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51 > Image 51 of Annual report. 1910

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

l P J Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station, J j BOARD OF CONTROL. _' Q 3 CHARLES B. NICHOLS, Chairma11, Lexington, Ky. , I RICHARD C. STOLL, Lexington, Ky. LEWIS L. WALKER, Lancaster, Ky. [ * T. L. EDELEN, Frankfort, Ky. ' . . ` JAMES K. PATTERSON, Lexington, Ky. " MELVILLE A. SCOVELL, Director, Secretary. j OFFICERS. (In order of appointment.) ` ~ I M. A. SCOVELL, Director and Chemist. Q A. M. PETER, Chief Chemist, Head of Chemical Division. . ` , H. E. CURTIS, Chief Chemist, Head of Fertilizer Division. , H. GARMAN, Entomologist and Botanist, Head of Division. . . *W. H. SCHERFFIUS, Agronomist, Head of Agricultural Division. ] R. M. ALLEN, Head of Food and Drug Division. _ , J. D. TURNER, Head of Feed Division. J. O. LaBA_CH, Chief Chemist, Food and Drug Division. MISS, M. L. DIDLAKE, Assistant Entomologist and Botanist. ` i . S. D. AVERITT, Chemist, Chemical Division. . O. M. SHEDD, Chemist, Chemical Division. . MISS LILLIE LISTON, Stenographer, Food and Drug Division. i E. C. VAUGHN, Assistant Entomologist and Botanist. 1 GEORGE ROBERTS, Chemist, Fertilizer Division, Acting Agronomist. E. S. GOOD, Head of Animal Husbandry Division. * J. W. NUTTER, Assistant in Dairying, Animal Husbandry Division. MISS O. L. GINOCHIO, Stenographer. H. D. SPEARS, Chemist, Feed Division. MISS ANNA WALLIS, Stenographer, Feed Division. I E. F. VVORTHINGTON, Superintendent of Farm. J. VV. McFARLIN, Inspector. B. F. SCHERFFIUS, Inspector, Food and Drug Division. MISS KATHERINE T. HOPSON, Stenographer. E. KINNEY, Assistant Entomologist and Botanist. \VILLIAI\I C. MATTHE\VS, Artist, Division of Entomology and Botany. T. R. BRYANT, Assistant, Animal Husbandry Division. \VILLIAM RODES, Assistant Chemist, Fertilizer Division. , L. A. BROWN, Drug Chemist, Food Hlld Drug Division. JOHN I. CLAYBROOKE, Inspector. i \V. R. PINNELL, Inspector, Food and Drug Division. C. S. PORTER, Drug Inspector, Food and Drug Division. ` ' H. C. WOOSLEY, Special Agent, U. S. Department Agriculture. ` *On leave of absence. NOTICE. The Bulletins of the Station will he mailed free to any citizen of Ken- tucky who sends his name and address to the Station for that purpose. ` Correspondents will please 11otify the Director of changes in their postotlice address, or of any failure to receive bulletins. Address:` KENTUCKY AGRICULTURAL EXPERIMENT STATION, Lxxmorou, Ky. A t