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PROCLAMATION. To pr-vent the charge .f pMmrtisanhipij the writer has given the title of Gov- ernor to alt in J. enttiky vho hmm-,. op to iate, claimed It. The Republicans do not like time title pplie d to Mlr. B-ekhamu. mmmr the Democrats Its appliatilon to Mr. Taylor. 1-ut bi giving It to bNdh. the !s,- i rem.uis neutral. CARL DAILEY. KENTUCKY'S CRISIS. Willia-u (umluel. t)mmr:'t. entered the famous Louisville Mlusic Hl.l Convention June 21Mt. vjth lie smnai - est umnuber of vot-s, and ID seven days. by what Is con- sidereld ti. rem -,rkmlmls- ninipulahtio in IIImdern political mnethods. received the umom'mmalimm bf governor Willi.,,. S Taylor. itpulim:muu. r ivd n u anaJnimous non-inatloo at the Lexington Cotiventim. two weis l ater The" began a maunpa go of d e....... atioo., allegatol, charge of fraud anid falsehood. that s ia m evolve mb a partisaln bhltr-d -mnd bitterness never before equaled. The l-ress m Erulneky lost alt sen-se f digmidty mr decency and lent itself to wild In- -etyim- aumi cruel aInd imfianming ies. Etni-'la-is Iri,,m'ipnlI platform waI his ennity to the Lousville & as0hville Railroad onmai my. wvimiri he -iebs-m o f discrinmimmatiomm Tnylor s was agan:st the t1oebel lmW. la imi ftug that it gave to its :mntlm r too great a po-er for fraud. Time rl-tm-llmii was 1mel Nmmvmls 1-r 'lm. witl expecttion of riot. atimil charge and s-ommmmt-r mImhrgi-. The military was ealimi- mmit tum Louisville. Upou th-- facee of the re- mins, Tavimur was eleetem t iny 2.253 pllmr-lity. Time 1.m-e tl -n iomi:siommulem-ilei le uilmer 9. that Its pow-ers were purely minls- t-rimlm tmnl - uwarml the cirtiti-te .,f e tmtlm 1m Taylor. J..uuunry .-.1 Gs-1imm lum-gaim hi a.utest before tIme Legislatur,-. alleging fraumd at the aI!s rie Im.imm.m..rl. ta mv- m misbl.rr.. ble am1I v:mmrloge over their plonemits by reason o f immvl umgummi :imJ-rity iii lhme --dmuus m mmml Sm"mate. In tbi- mmi-ailthl mm th , Idit rumm-ss. hat :l mi the absurdest Imartisajshlp increased