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7 > Image 7 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 9, 1926

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

KENTUCKY KERNEL Annual Meet Will Be Held Monday and Tuesday Inter-Clas- s will hold a state moot Annual Tournament at about the same date. Track, Oratory, Declamations, Another distressing result of the Debate, to Be Features automobile craze was revealed at the The thirteenth anminl intcrschol-nstl- c tournament will ho held nt the University of Kentucky on Mny B, (J, 7, and 8. Contests in oratory, debate, and music will be the features of this year's tournament, but there will bo no track meet as Georgetown College one-sixt- h (By C. M. DOWDEN) ' No doubt you are interested in Apparel of Art, not just cloths 145 East Main Street GIVE US AiCAllL Millinery, Dresses, Coats, Silk Underwear for the College Girl SUITS PRESSED 35c PHONE 62 Lexington Laundry Co, Laundry Service on Although many of the cinder stars are far from real torm and condition due largely to a lato spring and the Easter holidays, which has held train ing down to a minimum, there is a wealth of promising material, and everything points to the most success ful interclass meet in the annals of local track history. It would be difficult, if not impossible, to pick the probable class which colors will wave in triumph over its three competitors after the last race has been run and the scores have been tabulated Tuesday afternoon. It is safe to predict, however, that each class has enough candidates to give g competition, and on some the present basis of comparison it appears that the winner is a toss-uwho are out Among the letter-meto defend their positions on the team are Captain Brady, supreme always in the broad jump, hurdles, and pole vault; Coons, high jumper; Tracy, dash man; Anglin, weights; Brown, 880; and Brame and Dowden, distance. However, there is an abundance of new men out who will make strong bids for varsity berths, outstanding among whom are Root, hurler and dash man; Kirkendall, Akin, and De Witt, quarter milers Gess and Creech, hajf milers, and Dean, Cochran, Hoover, Woodard and Moss, distance men The first dual meet will be held April 17, when the Cats journey to Nashville and attempt to atone for their disasterous defeat last year at the hands of Vanderbilt. The Commo dores are always powerful in track, and as this year will prove no excep tion to the rule, victory over them will mean much to Kentucky's cause n SUITS CLEANED $1.50 Three Piece SUITS CLEANED $1.25 Two Piece Day The annual inter-clns- s track and fijlri meet will be staged on Stoll Field Monday and Tuesday afternoons, and the relative showing of the partici pants in the various events will go a long way toward determining who will form "Who's Who" of the varsity. No schedule has been nrranged for Green nnd White season, with some the Kittens but S. A. "Dnddy" Boles, probably advancing to the varsity says thnt the first termers will meet rank. o- such teams as Wcsicyan's Frosh, (By MARTHA HEED) Centre's Lfcutennnts, Georgetown's Installation service of the now of- Cubs, Cumberland, Union nnd probYou Ought lo Try Our ficers and enhincts of the Y.W.C.A. of ably Eastern State Normal. Chop Stiey the University of Kentucky took place According to all reports and gosSunday evening at 8 o'clock in Pat sip, there are several who will carry terson hall. away positions on tho Kittens nine This service, which was under the this year and if this bo tho ensn sure W. Main St. Opp. Court House direction of Miss Frances Lee, retir ly old U. K. will have nnothcr stellar ing president, was one of the most im utuuttttttttmtttttttmtmmtmmmmttu pressive ones thnt has ever been seen All who took part were in here. white, nnd the old officers with light Go To ed torches, nnd the new officers with their unlighted ones, all gathered around the towering blue torch of the . Y. W. in such a way as to form the Y.W.C.A. triangle, made quite a Class Shoe charming scene. The retiring officers are: Sewed Soles $1.25 President Frances Lee. Catherine KincheGoodyear and O'SulHvan 209 E. Main Street loe. Secretary Virginia Heizer. Rubber Heels 50c LEXINGTON, KY. Treasurer Elizabeth Hefferman. Undergraduate representative Ly W. A. A. NOTES t::tjtmtnun::uttmttmtut Universal Restaurant Call Packages For High Best homer as the stands rock with cheering have a Camel! Gregory. Social THE COLLEGE MAN AND NETTLETON SHOES i Irene Morgan. Dorothy Assistant secretary Smith. Mary Stuart Newman. The new officers are: Virginia Heizer. Irene Morgan. Marjory Smith. President Treasurer Secretary Chenault Kelley. Undergraduate representative Ly dia Roberts. Cabinets: Membership Louise Jefferson. Chairman of town girls Virginia alf No.058-Tan- Boyd. Programme Social Janet Metcalf. Mary Ader. Assistant Smart Style Plus Quality Mary Kate Bledsoo. secretary M a r g a r e t Gooch. Publicity Note the Dundee, for instance a collegiate model decidedly. Just enough "dog" to look right. Made in black or tan, as you prefer. Mildred Kidd. The annual state Student Council of the Y.W.C.A. will meet at Kentucky Wesleyan College, at Winchester, Ky., on April 9. The following girls will be sent from the chapter of the University of Kentucky with one half of their expenses paid: Y.W.C.A. members as possibly can, will also go to this conference as the program is going to be a very inter esting one. A. E. NETTLETON CO., SYRACUSE, N. Y. H. W. COOK, PruiJtnt --Sold A. , i .4. hoop skirts and the in When and Reel were vogue, loving hands at home fashioned Grandfather's homespuns for the prom even in those days, Anheuser-Busc- h was nationally known to (jood fellows. ... KITTENS START 4 And today . . . when feminine .d heads 3rc ehingled, and we dance the Charleston in expensively tailored clothes to the stirring strains of a ja;: orchestra vj ... BUSCH (A-- STRONG TEAM tive days. Camels are of such choice tobaccos that they never tire the taste or leave a cigaretty aftertaste. You'll get more contentment, more pleasure out of Camels than any other cigarette. So this fair spring day as a redoubtable batter lofts out one that it seems will never stop flying oh, then, taste the smoke that means completed enchantment. Have a Camel! ... ,4. r Coach Bill Hansen Has 40 Year lings Under His Care ; Woodland Park To Be Scene of Training Activities For jCamel adds the magic of its own fragrance to life's most fes- tf; Dealers Everywhere BASEBALL WORK hitter cracks the ball 1 Lexington, Kentucky EIGHT) shrieking into deep center for a home run have a Camel! locally by- - Kaufman Clothing Co. With the weekly meeting next Sun day evening at Boyd hall, the Y.W. C.A. of the University of Kentucky will start a new year. The old officers will then be retired and in their hearts they will all have that blissful feeling of "a work well done." These retiring officers have worked hard during the past year, but their ell'orts have not been in vain for they have carried the Y.W.C.A. banner through one of the most successful ykears that it has ever known. Indeed, too much praise cannot be given them and we wish to take this opportunity to let them know just how much the student (CONTINUED ON PAGE ft ' 'Nettleton is one of America's Quality Names' ' Virginia Heizer president. Irene Morgan v Marjory Lee Smith treasurer. Janet Metcalf programme chair WHEN the first ball game is here. And the heavy Into the making of this one cigarette goes all of the ability of the world's largest organization of expert tobacco men. Nothing is too good for Camels, The choicest Turkish and Domestic tobaccos. The most skilful blending. The most scientific package. No other cigarette made is tike Camels. No better cigarette can be made. Camels are the overwhelm, ing choice of experienced smokers. Half Cabinets: Membership Margie Lee Smith. Bible Study Georgie Rouse. Publicity Virginia Boyd. Chairman of town girls Emily Smith world fellowship chairman. Lydia Roberts undergraduate rep resentative. It is hoped that as many T)f the are thrilling to the opening game of the year and your favorite player drives out a Repairing dia Roberts. man. Dorothy When you and spring I D. Morris p Called For and Delivered One OUTCOME TO BE, IMPORTANT ONEl University of Rochester when the Results of Competition Expected freshmen were given their physical To Go Long Way Toward examinations. More than of Selecting Varsity; Letter the class had deformed shoulders from Men to Defend Laurels the habit of holding the left arm on the window ledge ot a car. Wo won TO MEET VANDY APRIL 17 der about the right arms. COHEN SHOP PAGE SEVEN Our hightlt with. If you do not ytt know Camel quality, it that you try Arm. We in, tile you to torn pat a Camelt with any fif made at any prut, R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Couipjny , Wiuiuu-S4luN. C. EXPECTED (By KENNETH GREGORY) After all is said and done, every thing should be in the right road to lead the U. K. frosh to another stellar baseball season, and with Bill Hansen at the stern, what more could be desired by supporters of tho Kitten nine ? Coach Hansen issued a call last Tuesday for all prospects to assemble in the gymnasium and none less than 10 responded to his initial summons. Every afternoon this week has found him and his gang of young sters at it at Woodland park, where they are going to cavort around until they get going and then thoy will return home and furnish the Wildcats daily scrimmages. As soon as the Kitten nine gets into trim and thinks that it is of varsity calibre, Coach Fred J. Murphy says that he will be ready to let tho year- inga do battle with his ferocious Wildcats and will guaranteo them that thoy will get tho worst end of the oing. But on the other hand Bill says he is going to trim up the frosh and send a hard fighting Green and White aggregation against the Blue and White and give them a lot more titan they ure expecting. PALE DRY is the favored drink of college men because, like the college man, Busch Pale Dry is a good miser every where and every time. raSv SS8 A -- i-- '. NVt W Sty Anheuser-Busc- h SiLouis ik. JOSEPH PAPANIA V Distributors Lexington, Ky. -