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The Kentucky Kernel, April 9, 1926

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL WATCH FOR IT! TIIETA SIGMA PHI WILL PUBLISH CHRISTIAN OBSERVER UNIVERSITY PERFECT GRADES ACHIEVED BY 1 Reporters Wanted 3 Kernel Will Have Vacancies on Staff Next Week A. & S. STUDENTS There will be a number of openings for reporters on the Kernel staff soon and all those who desire to tryout are requested to come to the Kernel offices by Saturday morning nnd sign their names to n list posted under the assignment board. Instructions will be posted together with n style sheet. Positions will bo assigned early next week nnd new members of the staff will begin work with the newly elected staff Snturday, April 17. These positions nre open to all who show ability. JmM fa Number in College Who Made "A's" in All Studies Last Semester Is Unusually Large NINE ON LIST ARE GIRLS Seniors Lead in Representatives With Five; Freshmen Second With Four Thirteen students in the Arts and Sciences college made a grade of "A" in all their studies the first semester according to a list reof 1925-192- 0 cently given out hy the Registrar's Of this number nine were office. girls and four were boys. Seniors Lend in Numbers Seniors lead in the number of class members with a standing of "3," five of them turning in a perfect average. They were closely followed by the University Journalists To Take Complete Charge of Downfreshmen of whom four had all "A's" while the sophomores had three and town Publication for the juniors one student whose names One Day will be posted on the bulletin board outside of Dean Boyd's office. MAY 4 IS AS DATE An unusually large number of stu dents made all "A's" last semester. Students of the Department of It seems there arc always fewer "3's" Journalism will publish the regular the first semester than the second. on the Lexington For the first semester of last year edition of May 4, accordingHerald reto a there were but five students to make Tuesday, the honor roll in the Arts and Sciences cent announcement made by Prof. college and there were but nine the Enoch Grehan, head of the departyear before. ment. Last year the students of the Those Making All A's department published their first ediThe students who made all "A's" the past semester are: Norman Allen, tion of The Herald and the experiment freshman (special), of Hueyville; was so successful that the owners of William Arch Bennett, sophomore, of the paper repeated their offer this 'Henderson; Udell Brandenburg, sen- year. The purpose of the stubent pubior, of Lexington; John Rice Bullock, lication of the paper is to give these students practical training in their (CONTINUED ON PAGE EIGHT) chosen profession and to show out- - STUDENTS WILL PUBLISH HERALD SET I If; TO GIVE CONCERT Sophomore and Junior Honorary Class Fraternities Take In Outstanding Students at Annual Spring Dance honorary class fraternities of the university, held their annual pledging services at a dance given by the two Wednesday organizations night March 31, in the men's gymnasium fraternity At that time the junior pledged the 13 men in the sophomore class whom they considered the most outstanding and Keys pledged the 10 most outstanding freshmen. The dance was well attended and proclaimed one of the most enjoyable of the year. Many funsters amuseu themselves from 12 o'clock until the playing of "Home, SweeJ Home" by indulging in various April Fool jokes. The music for the occasion was furnished by the Kentuckian orchestra. Jack Jost and Constantin Wunderle, original Swiss Yodlers and concert singers, will give a concert at the university gymnasium next Thursday evening, April lfi, at 8 o'clock. These artists will appear in their nationnl picturesque costumes and will use their Swiss instruments, the Zither and Entertainment between acts will be furnished by local artists. Jost and Wunderle have appeared in Europe before the courts of many countries and at theaters in most of the European capitals. They have recommendations from members of royal families and European music critics. Great Success in America They have offered their program great success to the American with public at the 1916 San Fransisco Wqrld's Exposition, on the Chautau qua platform, at the New York Hip podrome, and on Victor and Columbia records. These yodlers will appear in Louis ville prior to the university concert. It was through' the efforts of several faculty members and with the recommendation of Prof. Carl Lamport that the student associations of the Y. M. and Y. V. C. A. were able to secure WHITEHEAD) With the end of another year's work just appearing in the horizon, and the feeling of satisfaction that comes to all journalists at ono time or another, the staff of the Kentucky Kernel will garnish the tables at the Lafayette hotel next Friday night, at G:80 o'clock, in instituting the first annual Kernel banquet. This affair will olficially mark the close of the old administration, and start the new officials on the problem of keeping the university's weekly in the rating it now has among the college papers of the South. Unique Program Arrunged A varied nnd unique program naB been concocted in an effort to pleaso the critical ear and eye of the most cynical member of the profession. Little thought has been given to formality, which appears to be another 'Die uninuu nart of the liroirram. university journulists will gather with the spirit of fraternity that has bound them in a distinct organization and made possible the growth of the Ken tucky Kernel. i of Kernel Jack Warren, business mnnager of the Kernel, has accepted a position with the Norton Press, Inc., of Norton, Va., and after his graduation from the university in June will take (omplete charge of the Coal Field Progress, a weekly newapnper of Norton, it was learned yesterday. The paper of which Jack will be in charge is owned by P. T. Atkins, former U. K. student nnd later city and managing editor of the Lexington Herald. Since his connection with the Ker- nel in the capacities first of advertis ing and men ot business manager, Jack Warren has aided materially in putting this paper on its present sound financial basis and has aided in the purchase of new equipment for the mechanicnl department. It is' his splendid work in connection that he was recommended to the Norton pa- due to this DEBATE SQUADS WIN AND LOSE per by Prof. Enoch Grehan, head of the journalism department. In his three and a half years on the campus, Warren has taken an active part in many student activities and won many honors for himself. He is a member of the Pi Kappa Alpha social fraternity; Omricon Delta Kappa, national honorary campus leaders' Kentucky Defeats Tennessee fraternity; Alpha Delta Sigma, ScabHere; Loses to Vanderbilt at bard and Blade, and the circle. Nashville Same Night; Col. He has twice been president of the y Mitchell Hears Home Debate circle and is at present Su-K- y Su-K- of Scabbard MEET NEVADA APRIL and Blade. On 16 the drill field he is known as Captain WILDCATS MEET WOLVERINES ON BASEBALL FIELD Michigan Has Won Nine Out o" Ten Games Played With Kentucky ; R u c j? r a s s Yearns for Revenge 1 Funkhouser Speaks 1 IS BIGGEST TILT OF YEAR Visiting Team Includes Three Football Men; Two Have Berths (By WARREN A. PRICE) Tomorrow will be a Mardi Gras day for University of Kentucky baseball followers, so great is the importance attached to the annual clash between the Michigan and the Wildcat bull teams to be played tomorrow aftenion at 2:30 o'clock. The Wolverines have come to the Blue Grass ten times to play Ken tucky, and have gone back to Michi gan nine times with the scalp of their victim hanging on their belt. Once, in 1924, the Wildcats have been able to repulse the invaders with a decisive defeat. In that game two years ago Kentucky pr6bably showed the great est playing ability, that has ever been exhibited by a Wildcat baseball team. Captain Riffe, playing at that time his first year on the varsity, drove in practically all of the runs, got three hits out of three times up, and made some spectacular catches in the out field, acomplishments that were potent factors in winning the game for Kentucky, 9 to 8. Last year, Michigan received litle opposition and won a loosely played contest, 18 to 5. Sisler Once a Wolverine h a s brought Michigan some great ball players to Kentucky ON PAGE EIGHT) University debating "teams won a (CONTINUED debate with Tennessee here and lost one with Vanderbilt in Nashville, March 27. Other debates are to be held in the next few weeks. Is Speaker Before Filson Club The team representing Kentucky in In Louisville (CONTINUED ON PAGE the Vanderbilt debate was composed Dr. W. D. Funkhouser spoke before EIGHT) (CONTINUED ON PAGE EIGHT) the Filson club, of Louisville, on "Ancient Life, in Kentucky," Monday, April 5, in the Louisville Free PubDr. Funkhouser told lic library. about the recent sensational discover- EIGHT) LAW COLLEGE TO Omricon Delta Kappa Initiates 15; Was Founded on Campus Last May Nu circle of Omricon Delta Kappa, national honorary fraternity for cam pus leaders, initiated 15 of the outstanding men of the University of Kentucky in the private dining room of the Phoenix hotel on Saturday, March 27. Following the initiation a luncheon was held in the Palm room. Emmet Milward, president of the chapter, acted as toastmaster and Dr. McVey was the speaker. Those initiated were: James Aug ustus, Arch Bennett, Hobnrt Grooms, Guthrie Bright, Charles Alberts, Few of the dried and cut, age old after dinner speeches will mar the success of the banquet, which will be financed by the business department of the paper. No assessment will be made to replenish the treasury, and the Kernel will refrain from the sale of any wares to help promote the dinner. All guests, the members of the active staff, havo been asked to bring no monetary repwesentatives, and to refrain from breaking fasts before the night of the banquet. Honor Guest Invited The Kernel will have three honor guests at the dinner, Miss Marguerite McLaughlin, Miss Irene McNnmnra, and Prof. Enoch Grehan, head of the journalism department. The original plans culled for invitations to Arthur Brisbane und Dorothy Dix, but it was finally decided that the greater part of the evening's success depended on a careful election of honor guests. So Kentucky's incipient and nidi nicntary journalists will forget tho ink, the paper and the press, und turn thoughts to the way of the stomach tor ono evening. Manager Edit The Coal Field Prog ress Alter (jtrauuatioii Harp-guitarr- f i. Accepts Will Furnish En tertainment Between Acts; Starts at 8 P. M. First Annual Kernel Banquet Will Be Held at Lafayette Next Friday; Unique Program Planned for Affair (By KYLE Business Local Talent Will Literary Dean Boyd, Dr. Miner, Dr. Rush, Dean Franke, Prof. Reeves, and Prof. Gillis. Practical demonstrations of office work were given by Mr. McCain, Mrs. Stanley and Miss Ginnochio, Miss Moore, of the registrar's office. fice. This afternoon, from 2 to 3 o'clock, Dr. McMullen, of the College of Edu cation, will speak on "The Teaching Load," and from 3 to 4 o'clock Pro Long Ago Founded fessor Gilis will speak on "The Func Unitions of the Registrar." Mystic 13 was founded at the versity in 1898 and Keys two years Those who took part in the conven the two fra- tion are : Miss Durbin, of Butler later. Since that time had a continuous exist- College, Indianapolis, Ind.; Miss Sloan ternities have ence on the campus. Keys has estab- and Miss Woods, of Berea 'College; lished chapters also at the University Miss Esther Schults, of Texas State of Louisville and Berea and Centre Teachers College, Canyon, Texas; colleges. Mother Mary Bridget, of Loretia Keys took Academy, Nerinx, Ky.; Mr. Latimer, Pledging exercises for of Mississippi College, Clinton, Miss.; place just before the fourth and Mr. Wilson, of the University of (CONTINUED ON PAGE EIGHT) North Carolina, Chapel Hill, N. C. Stu- SPONSORED BY Y. M, Y.W. x sessions began last Monday and will end this afternoon. The classes were addressed by several members of the university faculty, the program being arranged by Ezra L. Gillis registrar of Kentucky. Among the speakers who have conducted the lectures are President Jack Warren 15 Position In Norton, Va. derle Will Give Unique Program at New Gymnasium; Admission is 50 Cents Men and Women Men Are Chosen for Scholar Enroll For Class ship, Athletic Ability, Social Work Leadership, Forensic AtThirty-si- x registrars from various tainments, ARMBANDS parts of the country are attending the 23 MEN WEA Achievements Registrars Institute held at the Uni Keys and 13, sophomore and junior versity of Kentucky this week. The DR. McVEY GIVES TALK Thirty-si- NO. 21 Jack Jost and Constantin Wun of BY KEYS AND 13 Meetingthis Registrars Closes Afternoon KIFTII U.O.T.C. DANCE WILL IJE HELD IN NEW GYM AT ll'.M P.M. 1920 Swiss YdHlers Will Give dents Program HERE APRIL 15 (CONTINUED ON PAGE EIGHT) PLEDGING HELD !), SWISS YODLERS Appear Here April (CONTINUED ON PAGE CADET HOD TOMORROW OF KENTUCKY LEXINGTON, KY., APRIL VOL. XVI T WW j MOVE BY FALL ies in mounds and caves and described and their relation to Cost of Improvements on Old Chemistry Building Total European culture. S10.000; Equipment Modern Dr. Funkhouser is an instructor at in Every Respect Heidrick, Ted McDowell, the university and Deairof the GradChurlcs Arthur Morris, Jack Warren, Kenneth uate school. He is also the author of Tuggle, F. P. Derrick, John Rachel, a number of books, among, them; STRUCTURE BUILT IN 1389 "Wild and II. C. Williamson, Henry Lee Woods, "Outlines of Zoology," According to a statement mado by Life in Kentucky." and Wallace Sanders. Mr. Morrie Crutcher, superintendent Delta Kappa men are Omricon the To of buildings and grounds,ir. beinf old chosen each year from the junior and Band rechemistry building which senior .classes of the university for modeled to afford an attractive home scholarship, athletic ability, social Be Held for the College of Law, will be ready leadership, forensic attainments and literary achievements. It aims to re- Will Take Place First Week In for occupancy at the beginning of the fall term. The cost of the improveMay; Winner to Receive ward outstanding upper classmen who approximately total ments will have contributed to their school their Handsome Trophy t $10,000. best efforts to uphold its high stand- building when completed will ards. state band contest will be held be Tho modern in every respect. All of at the University of Kentucky during the partitions and floors are being torn Founded Here Last Year Nu Circle of Omricon Delta Kappa the first week of May under the au out and new ones put in, leaving only was founded at the University of spices of the extension department of the walls ito remain as they were. The Kentucky last May and a strong fea- the university. plans provide for administrative ofture of the organization is that it Thu national bureau for the ad fices, classrooms, u practice courtroom, vancement of music is sponsoring lockers and a storage room (CONTINUED ON PAGE EIGHT) series of those state contestculminnt- - restroom, books. The library will be for special ing in a national contest to be held especially attractive, with its paneled this summer. This organization has walls and large open fire place. recognized officially the university The structure, when erected in 1889, Kentucky experiment Be Made extension department as tho band con- served asA anfireagriculture damaged the Rules agent for holding its state in 1890 station. test. Several districts of the state building considerably and necessitated Students Excused from Military have not yet held c'imination trials, extensive repairs. From that time on ilthough the contest is now open to the building, although still used Gym To Be Science and all bands in the state. Recalled for Examination experiment station, was also occupied The winners in the contest held at by the chemistry department, which and the university will be awarded a hand- took entire possession in 1905. The Department of Hygiene The edifice overlooks one of the Public Health of the university is some bronze and silver trophy by the planning a more drastic method as national bureau for the advancement most beautiful parts of the campus, of music in New York City, and in and it is believed that after the surregards the exempting of students from military science and physical ed- nddition to this other prizes will be rounding grounds are replanted, this will be a very picturesque spot. ucation. They plan to recall between awarded. now and the end of the school year all students who have not been taking tho regular military science and the Keys- Slinger regular physical education to review State 4 Contest at University UNIT TO Changes In Exemption RH T BE INSPECTED umi will as-a- Tentative Dates for Examination of Regiment by U. S. Army Officers Set for May 13 and 14 WILL DETERMINE RATING According to a letter received by President McVey, from the War Department on March 22, the R. 0. T. C. units of the University ot KentucKy will be put through a rigid inspection examination which will last for ther physical condition and to decide two days, the tentative dates being if possible what their status relative to these subjects will be next fall. May 13 and 14. It has been the opinion of some Stu The inspection will be conducted by been assigned a board sent by the War Department, dents that if they have composed of two United States army to the walking squad or excused from ed officers, and is for the purpose of de military science or from physical termining whether or not tins uni- ucation that these excuses are per versity should be designated in tho manent; but this is not to be the case reviewed each War Department orders and publi- as each student will be to, or excused cations as ono of the Distinguished semester and assigned Colleges (Honor Military Schools). from, this work in accordance with his Fifty per cent of tho institutions ex physical condition at that time. Students who fail to report to the amined will be considered for appoint ment, and fifty per cent of these will Department of Hygiene and Public The War Department. Henlth for review of their cases will be selected. has recently ruled that for 1920 a automatically be assigned to military next educution science and physical (CONTINUED ON PAGE EIGHT) September. W. J. Webb Honored Dr. Rush Appointed Appointed on Board of Trustees Made Member Staff of Good Samaritan Hospital by Governor v teltts W. J. Webb, of Mayfiold, was up pointed Tuesday by Gov. W. J. Fields as u member of the board of trustees of thu University of Kentucky. Mr. Webb was selected to fill the unexpired term of Judge Rainey T. Wells, who resigned as a member of the state tax. commission to accept the presidency of the Murray SI Normal school and Teachers College Dr. J. E. Hush, head of the deimrt ment of hygiene and public health, hSs recently been appointed to the staff of the Good Samaritan hospital. This is a distinct advantage to the univers ity since it gives to the department of hygiene the opportunity for close co operation with tho hospital, which is one of the most desirable things that could happen from student standpoint, m :1 Kernel's Wit Attends Thirteen Dance to Smother Effects From Big Write-U- p in "Red Letter" front page of this here cut's claw which was put out by the ladies aid amiable roommate was society over in the journalism depart fixin' to go to the ment last week. I never did see how dance one cvenin' some time back, they figured that I had that cominHo unnin nu wo lmil t'nt invited to it. and me unless It was because I forgo , about " u"t the seventeenth of March was bavin' u misunderstanding .... v. , who was supposed to oe usm me niveau oi a mirror right then. The odds was in uivumu orange it, but sreen one. my favor, mo bein in front Well, when we had took a last he come up with somo crnckX jtiveyin'! tho impression that maybe if I would squint at the clothes advertisetnen. he might have a and found we had everything on right." quit admirin' myself, I was checkitr up on my we iruucu over 10 ino gym, presented hance. whiskers to see if the patent hoe I our credentials, und got in. We shook had bought oil of old man Gillette had hands with nil the deans and such, weeded 'em all out so I just says to and looked the crowd over to see what After him that if I had as little to look at kind of a shindig it was. as he did, I'd steer shy of mirrors. watchin' 'em dance awhile, I seen it He complains that he couldn't tell was the usual kind of a fracas without whether he was tyijj' his tie around any special rules I was likely to get his neck, or blindfoldin' himself with caught up on. it so I moved over. Steers to Hultriug Gets Sarcastic Over Paper Accordin'ly, I steered over to the Not bein' able to think of anything bullring and began to look around for pleasant to say, he starta the conver- uomobody I know, I seen one after sation over again by iuquirin' who so long a time but she and her part-- I was my press agent. I seen right oil' nor was stoaniin' down tho floor like that he wan gettin' surnUlus about me rcecivin' honorable ment ion q thu (CONTINUED ON PAGE EIGHT) (By LeROY SMITH) Mo and my Keys-Thtrte- ..,.... fit skit- i4 4 A