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4 > Image 4 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 9, 1926

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

PAGft POUR KENTUCKY KERNEL mnko Tau Beta Pi, hut for n man who is laboring under circumstances which would mnkc most of us dependents, to nttnin this honor is n lesson which makes us pause and meditate, "Arc wc giving our host?" newspnper of the students nnd alumni His One never sees Robert Spicer unless he is smiling nnd happy. Published every Friday throughout the cheerful disposition nnd his determination to make the best of things hnve of the University. made him very popular with his fellow engineers; not the light, airy popularCents a Year Five Cents the Copy. ity of university life but that deeper fellowship and love "which passeth all as second class mail matter. THE KENTUCKY KERNEL The Kentucky Kernel is the official of the University of Kentucky. college year by the student body Subscription One Dollar nnd Fifty Entered at Lexington Postoffice REPORTERS EDITORIAL EDITOR-IN-CHIEF- W. D. Scott Hunter Moody Neil Plunimcr Emmet Milwnrd v J. A. Estcs K. T. Lcida Keyes Maria Middclton R. C. Claxon Helen Shelton Llewellyn Jones . NEWS EDITOR Virginia Kclley ASSISTANTS John R. Bullock J. L. Crawford Wc congratulate Fritz Krieslcr has said thnt ed with the practical. our However, BUSINESS MANAGER Jack Warren It in said that Robert Spicer has never missed a football or basketball game since ho has been in the university. No matter how cold and raw the day, his wlieel chair can bo seen beside the substitute's bench; no matter how rainy and severe the night, Robert Spicer occupies the place of vantage in the basketball building and ho is rooting with the crowd, "Yea, Team! Yea, Team!" It is such a character as Robert Spicer's which spreads sunshine. In coming in contact with him we hnve no desire to shirk our duty; he imparts strength nnd cheer to us and makes us believe "God's in His Heaven and nil's right with His world." It can truly be said of him: "His is a good influence nmong us; ho has n fresh laugh; it does you good to see him; nnd whntevcr his worries he nlwnys bears a bold and cheerful countenance and takes fortune's worst ns if it were the showers of spring." Aniori-- 1 Scientistsny that there nre at least culture as those in Europe, but tn.it 10,000 earthquakes n year, or one an American students are morn concern- - hour. can students nre not so hungry fo" ' B. B. SMITH Correct Apparel for Women and Misses Corner Short and Mill Streets LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY Lucile Cook Phones 4G24 2030 MANAGER 6800-Uni- 74 RESOLUTIONS ON THE DEATH OF HLANDING THURMAN OF ACCOUNTS James Augustus Gordon Whereas, Blanding Thurman, brother of our friend and Thurman, has been called to the Great Beyond, bo it, SPORT EDITOR Resolved by the faculty of the College of Engineering, University of ASSISTANT Frank K. Hoover Francis Watson Kentucky, that a copy of these resolutions to the memory of Blanding Thur Phone 4085 ASSISTANTS man be sent to his brother, to the press and that this tribute bo'come incorFrank Smith Warren A. Price porated in the minutes of tiie proceedings of said faculty. ADVERTISING MANAGER C. M. Dowden Wayman Thomasson In the passing of Blanding Thurman his many friends have suffered James S. Shropshire Stanley W. Royse II. K. Gregory STAFF a severe loss. Leroy Keffer Kittinger SOCIETY EDITOR He was a man whom one could trust and a man in whom one could place Hunter Moody Fred Conn ' Edith Minihan E. L. Berry confidence. Francis Watson The memory of him will always remain with his friends. Phone G800 Univ. 74 for rates and ASSISTANTS W. G. Hillen ' Pauline Adams space reservations. Thelma Snyder J. B. Dicker MECHANICAL J. R. Johnson EXCHANGE EDITOR Committee. Lydia Roberts FOREMAN CIRCULATION MANAGER Rex McClure AU-cr- t Delos Nooe FEATURE EDITOR LoRoy Smith W. D. ASSISTANTS A. L. Pigman Grote CLEAN SPORTSMANSHIP The action taken by the State Racing Commission of Kentucky, on Marcli 20, when it ruled from the turf for life four jockeys and three owners and trainers for participating in the unsportsmanlike method of "fixed" racing. will stand as a monument to clean sportsmanship in the eyes of all racinji fans and true lovers of the sport for years to come. This action taken by the commission not only proves that "underhand" l'acing will not be tolerated but it urged, in its decision, that "all breeders, owners, trainers or anyone interesteded in good, clean sport to give at any time information to the commission for investigation that will aid them to catch and punisl offenders to the end that racing in Kentucky may be kept on the same higl plane that it has enjoyed in years past." The one thing that has ever remained as a detrement to the progress of professional sports since its beginning has been the criticism by unfortunate losers in the game, or by persons who do not participate in the sport and know nothing of its workings, that the commissions which run them are made up of men who work only toward the end of cheating the public; to obtain money by the easiest methods possible, but at the same time, through such a source that the public will not be able to come out openly and call them "crooks." The action recently taken by the Kentucky Racing Commission should be enough to prove that, this sentiment is false and unjust. Kentucky has been sponsoring horse racing for exactly one hundred years and each sue ceeding year has seen an improvement over its predecessor in the cleanliness of the sport. This is not only true of the turf but may be seen in all other professional sports: baseball, football, polo, tennis, field meets and most of all in the colleges and. universities of the country. The whole world of sportsmanship is striving for a higher, better standard and they are climbing nearer to its peak every year. This inclination toward cleaner sports should be especially practiced in the colleges and universities of the country because it is the college athlete who, in most cases, becomes the professional and if he detests crooked dealings in this line during his school career, he will also hold himself aloof from it after he enters the world of professional sports. The sport fanciers of the University of Kentucky wish to commend the State Racing Commission of Kentucky for its action taken on March 20 and hopes that this decision will remain as an inspiration to all professional and amateur sports and athletic circles throughout the country. RESOLUTIONS ON THE DEATH OP THERESA HARNETT Whereas, Theresa Barnett, the daughter of our friend and Brinkley Barnett, has been called to the Great Beyond, be it, Resolved by the faculty of the College of Engineering, University of Kentucky, that a copy of these resolutions be sent to her parents, to the press and that these resolutions become incorporated in the minutes of the proceedings of said faculty. We offer our sympathy to the parents of Theresa in this, their hour of mourning, when we know they find consolation in the knowledge that all thing' are for the best. W. G. Hillen J. B. Dicker J. R. Johnson J&AaeXkivn SMART STYLED CLOTHES Committee. Exchange Notes o -- o (By LYDIA ROBERTS) Sold Exclusively .vero the headlines which caught my eye in glancing through The Tiger, of Clemson College, S. G. The paper had y printed the whole story written by Smith which recently appeared in ROBERT W. SPICER "Life has its compensations, For everything we lose, something is gained." Most of us in this largo world of ours spend half of our time railing against our Fate, and few there are who have learned the secret of accepting life as it is and making the best of the defects, but such a one is Robert W. Spicer, son of Mrs. J. J. Spicer of GQ9 Woodland avenue, this city. One never realizes how little the physical counts for in life until one knows Robert Spicer. Though physically a cripple, mentally and spiritually ho is the equal of any able bodied young man, and far the superior of some. Mr. Spicer is a junior in the College of Engineering at the University of Kentucky and is specializing in the the electrical department. He was recently pledged to Tau Beta Pi, honorary engineering fraternity, the for which are u standing of 1.8, outstanding ability in both scholarship and student uctivity, and leadership in the. junior class. In his particular line of work u pledge must have been one of the highest three in scholarship and ubility during his junior year. Needless to say Mr. Spicer more than fulfilled these requirements. It is a distinction for any man to C0UECE Ht By Kaufman Clothing Co. (Incorporated) LEXINGTON'S BETTER STORE No more formals will be included the list of fraternity social events at the University of North Dakota. A successful student campaign was recently carried out for the abolishment of fraternity formals. "Kentucky R. O. T. C. Rookie Tells of Camp Life in Our Uncle's Army" The big or little company J.FRANK BATTAILE Death again grimly took is toll from the ranks of the University of Kentucky Alumni in the person of J. Frank Battaile, 39 years old, clubman and proprietor of the University Book Store, when the car which he was driving left the road nine miles from Lexington on the Richmond pike, and crashed into a fence about 10:30 o'clock on the morning of Friday, March 26 Mr. Battaile did not meet death immediately but a few minutes after the crash he leaned back into his seat at the wheel and died while persons were attempting to lift him from the car. Mr. Battaile left Lexington, about an hour before the accident, for Richmond, where he was going on business. He never returned. The cold hand of death reached out and snatched him into the Great Beyond, that world of mystery from which no one has ever returned, without so much as a moment's notice. r This young man, an alumnus of the university in the class of 1907, at one time a fellow here, was one of Lexington's most prominent citizens and one of the university's most ardent supporters. In community circles he held offices in both, the Rotary club and the Ashland Golf club; was a member of the the executive committee of the Alumni Association of the University of Kentucky; was superintendent of the S.unday school of the First Presbyter inn church; was owner of the University Book Store at 233 West Short street and also operated a branch of his business on the campus of the University ot Kentucky. During his college career, Mr. Battaile was a member of the Kappa Sigma fraternity and during the war was attached to the intelligence department. FOB The University of Oregon has a walk walk" where known as the "hello everyone speaks to everyone else. in which ? "VOU'LL surely be buried in thd big company, "say some. ' 'Every- Dixie is made from the purest materials obtain- thing is red tape, and you'll end up in a groove in some little department. ' ' "Your little company never gets you anywhere, ' ' others assert. ' 'The bigger the company the bigger your able. It is Pasteurized and Heathized, so its purity is protected by the two greatest scientific safeguards known. opportunity." Whether a plant covers a hundred acres or is only a dingy shop up three flights is not so important as whether the company is con- A DIXIE DEALER NEAR YOU THERE-'- ntrmitttttttfflttttfflffitttffl FRIDAY and SATURDAY ONLY if II 100 Beautiful Silk, Jersey, and Flannel Sport Dresses. Newest Colors- - $9.75 Limited two to a customer. Lexington Cloak and Suit Co. ttmmmtmttnttmmmm Published for the Communication Industry J nrc-n- 't the practical things of life the things thai count? understanding," Iliggins Joseph Palmer Virginia Boyd MANAGING EDITOR Catherine Carey Rebecca Edwards Arthur H. Morris Charlsey Smith Virginia Conroy Maud Van Buskirk Jewell Hays Redmond Betty Regcnstcin ASSOCIATE EDITORS Catherine Addison Yeaman Kyle Whitehead Florence Ogden Louise Jefferson Byron Pumphrey Dave Alexander Lee McElroy Frances Maria ' Harold Brush Margaret McWilliams Lucilc Cook BUSINESS Curtis Huchler NEWS The Kernel. selves! cerned with improving its product through the development of its men and their ideas. There are ably managed and growing companies in growing, forward-lookin- g industries which offer you a chance to grow with them. restern Electric Company Makers of the Nation's Telephones Numbtr 58 of a itrlii