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ADRIFT IN THE WILDS; OR, The Adventures of Two Shipwrecked Boys. CHAPTER I. HO, FOR CALIFORNIA. NE BEAUTIFUL midsummer night in 18- a large, heavily laden steamer was making her way swiftly up the Pacific coast, in the direction of San Francisco. She was opposite the Cali- fornia shore, only a day's sail distant from the City of the Golden Gate, and many of the passengers had already begun making preparations for landing, even though a whole night and the better part of a day was to intervene ere they could expect to set their feet upon solid land. She was one of those magnificent steamers that ply regularly between Panama and California. She had rather more than her full cargo of freight and passen- gers; but, among the hundreds of the latter, we' have to do with but three. On this moonlight night, there were gathered by