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31 > Image 31 of Annual report. 1910

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

Enforcement Food and Drugs Act 11 K bakeries, we had the assistance of a committee from the Master Bakers Association of Louisville, and we have appointed as temporary inspectors two men who have practical knowledge to assist in the inspection of bakeries. We have also sent to each dairyman, baker or slaughter house man, a copy of the in- spectors report on his plant, with suggestions as to how to improve it. . This has had a marked improvement on the plants generally. Replies tell of new floors, better drainage, more light, new uten- sils, better methods of sewage and, in many instances, new plants throughout. For example, the proprietor of a slaughtering house which was originallyfound to be very unsanitary, the olfal being scraped to hogs in the rear of the building, and the floors and walls having the appearance of never having been cleaned, , writes: . "There are no more hog pens in rear of building. The walls and floors are now washed every day after the killing. My offal is now tanked and made into . fertilizer. The cold storage is thoroughly cleaned each week. - A Newport dairyman, whose dairy was found to be filthy, with a dusty loft, milk strained in the barns and utensils never scalded, writes: "lVe have made some new improvements. \Ve made a new floor in the cow stable, and whitewashed the stable inside and out. lVe built a new house to strain and cool the milk in, and made place to wash cans in hot water. Vie put a concrete floor in the milk house." A baker from Madisonville, writes: Sl11C my bakery was inspected, I have built a new shop, brick building, concrete floor, new machinery, everything up-todate. Shop is advertised as the clean- est bakery in Kentucky, open to inspection at all times." Another example is that of a slaughter house plant in Pans.