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71 > Image 71 of Annual report. 1910

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

22 Bulletin N0. 147., - - l T ever, destroy the adults of all hothouse pests, and has no effect I D 3 at all on the scale insects nor on the immature White fly. V ` C T For the more hardy plants the following dose has been _ E , used, though with a little injury to some of them. For each - l T 1000 cubic feet enclosed: _ T . j 0.50 ounce cyanide of potassium ] 0.60 fluid ounce sulphuric lacid. o ; - ` 1.50 fluid ounce water A ` Start at eight oclock in the evening and leave until ten- ` I thirty, then air out. q _ J For more tender plants, and for use against the adult white fly and the wheat and lettuce aphis: ` ` 0.25 ounce cyanide of potassium ; . 0.30 ounce commercial sulphuric acid 0.75 ounce water 1 Start at eight oclock p. m. and leave all night. 0 T I FUNGICIDES. i Insects are sometimes less dimcult to suppress than the h more or less invisible plant parasites, causing the various blights, mildews, rots and scabs. As a rule, too, fungi must Q be fought with other remedies, and these are not yet in all ' _ cases as satisfactory as could be wished. Some of the in-, j secticides serve also as fungicides, and where they do not j the two can often be combined in one preparation which will serve for both. The limesulphur wash is one of the best of l those which serve to check both insect and fungus pests. Bordeaux mixture is not so good an insecticide, though when used in midsummer on foliage it often prevents much of the ; l injury from gnawing insects. By adding arsenate of lead to b it we get one of the very best insecticide-fungicide sprays _ _ yet devised. , B1.uESTONE OR GOPPER SULFATE. 5 This is the active and most essential ingredient of Bor- . deaux mixture. Concentrated solutions of it cannot be used . <