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Snapp '23 Conducts J. Frank Battaile '08 Buffalo and New York Boys Glee Club Concert Is Killed in Accident Entertain Engineers C. V. ALUMNI PAGE Thelmn II. Pierce Ex-2- fl Sends Death Results From Internal In juries Received When Auto-hil- o Crushes Into Fence Interesting Letter to Alum- Editor W. C. Wilson, Alumni Secretary Assistant Editor, Helen J. Osborne ni Office J. Frank Battaile '08, prominent Snapp, class of 1923, who business mnn nnd life of the Van Lear Loxintrton irlinnls nroiliiced n Mnlo Glee Club member of the Alumni Association concert hero on Mnrch 2, 1920. died as tho result of internal injuries There were twenty voices a n d received when his automobile crashed ihov en vp n v n r i e d program into a fence, Friday, Mnrch 20, about on the nine miles from Lexington Everyone enjoy1o a large audience. ed the concert and Mr. Snnpj) is to Richmond pike. The accident occurred in front of he congratulated for ts success. While nt tho University Mr. Snapp the farm of Jerome S. Hnle and Mr. who was a member of the University Glee nnd Mrs. Hale were among those Battaile Club and prominent in nil student reached the spot before Mr. Hnle his Mr. Battaile told Mr. .iclivities. He is n member ot me died. The right For stcerimr wheel locked. Delta Tan Delta fraternity. drivthree years hp had has been Superin-tf.mli.- rear wheel was torn off, and the the nf the Van Lear schools and er was thrown forwnrd against steering wheel, then thrown back in that time he has done many splenIn the seat did things for tho benefit of the school again nnd ho fell down behind the wheel, according to Miss and community. Porter, eye witness to the I Mm now tonchinir nrimar.V work Hnttio trcgedy. He did not think himself under Mr. Snapp. seriously hurt, nnd it was the inten Alwjivs wisbinir for bicger and tion of those moving him to let him University, better things for the lie on the automobile cushion at the fim side of tho road until an ambulance sincerely, Yours called from Lexington could reach the ' Mr. C'. V. a Hniiprlntotiiloiil shall Field Men's Store. (Grill Room.) Louisville, April 22 U. of K. Banquet 6 p.m. nt the Brown Hotel. Now York, April 0 Annual Dinner April 24 Alumni Association Dnncc 7:30 p.m. nt the Hotel RooseDance 0:00 p.m. nt the Men's Gymvelt. nasium, University of Kentucky. Buffalo, April 10 (Second Saturday Louisville, Mny 1 (First Saturdny Regular) luncheon at 1:15 ChamRegular) luncheon nt 1:15, Kilt's ber of Commerce, corner of Main and club. Seneca street. Philadelphia, May 1 (First Saliir-daRegular) luncheon nt 1:15, EnChicngo, April ID (Third Monday Regular) luncheon at 12:15 Mar gineers club, 1317 Spruce street. CALENDAR y LEXINGTON BUSINESS MEN WORK FOR ' THE INTEREST OP THE UNIVERSITY ' During the session of the legislature which closed on the 17th of last month many of Lexington's business men worked for bills relating to benefits in for the university. Some of them went to Frankfort to use their influence to ! nnaaniro nf monKliros Mint tllCV tllOUirllt WOUld lllCUn lUUcll fighting the institution. These men are always found in the front lines Thelmn II. Pierce our battles and we think it due them that wo express our appreciation for Were it not for them the university their efforts through these columns. Alumni Club would not fare as well as it docs. It was these men who contributed almost who Holds $90,000.00 to the Greater Kentucky Campaign in 1923. Among those went to Frankfort to aid our legislative program were George K. Graves, James C. Stone, Senator Thomas A. Combs, David Ades, L. B. Shouse, John J. G. Bruce '24 and Sherrard Breckinridge, Were Addition at Noe 7 G. Cramer, Charles T. Crowe, Dr. Samuel H. Halley, Desha B. Jones, Meeting Friday Night Commonwealth's Attorney Maury Kemper, Len G. Cox, Frank Col. John Skain, Samuel B. Walton and R. W. Sounsnvall. We are in receipt of the following from tho Detroit Alumni club: "J. G. Bruce '24 and Sherrnrd Noe ' J. BATTAILE were additions to the Detroit club at its regular meeting Friday ' Friday,' March 2G, about 11:30 a.m. the life of this great and good . On March 2G. in Webster Hall i o cc,i imnt- - in ifim who crave it. This was a sad day for us Bruce is with the legal departments friends since 1908. To us of the Fordson Coal Company witn because Frank had been one of our closest personal every courtesy that his headouarters mostly in Pineville. he was always a gentleman of the highest type showing ncoil,lp fnr nn man to disnlay toward his fellow man. There Noe recently left the Nokol Company : .. entered tliat to be state renresentative of the Frig have been few students at the university since the day he e wB idaire Company, a division of General mm. institution who did not know him and to know him wan to love served on the Motors. always active in the affairs of the university having at one time "T. E. Warnock '02, C. E. Taylor '23, hnnrd nf trustees as an alumni member. E. H. Clark '16, G. B. Arnold 15, Dr. ...... , i.:. n.f in Mm firontpr Knntuckv Camuaien and was Inga M. Werfiess '05 and C. E. Planck -- . .. iranK iuuku vujj uuu twenty-eigh- t 'in were also at the meetinc. a member of the executive campaign committee which met about i,mi,. in Mire., hours each weeK. lie never seemeu iu wu o "Arnold is with the Buhl Verville i. ' i,: Almn Mntnr. At the time of his death he was a mem Aircraft Company at 2730 Scotten ...i i capacity he gave us much avenue. Clark recently became factory ,ber of the general Alumni Association in which representative for several ventilating nggintiince. appliances and is in the Builders Lx taken as a model by the rest 'chamre. fourth floor. Penobscot build His alumni life was one that could well be Ke did our intr. Taylor is with Dodge Brothers, of us and had we more who would show the interest that We. extend our Warnock the best in the country. with the Paige Jewett ' comrade, Company, Dr. Werness is registrar at fn,iw Am mourn with them the loss of such a fine by the executive the Detroit College of Medicine and Elsewhere on this page will be found a resolution passed we most heartily Planck is aviation editor of The Free committee of the general afumni association with which Prees. o, ex-2- Detroit Regular Meeting ex-1- FRANK ox-1- nie-ht- i,.,i P. . j.. r. 4 concur. NEW YORK HAS ANNUAL DINNER DANCE TONIGHT THE KERNEL STAFF The New York club of the Univer sity of Kentucky will hold its Annual Dinner Dance on Friday evening April 9, at 7:30 p.m., at the Hotel Roosevelt. It is the cluWs desire to have every fprrrier student of the University of Kentucky to attend this dinner, that happens to be in New We expect Dr. McVey and York. Dean Anderson to be present for the occasion. There will also be plnety of dancing to the tune of a good old southern darky orchestra. J. II. Gaiser '12, President. very much that We regret we were not able to give notice earlier of the plans made by the New York club and the the Senior engineering class from the University of Kentucky on their an nual inspection tour this spring. There was no issue of The Kernel last week, and the week before our page was full of legislative matter that could not well be divided. Be of the heavy advertising just body College for teachers, who will caujje before Easter the students were un speak on "Objectives of Supervision able to give us more space in their of Instruction." part of the paper. Features of the program arranged Greenland is the second largest isUniversby Prof. M. E. Ligon, of the ity of Kentucky, president of the as- land in the world, Australia being the sociation, are music from the glee largest. clubs of the state institutions and community singing at the opening of each the newly elected officers by the resession. tiring president. Topics Are Announced . U. of K. Banquet April 22 Topics for the three days of the The University of Kentucky alumni session, to be held in the First Chrisbanquet will be held on Thursday, tian church, with the speakers upon April 22 at 0:00 p. m. Prof. J. T. C. Thursday, Noe will be each", are as follows: toastniaster, music will "Kentucky's Resources for Education," be furnished by the boys' and girls' Professor Ligon will welcome the glee clubs und the following speakers members and sjK'ak on "Kentucky Ed- will make addresses; Dr. Joseph Rooucational Association at the Parting mer, on "The University of Kentucky of the Ways." President McVey of a Decade Ago"; John Y. Brown on the University of Kentucky, will speak "The University of Today," and Presion "The Tax System of Kentucky." dent Frank L. McKey on "The UniThe University of Kentucky glee club versity in the Future." session will sing. At the evening The university glee clubs, under the Colonel Robins will speak. Friday the direction of Prof. Carl Lampert will topis is "Supervison of Instruction." ulso sing on Thursday evening, April Dr. Norman Frost will speak; P. II. 22, as part of the general program Hopkins, supervisor of rural schools of of the K. E. A., when Lieutenant Colthe state department at Frankfort onel Robing will speak. The Phi will speak on "The Present Status of Delta Kappa fraternity, of which Supervision of Instruction in Ken- there are 50 members tail no chapter tucky" und Asbury College glee club in this state, will have a breakfast at will sing. Dean W. S. Taylor 13, of the Seclbach hotel on the morning of the College of Education of the Uni- the 22ud, and the Kappa Delta Pi, of versity of Kentucky will speak on which the only chapter in the state, "The Relation of the Supervisor to the is that the university, will have a Teacher," and Dr. Roemer's address is breakfast at the Brown hotel on the in the morning of April 23. scheduled for 10:1)5 o'clock latter framorning. Saturday the topic for dis- ternity admits women Jhe us well as men cussion is "Methods of Instruction." and is also an honorary educational Dr. II. J. Donovan, professor of ele- organization. y mentary education in tho George The Kentucky High School Athletic College for Teachers, professor Association will have an athletic meetof elementary education in the George ing with dinner at the Kentucky hotel Peabody College for Teachers, will distn Tuesday evening, April 20, and, cuss "Methods of Teaching Reading." many other special features will be Georgetown glee club will sing, included dii the four days of the conThe and the meeting will close after a bus- ference, which will come to a close on iness session und tho presentation of April 24. i ,i.,rin.r ip,2fi-2has made a cood record for itself and Ave r.- - v A. II. Morris, managing wish to congratulate J. A. Estes, h.miiicss manaircr. They have handled the anairs i Tnt it is better this nf their naner in a most admirable manner and we think college weeklies and voar than it has ever been. It ranks up near the top of ,.r tuo mv. fncoil with a new administration. R. Bullock, Jr., After this issue the new staff will be composed of John Neil Hummer, managing editor and James Shropshire, business w w thA inenminir staff crowning success and trust that will' be able to complete payments on the equipment that they have they . already acquired and purchase such acmiuonai equipment bring the Kernel plant up to the best in tne country. ot tne departWe cannot pass up thowork of Prof. Enoch Grehan, head McLaughlin '03, instructor in the ment of journalism and Miss Marguerite this department both of whom have given freely of their time in order that country. Both have department might compare favorably with the best in the without them the staff had years of practical experience and we know that things that they have. We want would not have been able to accomplish the splendid work and loyalty not to express our appreciation to them for their university but also to the alumni association. only to the , fi editor-in-chie- f; n editor-in-chie- f; K. E. A. PLANS BIG 1926 PROGRAM Many Conference Scheduled and Lengthy Array of Speakers Announced fdV Session Which Begins 21st DANIELS WILL SPEAK Thousands of teachers from all parts of tho state are expected in Louisville to attend the annual meeting of the Kentucky Educational Association, April 21 to 24, for the most elaborate program ever planned by the association, in which more interest is being shown than in any previous meeting of the organization. will be at the Brown hotel, as will. also be the headquarters of the University of Kentucky and the Head-quurte- Alumni Association. Raymond Robins, of Chicago, lieutenant colonel in the United States army and commissioner commanding the American Red Cross mission in Russia, will speak on the subject of "Law Enforcement" on Thursday eve ning. Josephus Daniels, former secretary of the navy, is to deliver an address on tho evening of the 23rd. Other speakers who will bo on the program of unusual interest are Dr. Joseph Roomer, professor of secondury education in the University of Florida and secretary of the commission on secondary schools of the Associatioh of Colleges and secondary schools of the Southern states, who will speak on tho subject "Supervision of High School Instruction" on Friday morning, and Dr. Norman Frost, professor of rural education in the George Pea- - Pea-bod- .4 . .4 A- - cue. Shortly nfter the accident, however, he becrnn tremblintr and expectorating blood and as he wns being lifted from the front seat of the machine he died. Mr. Battaile was a inembcr of the Kxpoiitivn Committee of the Alumni Association, former alumni member of the Board of Trustees of the Uni versity of Kentucky, past president nnd past secretary of the Lexington Rotnrv club, of which he was a char and tor member: secretary-treasurcharier member of the Ashland Golf club, superintendent of the First Presbyterian church Sunday school, and owner of the University Book store at 233 West Short street and a branch store on the University of He was also a Kentucky campus. leader in campus affairs while a stu dent at the university, being a mem her of the Kappa Sicma fraternity, Lamp and Cross, senior honorary fraternity, and class secretai-y-. Mr. Battaile i survived by his wife, who was Miss Elizabeth Kinkead, and one son. Barton, 11 years old; his par ents, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Battaile and a sister, Mrs. Dolly Battaile Edmonds, all of Lexington. Two Banquets and Dinner Dance To lie Given Senior On Engineering Trip The regular monthly luncheon of the Buffalo Alumni club was held Sat urday, March 13, nt the Chamber of Commerce. Before tho close of the meeting the club expressed to L. C. Davidson '23 its keen regret nt losing him as n member. "Red" has been promoted to tho Philadelphia office of tho Buffalo Compnny. Forge Final arrangements were made for the entertainment of tho Senior Engineers during their visit here on the annual inspection trip from April 4 to tho 8 inclusive. The Buffalo chapter of the Ameri can Society of Heating and Ventilnt ing engineers will be hosts nt a ban quet to the students, nlinnni nnd friends of tho university on Monday evening, April 5. Last year the meet ing with the Society was one of the high lights of the entertainment the boys in Buffalo and this year promises to be equally interesting. The Alumni club will entertain with n banquet on Thursday evening, April 8. The club has given considerable thought to novel forms of entertainment and promises an evening of real amusement. During the last year many tff the members of the club left thq city, nnd it is our intention to "replenish" from this year's graduating class. Very truly yours, J. B'. Slater '23 Secretary. SENATORS AND REPRESENTATIVES A short personal sketch of the members of the 1925-2- 0 session of the General Assembly of Kentucky, who attended the University of Kentucky given in the Kentucky Directory are as follows: '86 Berryman, Hon. C. II. (R) Lexington, Kentucky. Son of John C. and Helen C. Berryman. Born in Fayette county, Kentucky, February 27, 1867. Educated at State University of Kentucky and Transylvania University. Engaged in stock raising and farming. Was Chief Deputy Collector of Internal Revenue under Collector Samuel J. lioberts and Postmaster, Lexington, Uruguay can now successfulyy grow Ky. Elk and Episcopalian. Married all vegetables and fruits of burope April 23, 1892. Brownell, Louise November, Elected representative Lexington Alumni Club Officers Are Reelected 1925. McFerran It 07 Nifhols, Hon. F. T. (R), Box 286, Somerset, Kentucky. Son of Esquire James F. and Lavinn E. Nichols. Born in Pulaski county, Kentucky, Educated in public April 24, 1882. schools, Richmond State Normal and University of Kentucky. Is District Deputy, Modern Woodman, formerly Married May teacher and farmer. Zache.ry, April 25, 1920. Elected representative November 3, 1925. I 20 Gnrtin, Hon. Otto C. (R), Ashland, Kentucky. Son of John P. nnd ElizaBorn in Lawrence beth Gartin. county, Kentucky," October 22, 1891. Educated at the University of Ken tucky.- Lawver. Mason. Scottish Rite nnd Shrine, W. O. W. and Eastern Member Christian church. Stai Soldier in World War. servinrr U. S. England and France. Single. Elccled to represent Boyd County, 1923, reelected, November 3, 1925. Park, Hon. Smith (R), Richmond, Kentucky. Son of C. F. and Julia Rice Park. Born in Richmond, Kentucky, March 28. 1898. Educated nt Uni versity of Kentucky, M. S. and B. S. in Member College professor. M. E. Phi Delta Theta. Tau Beta Pi and Christian church. Single. Elected Re presentative from Madison county, November 3, 1925. (D), Howard, Hon. J. Woodford West Liberty, Kentucky. Born in KenWhite Oak, Morgan county, tucky, December 19, 1895. Son of Harris and Celia Lacy Howard. Educated at University of Kentucky. d Attorney at law. Lodge, No. 311. Elected Repr?senta-tiv- e from Morgan county, Novemb'.-1923, elected Senator from 34th Dis-- . trict, 1925 to Kentucky Senate. i - Mason-Highlan- r '25 C. M. C. Porter, Hon. Kentucky. (D), e, in Born "Ma Bot-lan- d, Kentucky, September 7, 1895, son of Mr. and Mrs. Otis Porter. Educated at Berea Academy and University of Kentucky. Lawyer. Member Masons and Christian church. Single. Elected Senator from 12th District, November 3, 1925. . Keller, Hon. W. Owen (D), Hopkins-villKentucky. Son of H. F. and Elva Keller, born in Christian county, Kentucky, December 11, 1900. Educated at University of Kentucky, graduate 1925. Lawyer. Member Modern Woodmen, Phi Delta Phi law fraternity and Christian church. Married Mary Wilson, Cleveland, Ohio, May 31, 1924. Elected Representative November 3, 1925. Daniel, Hon. Morgan B. (D), Clinton, Kentucky. Son of W. E. and Etta in Born Hickman Bone Daniel. county, Kentucky, January 22, 1901. Educated at University of Kentucky. Methodist. Single. Elected Representative November, 1925. -- e, '90 Buckman, Hon. John R. (D) Kentucky. Son of William Dance Is Planned for Benefit and Sarah A. Buckman. Born in BuOf Alumni Associaiton llitt county, Kentucky, May 1, 1866. April 24 Educated in public schools, Bullitt Officers of the Lexington Alumni club of the University of Kentucky were reelected at the luncheon held in the private dining room of the Lafayette hotel last Saturday. Those who wil serve for another year are Miss Marguerite McLaughlin '03, pres vice ident; Viley McFerran ex-0president; W. C. Brown '20, secretary, Miss Nancy Ines, '17 treasurer, and Resolutions on the death of Frank Battaile '08, alumni executive commit teeman and well known business man Copy of of Lexington were passed. these resolutions appear below. It was decided that the Lexington ,club give a dance for the benefit of the general association in the new gymnasium of the university on April 24. A committee in charge of general arrangements for the dance was appointed as follows: W. C. Wilson '13, Mrs. W. C. Wilson '13, Miss Marie Barkley '20, Miss Helen Osborne '25, Miss Helen King '25, Miss Nancy In-n- is '15, White Guyn ex-0W. C. Brown '20, Reed Wilson '08 and Viley Brock, Hon. II. M. (R), Hnrlnn, Kentucky. Son of James nnd Ruth J. Brock. Wns born In Perry county, Ki.ntiipkv. Juno 12. 1877. Was edu cated nt Hyden Academy and State College. He is an attorney nt law, a member of the Presbyterian church, F. nnd A. M., I.O.O.F., Red Men, K. of Wns elecP. nnd Modern Woodmen. disted senntor from the Thirty-thir- d trict, NovcmUcr, 1911. November 2, 1915, and November, 1919. November, 1023. Married. county and University of Kentucky. Farmer and fruit grower. Was Coroner Bullitt county. Member Redmen and Methodist. Elected representative, November, 1925. Hamilton, Hon. A. L. (D), Lexington, Kentucky. - Son of A. L. and Emma V. Hamilton. Born April 7, 1881. Educated at Kentucky State University and Yale. Engaged in farming and manufacturing. Member of Episcopal church. Mason. Married Miss Edna Coleman Gilbert, August 21, 1901. Elected representative from DUES AND SUBSCRIPTION Fayette county, November 1917-2Was elected Senator from Twenty-sevent- h THE KERNEL $3.00 district, November 1923. TO ALUMNI LOST LIST The Alumni office would appreciate it if you would send addresses of. any of the graduates listed below. Carries Frances Blair, '17 ., ex-0- RESOLUTIONS ON DEATH OF J. FRANK BATTAILE death of Frank Battaille on Friday, March 20, has caused profound regret among his associates and friends in Lexington and on the campus of the University of Kentucky. Many have been the expressions of his' worth from the organizations with which he was closely affiliated as organizer and leader. The Alumni association of the university may well append its resolutions for very few graduates have so loyaly stood with the institution; have so effectively worked for its advancement or so unselfishly devoted time and energy and the experiences gained at great personal expense us did he. After graduation in 1008, fortunately indeed for alumni and students, Frank Battaille allied himself with business affairs that kept him in close touch with the university. He know its difficulties and handicaps and never has the instance bdeu recorded in which he refused or even hesitated in giving aid. In the Greater Kentucky campaign, in the stadium drive and to orgunize the in every attempt alumni and to bring them to more effective usefulness ho did many times more thun the average worker. Therefore tho executive committee of the Alumni Association desires to to pay tribute of lifelong devotion Frank Battaille. und to express through the columns of the ulumni publication a profound sympathy to Ids family. Frank Moore Cram, '17 ' . ; " : Benjamin Frankb'n Foster, '17 The W. C. Wilson George Wilson Wayland Rhoades W. II. Townsend Marguerite McLaughlin jesse rorrest uregory, J'K .' ;iV f ;:. n U. OP K. BANQUET The University of Kentucky banquet will be held in Louisville this year ut the sume time the Kentucky Educational Association is in session. Because of the fact that so many out of town alumni will be in Louisville, it is expected that this will be one of the best U. of K. banquets ever held. This will be u fine opportunity for all alumni in und near Louisville to renew acquaintances and greet friends, who ut other times would be scattered all over the State. FILL OUT AND MAIL TO ALUMNI OFFICE plates for Please reserve me at U. of K. banquet to be held at Brown Hotel, at 6 p. m., April 22, 1926. i " kf 'M 'ffjfi