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249 > Page 249 of Ambling through Acadia / by Charles Hanson Towne ; with drawings by W. Emerton Heitland.

BRAVE HALIFAX; CHARMING CHESTER sensible to spend nodding afternoons on one's veranda undisturbed by the thunder of commerce And yet-a little time is enough for me in any drowsy village street. I love their peace, but I suppose, having always lived in a big, noisy city, I am inoculated with a virus that will not let me rest for long. All through this east-coast ramble, I was subconsciously thinking of Halifax; and Halifax made me think of Boston; and Boston of New York. I can't get away from the spell of cities, much as I love the country. And the tragedy of brave little Halifax kept haunting me. I liked it so that I did n't want to think of its sufferings, even those sufferings which were things of the past. However, I did n't intend to dwell so on the horrors of what Halifax has been through. I shall always remember Nova Scotia as a place of lilacs and apple-orchards-such opulent blooms as only this northern province could contain in the warm-cool days and nights of late May and early June. Enchantment lingers here. Evan- geline walks here. The slow hours are filled 249