred Livestock Association given in support of the University' s livestock improvement program. He recommended that the gift be accepted, and upon motion duly made, seconded and carried, 'the Board concurred in the recom- mendation of the President and requested him to thank the donors. From. Na-;ional Merit Scholarship Corporation, Evanston, 11l --$300. 00. President Dickey stated that the National Merit Scholarqhip Corporation had given to the University its check for $300. 00 to be used for scholarship assistance to students who are not Merit Scholars and recommended that this be accepted. Upon moticn du.v made, seconded and carried, the grant was ordered accepted and th-e Presider~t was requested to thank the donors. From: East. Kentucky Rural Electric Cooperative Corpora- .ition, Winchester, Ky. --$3,042. 50. President Dickey reported receipt of check for $3, 042. 50 from the East Kentucky Elect-ric Cooperative Co-Tpora tion, to be used to purchase temperature control equipment for the new swine farrowing house on Cold- stream Farm. lie stated that this grant would enable the University to extend its work in swine research and recommended that it be accepted. Upon motion duly made, seconded and carried, .he grant was ordered accepted and the President was requested to write P. Getter of appreciation. From: The Ford Foundation, New YorkN. Y. --$1,400. 00. President Dickey presented check for $) 400. 00 fromn- The Ford Founda- tion to be used to cover travel expenses of staff members who will visit educa- tional television experimen:s in furtherance of a planned program of educational television. He recommended that this graunt be accepted, and upon motion duly made, seconded end carried, .he Board concurred in the recommendation and requested the President to thank the donors. Q. Elemenarad High Scho Texboks athe Universi Adopted. . President Dickev s..ated what it seemed desirable to adopt. elementary and high school textbooks for use in the Urdnii'e rsity School of the College of Education, grades 1 thorough 12 Hp submt.ted the list of books for the elementary grades I through 8, high, school grades 9 through 12, and stated that these books had been adopted by .he TUniversity School for use in the