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8 > Image 8 of Annual report. 1910

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

l viii. Twenty-thircl Annual Report of the . ANNUAL REPORT OF THE - _ Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station ` FOR THE YEAR 1910. ` . REPORT OF THE DIRECTOR. . The work of the Station is comprised inthe following, Divisions: ~ Z Division of Chemistry, A. M. Peter, Head. A Division of Fertilizer Control Work, H.E.Curtis, Head. Division of Entomology and Botany, H. Garman, Head. ` Division of Food Control Work, R. M. Allen, Head. Division of Feed Control Work, J. D. Turner, Head. Division of Animal Husbandry, E. S. Good, Head. Division of Agronomy, George Roberts, Head. ' Divison of Extension Work, T. R. Bryant, in Charge. Chemical Division. In the work of the Chemical Division, 311 samples have been analyzed. Of these, 94 were soils, the others being mineral and potable waters, phosphate rock, limestone, various fertilizing chemicals, . tobaccoland many miscellaneous substances. A large num- I ber of minerals, rocks and ,0res have been examined and reported upon that are not included in the above enumera- Q tion. The chemical analyses of soils included 72 samples from farmers in different parts of the State, 18 for the Soil Survey in Webster County collected by Mr. Jones, and 4 of soils that are being tested in the greenhouse by means of pot experiments. l . In the Soil Survey work this year, Mr. Jones, working with the Geologist of the State Survey, has gone over Rock- castle County, Webster County and the Hartford quadran- gle in Ohio County. Mr. Jones has continued the work upon Taylor and Adair Counties. He also made a col- lection of samples in Madison County from the several