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3 > Image 3 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 9, 1926

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KENTUCKY KERNEL SOCIETY NOTES mtmmmttmmmt:mittttttmtttmimmmtnmtmmmnmntmtti CALENDAR Nero tho lighted emblem of the two fraternities. Colored lighting effects Saturday, April 10 Fifth endet were fentured during the hop in the gymnnsium in the after- The annual custom of pledging for both fraternities at this dance made noon. an interesting innovation. Pledging Knppn Alphn fraternity entertaining with a formnl dance in the eve- for Keys took place just before the which wns a special ning in the ballroom of tho Phoenix fourth dance for the active chapter, alumni, hostel. . John R. Bullock. Tho active chapter consists of: Messrs. Frank Smith, J, D. Augustus, Jr., A. M. Edwards, W. A. Smith, Downer Brnmc, Guthrie Bright, Hubert White, Olivn Lindle, Guthrie Ycngcr, Henry Cogswell, John Evnns, nnd Hunter Green. Keys pledged the following: Messrs. Beverly Wnddle, Fred Cordnn, James Tnpscott, Frances Watson, Edwnrd l, Knndler, Albert Pieh, Egbert Elmer Giib, C. II. Dees, nnd Mnr-shnl- PAGE THREE SENIOR ENGINEERS LEAVE ON ANNUAL NINE-DA- KTKTW ,,rof- - w",,op K: Tttcrson Nyns C. S. J. W.'Tunkd, Sixty-On- e Students and Five Walker,Tucker, Walters,.!. A. M.A.- f'i'wont at the and presented WHnE. W. tnc Faculty Members Are on gnrtner, T. G. While, Jr., It. C Wll- - lI,e no,oty wlt two copies twnphy of Dr. James K. Patterson, Inspection Trip' of Northern linmson, W. M. Witty, II. L. Wood, prepared by Mim Mnybel H. Pollitt. and Eastern Plants Jr., M. E. Wright, E. It. Young. William Hcizer. The nctive members GAIN PRACTICAL TRAINING, nro: Messrs. Arch Bennett, Gaylc Sixty-on- e senior engineering stuMohney, Paul Jenkins, L. Steele, nccompnnicd by Dean F. Paul Frank Phipps, Harry McChesncy, dents, Assistant Dean W. E. Mystic "13" pledged Oscar Stoesser, Bay Ellis, Loyal Van Anderson, and pledges. Freeman, Prof. D. V. Terrell, Prof. J. which wns Arsdnle, nnd Vnn Burcn Bopko. before the sixth B. Dicker nnd Prof. L. S. O'Bnnnon of Keys nnd Thirteen Dance danced only by members and pledges the College of Engineering, left LexThe men's gymnnsium ' was the of tho junior fraternity. Kentucky Kernel Dinner ington Thursday, April 1, for n nine scene of a delightful affair WednesInvilntions have been issued by the Pledges to Thirteen arc: Messrs. nnd day evening, March 31, when the Keys R. I. Mcintosh, Paul Jenkins, Gnyle Kentucky Kernel to fifty members of dny inspection tour of northern the purpose of plnnts. and Thirteen, honorary junior nnd Mohney, Ray Schulte, James Ewing, tho staff of the paper for a dinner eastern to give The engineering stuthe sophomore fraternities, entertained Lcroy Miles, Ray Ellis,' Louis Koot, which is to be given April 10, in the tour is dents n more comprehensive and prac with the annual formal dance. Loyal Van Arsdnle, Stanley, Stagg, private dining room of the Lafayette tical view of the vocation which they The sole decorations for tho affair William Guess, scar Stoesser, and hotel. arc going to follow. 7(hc invitations are original nnd Assistnnt Dean W. E. Freeman novel little papers which were pre made arrangements for the tour nnd pared in the Kernel office. wns in general charge of the trip, Arthur Morris, mnnaging 'editor which included Pittsburgh, Niagra will preside as tonstmaster. The Falls and Buffalo. Friday and Satspeakers for the evening will be urday were spent in Pittsburgh where Enoch Grehan, faculty advisor, Jnck the students inspected the plants of Warren, business manager, and Kyle Westinghouse Electric and Manufac Whitehead of the Editorial staff. turing Co., II. G. Heinz Co., and Alle Tho entire newstaff for the coming gheny County Steam Heating Co. A times year will be announced at the dinner visit wns also made to the art gallery of Carnegie Institute and Friday Engngement Announced night the engineers were the guests Mr. and Mrs. William James King of the Pittsburgh Alumni club of the announce the engagement of their University of Kentucky at a banquet. daughter, Edith Lucille, to Mr. Harold Visit Niagra Falls Fenton Waits, of Chicago. The wed Sunday was spent in sight seeing ding will be solemnized in the late Niagra and along the .dt all SENIOR STUDENT PRIZEJVINNER Woodson D. Scott Awarded First Annual Scholarship of S250 Given by tho Patterson, Literary Society ORATORY "CONTEST HELD Woodson D. Fcott, of Nicholnsvillc, senior Inw student of the university, was presented the first annual scholarship of 250 given by the Patterson Literary society, at its annual oratorical contest held Friday afternoon in the Little theatre. The nnnunl $250 scholarship fund was provided in the will of the late Dr. Jame3 K. Patterson, nnd by its provision the Patterson Literary society is to award the scholarship to one of its outstanding members, who must also be a member of an evangelical church. The selection of the winner of the scholarship was in the hands of a committee composed of L. II. Stevens, Clayton Smoot, and W. H. Han-ratt- EVERSOLE TO SPEAK Prof. II. B. Evcrsole, of the College of Commerce of the University of Kentucky, will speak nt the regular monthly dinner of the Hetnil Merchants Association, of Louisville, to bo held in the red room of tho Seel-bac- h hotel on the evening of Tuesday, April 20. "Business Forecasting" will bo the subject of the address u STItOLLER ELIGIBLES All Stroller eligibles wishing to try out for tho annual piny arc urged by Al Wiemann, director, to pay clone attention to the official Stroller bulletin board on the first floor of While hall. Fivm time to time important announcements will bcposted on that board and it is important that tho. e willing to try out for parta heed th 'so, according to tho director. Electric lampn for minen are fast replacing safety flame lights, according" to investigators for m..ien. Tourist Pfffk thirdcabin I Mt$k Falls about gorge route of the Niagra river. The oratorical contest was won by Monday night the engineers were the George S. Milam, who was presented guests of tile Western New York a gold medal by the society. The Chapter of the American Society of judges of the contest were, Dean Paul Heating and Ventilating Engineers at With college parties on i banquet in Buffalo. famous "O" steamers of April 6, 7 and 8 the party inspected Do you like chop suey? The Royal Mail Line the following Buffffalo plants: Larkin Visit The Co., National Lamp Works of General Write (or Illustrated Bod let. Electric Co., Pierce Arrow Motor Car UNIVERSAL THE ROYAL MAIL Co., American Radiator Co.,. American STEAM PACKET CO. RESTAURANT Brass Co., Buffalo Consistory and 2fi Broadway, New York Opp. Court House W. Main Buffalo Forge Co. The night of April 8 students and faculty members were guests of the Buffalo Alumni club of the University of Kentucky. & BROMLEY Those Who Made Trip DRY CLEANING AND PRESSING The senior engineering students 152 South Lime Phone 1550 who made the trip were: H. C. QUALITY AND SERVICE Virginia Baker, Louise Adams, C. E. Albert, J. W. Austin, A. Broaddus, Katherine Brown, Sarah A. Bablitz, Jr., J. K. Bailey, S. V. Collopy, Geraldine Cosby, Shel- Baker, H. A. Balke, J. S. Baskett, C. by Dietrich, Iva Dudgeon, Dora Ed- W. Bell, A. D. Bickel, E. B. Boston, wards, Margaret Grider, Dorothy David Browning, Jr., H. C. Card, H. Hubbard, Anna Welch Hughes, Mary B. Carpenter, Jr., Cortez Day, S. C. t, E. Luxon, Edith Moore, Jennie Mahan, Ewing, P. K. Farra, Jr., Gv A. Ruth McDonald, Mary Lewis Marvin, V. D. Florence, Isadore Goldben, Marshall Paull, Frances White. Austin Griffith, W. A. Harbold, R. H. Dorothy Harrod, C. K. Hoffman, R. W. Hogan, Alice Nobel, Pledges: Schenk, Nancy Wood Chenault. J. P. Holtzclaw, Jr., J. S. Kennoy, E. Chaperones: Mrs. James Crutcher, V. Keshcimer, E. B. Lalley, Claiborne Mrs. Martin. Dean Virginia Franke, Lisle, R. 0. Mallory, Melbourne Mills, E. P. Morris, D. A. Newton, Arthur Cadet Hop Nutting, T. H. Oliver, J. W. O'Nan, The fifth cadet hop will bo held Sat B. O. Petree, C. C. Rice, W. H. Rice, urday afternoon at 3:30 o'clock in the P. W. Rusch, L. B. Russell, R. L. Sam gymnasium. Lieutenant Joe Walters uels, Jr., W. E. Sanders, P. J. Sehlin-ge( be in charge of the Alfred Simpson, J. R. Smith, R. L. Spears, J. W. Stark, B. P. Taylor, Installation Banquet The installation of Alpha Gamma chapter of Beta Sigma Omicorn was the evening of March 29. celebrated with a delightful banquet Mrs. W. Wallace Fry, of Mexico, in the palm room of the Phoenix hotel Mo., national president of Beta Sigma Candy is always an acceptable gift. Ours is tho Omicorn conducted the installation freshest and best. We will deliver too; anywhere services. An enjoyable program of in the city. toasts and music was prasented. Miss Stop at our fountain. Pearl Martin and Professor South It is the most complete furnished the music. The toasts were to be found. as follows: "In the Garden of Mrs. Wallace Fry "Remeuber" Mrs. Horlacher. "A Perfect Day" Mary Wynne Hampton. A delicious menu was served. Dec orations were in the fraternity colors. TO YOUR HEALTH AND HAPPINESS" Misses Mary Those initiated were: Yynne Hampton, president; Frances Tttnmmtttm:atat:?t::mnt:nt:ttt::t:ttttgunat Mary uraham Krnst. v VIA ALL Williams, secretary: Maty Stewart NWASSSSVVBV.V.VaV.V.V.VVV.VW AND TO ALL PARTS OF Newman, treasurer; Audrey SlaughTHE WORLD ter, Gladys Pemberton, Elsie Bureau, .olla Pnvton. Elizabeth Tingle, Eliza Independent and Conducted beth Moreland, Jessie Stephens, Lucy TOURS Williams, Anna Dodd, Ruby Kusii ana To Europe and the Orient Mrs. L. J. Horlacher. Around the World, South Ameri Alumni Dance can, West Indian, Mediterranean The Alumni association will give CRUISES n dance on Saturday, April 24, in the STARTING TOMORROW 4 DAYS university gymnasium from D until l summer. Mr. Waits is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Waits, of Harrison county. He is a graduate of the Univer sity of Kentucky, class of '23 and a member of Alpha Sigma Phi and Delta Sigma Pi fraternities. Alpha Xi Tea Dance Alpha Xi Delta of the university gave u lovely tea dance on the afternoon of Friday, March 26, in Patter son hall. Music was furnished by the Rythm Kings. Ferns surrounded the orches tra and the illuminated . fraternity shield was hung at the far end of the room. Fruit punch was served. Members of the active chapter: Graycc Archer, L y d a Anderson, Balan-tinLouise Atkins, Eleanor You can afford Florsheims. Their qualityleathersandfineworkmanship mean months of wear. Theirstyleand perfect fit give that well dressed look. TOUR Y Bnyil, Judge Lyman Chnlkley, and Pwf. B. P. Duvin. Others taking part in the contest wore, J. W. Jones, S. Gilbert and .1 ?.7 PARRISH e, Baynham Shoe Co. EAST MAIN NEAR LIME Far-ran- r, A BOX OF CANDY FOR ALL OCCASIONS; Jouei STEAMSHflP We Have Been Appointed Exclu- sive Representatives in Lexington for ADLER Collegian Clothes (Nationally Known) TICKETS LINES 4 SECOND ANNUAL o'clock. KENTUCKY Awaiting Your Approval of Our Presentation of the STUDENT TOUR JUNE 23, AUGUST 6, 1926 Excellent Itinerary Covering Six Countries ENGLAND, HOLLAND, GERMANY, SWITZERLAND and FRANCE New Spring Styles $30 $35 $40 $45 Both Ocean Passages on GIANT CUNARDER S. S. BERENGARIA Conductor and Experienced CIIAPERONE LEXINGTON Accompany Party Round PRICE INCLUDES Trip Ocean Fare, Hoteln, Meals, Railroad Fares in Europe, Guides, Museum Entrance Fees, During the meeting of the Ken tucky Educational Association m Louisville, the Alumni association will Piitertnin with a bannuct at the Brown hotel on Thursday, April 22, at fl o'- Franternity Row James Tappscott, Phi Delta Tlieta, is recovering from an appendicitis operation nt the Good Samaritan Personal Doctor mid Mrs. Frank L. McVey entertained delightfully with the afternoon tea for the students last Briefly, ALL EXPENSES GOLDBERGS :m West Main St. Lexington's Leading Clothiers and Tailors A HE GOLDBERG, Manager BIG SUMMER EARNINGS For College Students $565 Write or phone for literature describing this and other tours. JAMES M. MOLLOY Authorized, Bonded Steamship Agent GIG East High Street Phone 3561 LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY employment. Pleasant jortunity to travel at our expense Weekly salary. u meet people. An absorbing work that will enable you to earn a large part of next We Write year's expenses. will immediately semi you full details. National Home and School Association. Dept. B, Southerp Ohio Bank Bldg., Cincinnati, J. u Ohio. snowm THIl An 8-r- DVA comedy that'll get every laugh you ve got!t i Wednesday Thursday Friday .lack Pickford Louise Dresser and Constance Rennet t Innocently she put him i.i me nanus ui i ne ponce, iuni-ishe- d the evidence, fitted the N In neck she, about hu own Mother. It's a pie- dirt' that's dilferent, throb- bingly, emotionally dramatic. Rex Reach's Storv I ' i s