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6 > Image 6 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 26, 1917

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i TMB KENTUCKY KIRNIL. MISS CREGOR CHOSEN MISS M'MULLEN IS SPEAKER AT Y. W. C. A. BASKETBALL CAPTAIN CO-E- D The regular meeting of the Y. W. was held at Patterson Hall Sun day night with Miss MoMullen as speaker. iMIss MoMullen has been for six years in the interior of China and with that as a background she talked with a great deal of enthusiasm and made those who heard her realise what a responsibility rests on them in the teaching of the folk across the sea and of the bettering of conditions. Christianity been "Where has taught the feet of the girls are no longer bound, but in the dark part of China this cruelty is still being practiced and if any one of you could see the suffering of those little girls of ten or twelve years of age, you would never rest until the whole of China was rid of such a rule." C. A. CORNER PATT HALL PERSONALS I Mrs. Elmer Underwood, of Louis vllle, spent Sunday with her daugh ter, Miss Eliza Spurrier. Miss Myrtle Smith leaves tomorrow for her home In Lagrange, where she will spend the week-enMiss Ruby Fleming, of Midway, was the guest of Miss Eliza Spurrier Tues day. Mrs. J. L. Risque, of Midway, visit ed her daughter, Miss Juliet Lee Risque, Wednesday. Miw Carolyn Barker, of Louisville, is the guest of her aunt, 'Mrs. Henry S. Barker, this week. Miss Mildred Graham left yesterday for Louisville, to attend the K. E. A. Miss Elizabeth MoGowan, of Bag dad, spent several days at home last week. Miss Llllie Wilson, of Marlon, will arrive tomorrow to spend the weekend with 'Miss Freda Lemon. Misses Fan Ratliffe, Lula Swinney and Mildred Collins spent the weekend in Danville at Kentucky College for WoifiB- - Miss Virginia Helm Milner was in Louisville Thursday, shopping. Miss Anna Katherine Told spent week-end in Nldholasvllle with Miss Stewart Berryman and Miss Frances Hart. the Miss Eva DeSoe and Miss Ruby Asher, of 'Marion, will arrive tomorrow to spend the week-end with Miss Jessamine Cook. ALPHA XI DELTA SORORITY HOLDS FOUNDERS' DAY SANQUET The annual Founders' Day banquet of the Alpha XI Delta sorority was held Saturday night at the Phoenix Hotel. The decorations were in pink and white and the room seemed a rosetoower in the attempt to carry out the "rose of Alpha Xi." The place cards ami menus were and here too the rose predominated. The program .was as follows: The toasts carried out the general idea of "A Perfect Day." "Dawn" Miss Virginia CrOft, ''Hours" Miss Austin Lilly. Miss Ruth Weathers. "Dusk" Miss Carrie Lee Jones. "Memories of a Perfect Day" Mrs. J. Yost Bailey. Miss Jane Dickey was toastmistress. The active chapter was present and consisted of: Misses Jane Dickey, Carrie Lee Jones, Zula Ferguson, AusMildred tin Lilly, Ruth Weathers, Virginia Graham, Jane Crawford, Helm Milner, Margaret Tuttle and Virginia Croft. The alumnae and vis itors from other chapters were: Mrs. Tomlinson, of Walton, Ky.; Mrs. Bailey, Mrs. Kercher, Misses Anna Wallace, Elisabeth and, Elizabeth Wslddy, Mary K. Venable, Llla Estes, and Fay Duncan, of Louisville. hand-painte- d ".Mid-day- Miss Bernlce Young had as her guests this week, her mother, Mrs. H. S. Young, and little sister, Miss Mary Patterson Young, of PineviW. Miss Virginia McClure, of Georgetown, will come Saturday to visit Miss Nell Crain and Miss Esther Johnson. Mim aflza Pfggoti "iift Wednwiay for LouisviHe to attend the K. E, A. Miss Louisa Smyser, of Cynthiana, was at home for several days last week. MRS. TUTHILL ENTERTAINS FOR " Mr. and Mrs. Louis Mayer, of KAPPA DELTA SORORITY. Louisville; motored to Lexington Sunday to visk their daughter, Miss LouMrs. Edlward Tu thill, a patroness of ise Mayer. Kappa Delta sorority, gave a tea Miss Miriam Horine, of Nicholas-vllle- , Thursday afternoon in honor of the was at borne for the week-enactive chapter and pledges. Her home Miss Mary Grey Asbbrook is spend- on North Limestone was attractively ing the week with her sister, Mrs. decorated in spring flowers, and In Sam Ashbrook, on Lexington Avenue. the dining room the sorority colors Miss Margaret Jefferson will leave of olive green and white were used. tomorrow for Louisville to attend the Mrs. Tuthill was assisted in receiving by her daughter, Mrs. Hodges, and by K.B. A. guests were: Miss Calista Bezold, of Louisville, Mrs. John J. Tigert. Her Misses Marguerite McLaughlin, Lois will arrive tomorrow to spend the Powell, Helen Agnew, Emma Holton, week-enwith Miss Marie Becker. Eliza Spurrier, Elisabeth Oden, Martha Mr. and Mrs. L. K. Grundy, Mister Buckman, Margaret Matthews, Louise William Grundy and Miss Lillian MoCarty, Virginia Will, Elizabeth Grundy will arrive tomorrow to spend Gray, Elizabeth Cecil, Aime Dietrich, several days with MIbb Mary Grundy. Mary Grundy, Ruth MoMonigle and They will be at the Phoenix Hotel Ada Hardesty. here. The following girls have returned CORN JOINS ARMY. to their homes to follow agricultural Misses Ruth Duckwall, pursuits: Mr. William T. Corn, brother of J. Lena Johnson, Elsie Potter, Maxie Moseley, Louisa F. and C. T. Corn, of this University, Johnson, Lucile enlisted in the United StateB cavalry Smyser and Eyrl Richmond. Mrs. Richard Wellington, formerly Monday. The girls' basketball team met Monday and elected Miss Celia Cregor captain, and Miss Nell Craln manager, for 1917-1This was Miss Cregor's second year on the team. Last year she played at forward and this season occupied the center position, which was left vacant by Miss Elsie Heller, captain of last year's team. This was Mim Craln's first year on the team, but she played a splendid game at forward and was responsible for much of the team's success. The Owensboro Clulb of the University entertained with its annual dance Saturday afternoon from 3 to 5:30, in Buell Armory. The armory was fittingly decorated in the high school colors, red and black, and pennants of the same colors adorned the walls. This is the third annual dance of the Owensboro Club and was enjoyed by a number of friends. Music was fur nished by a saxaphone trio of Lexington. Misses Ina Lee Lyons and Mary Lee Mills, of Owensboro, came up to attend the dance and while here visited Misses Ruth McMonlgal and Woody MoCarty, at the Hall. Hosts of the dance were: Harry Cottrell, Russell Hunt, Cecil Heavrin, Terrlll Tapscott, Joe M. ' Robinson, William Holland, James Bennett, June Lewis, Martine Ratlcan, Ruth McMonlgal, Elizabeth MoCarty, "Floyd Potts, Ivan Graddy, Sam Morton, Grambrel MoCarty and Wilbur Norris. Harry CoUrcll, Cecil Heavrin and Ivan Graddy composed the dance ft Rates Special University SPECIAL EASTER DANCE. TUESDAY. APRIL 17 SMITH'S SAXOPHONE TRIO It C W. H. FORWOOD, Jr. SPEAKS SPEARS & FORWOOD SHOE CO. BEST BRANDS OF "CUSTOM MADE SHOES" Sll - NORTH MMKSTONK ST. LKXINGTON KY Jewelry Sale OWENSIORO CLUB ENTERTAINS WITH THIRD ANNUAL DANCE. Price Sale 1- -2 ON FOLLOWING 50c U. K. Pins 25c $1.00 Hat Pins 50c $1.00 Rings 50c 50c Watch Fobs 25c 1.00 Bar Pins 50c $1.00 Cuff Buttons 50c . UNIVERSITY BOOKSTORE "The College Store for CollegePeople" 233 W. SHORT ST. The Phoenix Hotel LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY. A Metropolitan Hotel Respectfully people. Solicits the Patronage of University JOHN SKAIN, Manager. MAY HEW WINS CONTEST. contest for agriThe cultural students of the University, held on the farm of J. iF. Cook & Company, Saturday afternoon, was won by Earl Mayhew, a (Senior, who was awarded a 'handsome gold watch fob donated by Mr. Cook. Twenty-on- e students entered the contest and four rings of mules were Judged, the students giving: their reasons for preferrieg one animal over Tke contest will probably another. prove an aaaual event. stock-judgin- g Military Wrist Watckes A urate Time. . PRICES: and us. nlckli, sliver, and slid sols'. feltf-fllle- d $7.50 111.00, TlnZTZ appreciate your giving me a hearing : : : : : : : : JOE M. ("Sap") ROBINSON WITH MUTUAL LIFE OF N. Y. STAR self fillini FOUNTAIN PEN 1.22 GUARANTEED WILLIAM E STAGG, Your Druggist Beat It to Bill Oldham's w. t . ULUtiAM. WINTER TOURIST TICKETS At Rsducad Farts, on sal Daily to FLORIDA-CUBA-NE- ORLEANS W And All Retorts of tho South 111.00 Liberal Stop- - Ovr PriviUt and us. Heintz, Jeweler. 1M ft. Main ! Lime and Winslow Sts. Ladies' Bracelet Watches. In SENIORS For yo-- r Eats and Lunches. Students' Supplies. Open cay and night. Give us a trial; d Miss Minerva Colli ms, who was grad TO GIVE SANQUET. uated from the College of Agriculture here in ltfll, is visiting Dean Anna J. Hamilton, and Mr. and Mrs. Henry B. Bpsilon Omega of Kappa Delta will Barker for several days with her little entertain taeir visiting alumnae wit! daughter, Miss Mary Elisabeth Wei a baauet Saturday evening at tke Ungton. Phoenix Hotel. MISS SPURR Street Opp. Phoenix Hotel LKXINGTON, KY. FINAL LIMIT FOR RETURN, MAY 31, 1M7 For c Kwtw. M kfenaatiM aai imsnpkfm m mmm TICKET AGENT .CHPO,P IN ssJMmAmi , LEXINGTON, KY. i