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181 > Page 181 of Address in commemoration of the first settlement of Kentucky : delivered at Boonesborough the 25th May, 1840 / by James T. Morehead.

181 obtrusive as it was exemplary; who was a blessing to his gene. ration, to his family, and to the church with which he was con- nected as a member and an officer-fall asleep without a sigh or a struggle in the arms of death. Few persons enjoyed more of this world's honors and blessings than he did, yet few are they whose hearts are so thankful for them. It was, indeed, "by the goodness of God that he was led to repentance; " and often while he was enduring the sufferings of his last illness, would he ex- claim, "have I received good, and shall I not receive evil" His last hours were spent in prayer and thanksgiving. Few possess- ed his benevolence-so kind to the poor, not in words only, but in deeds also-so liberal in his contributions to all objects of benevo- lence. Few were so punctual in their attendance upon the ser- vices of the sanctuary, yet he relied upon none of these for his admittance into the upper world. "I have been an unprofitable servant," was his dying testimony. All these, doubtless, afforded him consolation, as evidences of his change of heart; but he said, with an emphasis, which all of his acquaintance will understand, "I rest my hopes of salvation upon my Saviour's righteousness." It was this hope that enabled him to die the death of a Christian philosopher-"Oh let me die the death of the righteous, and may my last end be like his." May this be the feeling of all who read this notice-and may they remember, that to die as he died, they must live as he lived." Mr. Brown died at his residence, in Frankfort, Kentucky, on the 29th of Aug., 1837, in the 80th year of his age. On page 31, it is erroneously stated that Kenton renounced his paternal name of Butler, and assumed that of Kenton. It should have been, that he renounced his paternal name of Kenton, and assumed that of Butler. On page 11, seventh line, for 1769, read 1679. DD' CoPV RIGHT SECURED.