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6 > Image 6 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 9, 1926

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

pAge six KENTUCKY KERNEL University Rifle Team Wins Fifth Corps Area Championship WILL SHOOT IN later. NATIONAL MATCH ' contenders for the championship. The winning team was coached by Mont. .1. L. Kcasler, assistant professor of military science. This is his first year nt the university. Cadet Captain E. T. Bullock is captain of the team. The Kentucky riflemen had nn even break on their matches this yenr, winning six and losing six. Tennessee, Washington, Missouri, V. P. I., Illinois, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology outshot the Wildcats by small scores. In return the khaki- clad warriors of the Bluegrnss sent Denison, Michigan, West Virginia, N'orthwsetern, Dopaw and Nebraska down in decided defeat. Members of the team who will probably shoot in the national meet are: Captain E. T. Bullock, It. V. Adams, C. D. Fife, J. II. Griffith, J. It. Hester, W. L. Maschmeyer, E. C. May, W. T. Pryse, J. J. Richardson, 0. B. Travis, Virgil Proctor, W. E. Wcems, and It. N. White. Wildcats Emerge on Top of Heap With 3,726 Score ; Cincinnati Second, Dopaw University Third SQUAD WINS, LOSES HOME Kentucky's fine score in thisj match entitles her to entrance in the national meet its oiio of the strongest The university K.O.T.C. rifle team literally blnzed their wny to Rlory when they won the corps area rifle A report clinnipionship lust week. from the liendqunrters of the Fifth National Corps area Tuesday placed Kentucky at the head of the contenders for high score in this district. Kentucky's able cadets landed on top with a mark of .1,720 out of a possible 4,000 seven points ahead of Cincinnati, " who took second place with Depaw University captured 3,719. third place. About 15 colleges took part in the match, which was fired by telegraph. The first third of these arc to comof the University of Mispete in a national meet to be held souri arc said to strongly disapprove disorderly serenades among both men and women. It is reported that they have determined that the police shall Correct Glasses For be called to break up disorderly serewho does not nades and that any Students order out a male caller who has been drinking will lose her social privilege. DR. C. W. Co-e- co-e- d Walnut Street Over Union Bus Station Scientific EXAMINATIONS Prices THAT Please the cause of downtrodden womanhood. P. B. ROBARDS COLLEGE iRESS BO TLIOOVEP X CLASS MEET MONDAY, TUESDAY And now comes the annual inter-clas- s and track meet which is usually looked forward to with a great deal of interest by the spectators and much regret by those-whintend to participate. Coach Eklund passes mo word along that the actual dates for the event arc April 12 and 13, Monday and Tuesday, and that all who wish to enter the events should not fail to place his name under his "distance" on the placards which have, been placed at various vantage points on the campus. Cups will be awarded the winners in each division of the meet, one to the class and one to the fraternity. All those who can run or think they can are urged to be present when the event is called on Monday or Tuesday. inler-fralerni- ty U. K. IN SPOTLIGHT It is indeed gratifying to learn that the University of Ken tucky won the Fifth Corps Area shooting championship. The local team has been trying for the past few years to attain such distinction and it has finally succeeded. Such integrity and work on the part of the boys on the team is commendable and especially is Lieutenant Kleasler to be congratulated for forming a championship team in his jnitial try with the U. K. candidates. ALTERING BOYS' TAILOR Phone 929 216 S. Limestone Oak for $1.25 Goodyear Wing Foot Rubber Heels 50c Soles-Sewe- d McATEE SHOE SERVICE SHOP Player All - American Will Try to Lead Colonels to Place They Held in Golden Days of Old Former Ilnl B. "Hod" Oftsie will attempt to lend the Centre College Colonels to their former position of importance on the gridiorn next fall when he, assisted by "Red" Maher, will take charge of the Centre football team. His acceptance of the contract utterSatured by the athletic autho-itiday, March 27, filled the student body and many other people interested in the Praying Colonels' gridiron success, with renewed hope for, next year. Oftsie was line coach at Centre in 1924 when the Colonels won a clear title to the Southern football champbeing head ionship, Chief Meyers coach. This year Meyers indicated that he did not wish to return as coach. The Centre authorities searched everywhere for a worthy successor. Finally, Oftsie accepted and "Red" Maher, frosh coach of last year and n Notre Dame product, was made his assistant. Both coaches will be in charge of spring "football, practice being begun on the date of their arrival. "Hod" Oftsie was chosen. University Lunch Room Get Your Favorite Dish Cooked To Your Taste at Moderate Prices Mr. and Mrs. O. D. Guides, Props. OPPOSITE THE CAMPUS Junimar. Fraa all nacaaaarv Mr ft! a Toronto) t Upporvunit? to romantle Mta aaaiarn traal and picturesque on board mnadia it! Pacific tamahl;ta(witti American (Jniraraltrdanca bam... "fntnL of dark , n . iJancinr, narration, dwkr tip . dramatic!umfurtM Em., . CuiJi ruaaaift PrU Mdathar Includlof a Ma Niivara I all VISIT intt i)ute. A rip till nff th ffiUMr Pt. aa downOnlrmJi 'itfvdr four roc. at Dropout, wa vUlt CbcnUr Mid lmnlnton. to fanad Y'nflUh caaliaa, h Hr.aka, aru eoijntrj, rural Km land mad Osford Unl?rritjr. torn 'aya Vltlt tfaa lUama, Amsterdam and fVhnlnon la H I and: Uru (, Hrnraa.tbrviisu tbvr.OiUnd andutotliar la lielatum. lit train Zbruf battlcflalda with trio ta Varialltaa Par1a,whra wa pnj a Ampla ttma for )r,.tMul and tba Amarlcan baitl aactur and ahopplntt lUturn aalllntr from wbtrbourv tffbtaaain Shorter tour If datlrad, at f 260 and 330. Extan.tpni U flwltierland. Germany and Italy at moderate coat, ffctali, tnaala, traveling expeneae, feea and ffuldaa Included In tuir price, arranraa all dftallif book a tranepor ut Laadlo Br motor Maoactmeot tlonat pereonellr conducta cnrra ouiLD party ooucClaca ntrura Canadian pacific ().reat0vuef own' vmjnd fir Crafts auNd Travel Buraau, Dapt. tai BOO North Daarbarn trMl, vmcaga, iinnwa. fienilamon Pleua tend ma. trtthout tblln tlon on my trt, foil dttalli of your Coilettlalo Tour to Europe. Name .......... 'ft? f Addfesa....'..... citr State.. Howdy Students Welcome Back Lexington Drug Co. Phone 154 KITTENS AT WORK The Kittens are going through their basketball antics at Some of the best material in years is being Woodland park. groomed by Bill Hansen and a team equal to or better than last year's is expected to be put on the field for the first game. It is indeed unfortunate that the university does not have a field close to the campus on which the freshmen could workout. Co. (Incorporated) 140 West Main Street Justright Tailoring Co. W. Main St. 149 STANDARD & Bros. SYSTEM Oft" TO-- ALL POINTS IN THE North, East, South and West Cincinnati, New Orleans, Jacksonville The Carolinas and St. Louis arranged to suit the convenience of our patrons FOUR DOORS OFF OF MAIN For descriptive literature, tickets, reservations or further information, communicate with R. B. (Bob) Hawkins, Prop. H. C. KING W. R. CLINKINBEARD District PaBaeager Ageat City Ticket Agent 118 East Main Street, LEXINGTON, KY. TYPEWRITER UNIVERSITY BARBER SHOP EXCHANGE We Never Cut Prices or Quality Typewriter Co. QPP. COURT HOUSE 22FT The Phoenix Hotel Co. 1 Phone 2401x 107 S. Lime As Usual We Are Featuring pays especial attention to PARTIES, BANQUETS and DANCES FOR UNIVERSITY ORGANIZATIONS V1 The best of food. This is where you get what you want the way you want it. Meet your friends here, and have a drink The Tavern The .smartness of your clothes depends entirely on the cartf you give them. Our pressing service de luxe leaves no loophole for excuse. The immaculately pqrfect work we do strengthened by our courtesy ai)d small charge should make our establishment u daily or weekly service necessity to you. Well dressing means perfect clothes grooming. NEW YORK HAT CLEANERS AND "It's Convenient" G. CRAMER, 'vi LEXINGTON Schedules FOR SALE Oil RENT SPECIAL RENTAL RATES TO STUDENTS Lexington, Ky. DIRECT LINE FROM 'j'iM:mtmmmmmcmmm: TYPEWRITERS "We Fit You" SOUTHERN RAILWAY Took out my bank book the other day to see how much I had Headline: left in the old "sock." Suggestion? RACES START AT LEXINGTON APRIL 24 W. C. Stags We g Yes, thank you ! "ALL I KNOW. ETC." "All I know is what I read in the papers" has been named nublicitv director for the athletic department of the university Guess you'll have to change your tune and nose around a little now, Kyle. If $30 to $50 Anybody know any news? If so send it in. I thank you. Gee whilikins! ALL MAKES Street THAT'S HOW WE FIT YOU Come in and let us take your measure for a spring suit, have a large selection of all wool worsteds at SOUR GRAPES No, thank you, I wouldn't be Grantland Rice, if I could. Graddy-Rya- n 102 E. Main JUSTRIGHT And if I was LeRoy Smith, I'd leave town. LIME Clothes For The College Man JOHN M k Guess congratulations are in order. 395 SOUTH TTiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiuaitmtmjfjiiiiiiiiiimttiiiiMiMi!ii!!!iiiiiiiiinniiirmmmg TELEPHONE oar rrounof cnllTitii- ia nt anil rtntnt instructor, A thlrtyalt dr tnor .Toin ICC es SCANDAL? A lot of us were mightily disappointed that we didn't get razzed more in "The' Red' Letter" than we did, although it does seem that we should be satisfied with a front page black cap. But at that we don't see any connection between Sigma Alpha Mu and some of its pledges. . 'Pears to me as if my rambling about spring was a bit pre Anyway, how could I help it? Dealer: L. C. Smith IN 1924 ASSISTANT COACH QUITE TRUE It seems a certain professor has taught some certain girls not to powder their noses in his class and another prof has let it be known that his Underlings will have to wait for him to "get there or do tripple work for cutting., mature. J. A. Vondorllaar can end in 1911, 1912 and 1913 while playing nt Wisconsin. He did not conch Inst year, but engaged in real estate business at Calumet, co-e- EYE PRESSING By OPENING GAME TOMORROW The opening baseball game of the present season is on card A recent edition of The Thresher for tomorrow afternoon and students should not fail to attend. of the Rice Institute, of Houston, Although the Wildcats are not in the best of condition, they hope Texas, was entirely edited by the co- to hold the score down or even defeat the Michigan nine, which eds. The paper was printed throughhas a habit of whipping Kentucky handily on the first game every deout in red ink which the season. Time about is fair play, it seems and it's about time for ink but tears of blood clared was not the Cats to come through with one of their rallying victories. women have shed in years past in that BURKE Registered Optometrist 108 EEN FROM TH1 OFTSIE IS NAMED CENTRE MENTOR Manager Ray Ellison SHOE SHINE PARLOR Bruce Fuller Phone 3725-- 112 W. Main