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5 > Image 5 of Kentucky Alumnus, 1990, no. 3

Part of Kentucky alumnus

y , ation comes from the Annual Giving ] { Three Deans In Rw Fund. Herring joins seven other UK j , professors who are receiving the salary . Three colleges begin the 1990 aca- supplement. 1 demic year with different men in the Its quite an honor, Herring said, i i deans office. The College ofEducation "Im in very distinguished cornpany. has john Harris III; Engineering, The other current Alumni Profes- Thomas W. Lester, and Library and sors are Dibakar Bhattacharyya, chemi I Information Systems, Thornasj. Wald- cal engineering; john Bryans, veteri- j hart. nary science; Guy Davenport, English; l Harris, former professor and dean Vincent DiMartino, music;joseph Kuc, ofthe college ofeducation at Cleveland plant pathology; William Markesbery, State University, is the first person of Sanders-Brown Center on Aging and " African-Arnerican heritage to serve as jacqueline Noonan, Pediatrics. _ dean ofa UK college. He will also be a I Herring has been a UK history member ofthe facultyin the College of j professor since 1969. His specialty is . Education department of administra- U.S. foreign relations, but the more I r I tion and supervision. learned about Vietnam, the more curi- __ ; T Harris, earned his Ph.D. in educa- ous I became, he said, and the only _,., _ ' 3,4~`~ IlOl13l 2lClIHllllSU"3[iOIl and supervision way to satisfy that curiosity was [0 rg- . AI T 8 -, r in 1972 at the University of Michigan. search it." _ i S Lester came to UK from Louisiana The result was a book entitled ' L. i State University where he was a profes- Americas Longest War: The United States y ~ _ V l sor and chairman of the mechanical j and Vietnam, 1950-1975. 1 engineering department. He said in- A The New York Times called the book " y dustry outreach and research expan ' the IDOSI balanced overview of the ; `\ _ y l sion are two of his highest priorities. A war, and recommended it as the best 1 _ / j Lester earned a Ph.D. in mechani- 1 general book in the field. Another re- i _ ;, _ cal engineeringin 1974 at Purdue Uni- { view hailed it as an impressive and \ versity. i enduring contribution." IBM and UK dent and faculty Waldhart has been serving as acting Herrings reputation as an expert j 3::;:;::;:;:,:5: ::|'I:I:n':_;:?:::;f clean of the College of Library and In- has earned him frequent invitations to ,,|,;,|, ,,,,|,|,,| ug ers .|,, will 5,,9;,, i formation Science since july 1988. He f lecture around the country. j to upgrade its collaborative has been a member of the UK faculty y Recently, he also served as a con- j :I::T;:"g=:: ' :;::::::;;:j since 1970, serving as both a librarian 1 sultant on Vietnarn: a Television His- muh. 6_|_ ngfgd ug as and a professor. tory, the 10-part documentary series Ulhlfzzlgrersilies :';?l;"Y ' Waldhart received a bachelors that was co-produced by WGBH rn y ::dI$ uf ;:g:;::r,? i degreern zoologyandamaster sdegreeg { Boston, the French Second Channel 1 c,,.,,,' M;,|,;9,,,' 2.,,,,, up .4,;;- l in library science at the University of i and Central IndependentTelevision of Slanfordz Penn l?| vw hr i Wisconsin. He received a Ph.D. from j Great Britain. i :::':;c:;T';:; :::::5:::s y Indiana University in 1973. Herring, the 1988 Distinguished Q $4_9 m;";,,, gm ',,,.,,,,,,,| .,,4 re. Professor in UKs College of Arts and UNM IBM |$ in- $''** *"'d It {Ti I ii [I 5 1 Scieucessaiditiswspeeiallysatisryiiiy ::* I:''V ""*" vlellnuln speclullsi to teachwhathe knowstootlrers,andhe ,;;:3:: ,,Q,',,,|,,., T Kn if 7 WM if says he feels rewarded when students l and I0 laser print- I George C. Herring, a UKlrist0ry profes- follow his lead by researching the war i :I:::I::::;?:N_ . sor whose recent book on Vietnam was j Ou their Own T praised by The New York Times as the Two of his former Ph.D. students, ; IUOSI bk1liid nvenricw 0fih WH!`h3$ in fact, also soon will have books pub- 4 been named a UK Alumni P0f`sS<>r. lished: Mitchell Hall *77, new at Cemral _ The h0n0`carisa3$5,000 =minf`raSl0ng religious opposition to the Vietnam HS HFFig FmHl$ Hi UK- l War and Clarence Wyatt 84, now at M0YfOF the PT0i`?1m $P0$0`d Centre College, has written about by ih UK National Alumni ASSOC? l A1T1I`lC21llj()lll`Il2lllS[SIll Vietnam. Full [990 Kvrmrrk) Alurrrnrrs 3