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UIMIPXJ, Alql lELAC9UXUA1LB0 Cyclopedia of Natural History: Comprising descriptions of Animal Life: Mammals, Birds, Reptiles, Batrachians and Fishes. Their Structure, Habits and Distribution. For popular use. By Chas. C Abbott, M. D. 620 pages. 500 illustrations. Cloth. Price. oo. .A t The National Standard History of the United States. A complete and concise account of the growth and development of the Nation, from its discovery to the present time. By Everit Brown. 600 pages. llus. trated. Cloth. Price, 1.00. The National Standard Encyclopedia: A Dictionary of Lit- erature, the Arts, and the Sciences, for popular use. Containing over 20,000 articles pertaining to the various Arts and Sciences. 700 pages. 1,000 illustra- tions. Cloth. Price, 1.00. Law Without Lawyers: A Compendium of Business and Domestic Law, for popular use. By Henry B. Corey, LL. B., member of New York Bar. Cloth. Price, 1.25. The National Standard Dictionary: A pronouncing lexicon of the English Language, containing 40,0W0 words, and illustrated with 700 wood-cuts, to which is added an appendix of useful and valuable information. 630 pages. Cloth. 'rice, 1.00. What Every One Should Know: A cyclopedia of Practical Information, containing complete directions for making and doing over 4,000 things necessary in Business, the Trades, the Shop, the Farm and the Kitchen. 516 pages. Cloth. Price, 1.00. Dr. Danelson's Counselor, with Recipes: A trusty guide for the family. An illustrated book of 720 pages, treating Physiology. Hygiene, Marriage, Medical Practice, etc. Illustrated. Cloth. Price, 1.50. Boys' Useful Pastimes: Pleasant and profitable amusement for spare hours, in the use of tools. By Prof. Robert Griffith, A. M. Illu. trated. Cloth. Price, 1.00. Friendly Chats With Girls. A series of Talks on Manners. Duty, Behavior, and Social Customs. Containing sensible advice and couseld on a great variety of important matters which girls should know. By Mrs. M. A. Kidder. Illustrated. Cloth. Price, 50 cents. A Handy Classical arid Mythological Dictionary, for pop- ular use, with 70 illustrations. By H. C. Faulkner. Cloth. Price, 50 cents. A Handy Dictionary of Synonyms, with which are combined the words opposite in meaning. By II. C. Faulkner. For the use of all those who would speak or write the English Language fluently and correctly. Cloth. Price, 50 cents. Talks With Homely Girls: On health and beauty, their pre- servation and cultivation. By France, Smith. Cloth. Price, 50 cent. Famous People of All Ages: Who they were, when thee lived, and why they are famous. By W. H. Van Orden. Cloth. Prie., 5 cens". The Usages of the Best Society: A manual of social eti- quette. By Frances Stevens. Cloth. Price, 50 cents. For sale A alp Bookstlers, or will he sent tosrt-Paid on rceript e, theIsice by thetubtisher, A. 1. SCORT, 66 feekman t., Now rork.