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7 > Image 7 of Kentucky Alumnus, 1990, no. 3

Part of Kentucky alumnus

V s P R T s w A 1* c H l _ Scottish Army that also guards Ed- 1914. In terms of percentage of victo- , inburgh Castle. ries, UK stands first at 75 percentwhile r How will fans recognize the mem- UNC is second at 73 per cent. _ i bers of this group of Wildcat warriors? i ` Well, you might not be able to tell by _ _, l A looking at. them. Curry has not decided Tee Tame ' j on any 1ns1gn1a for the uniform. In fact, &___+-j you wont see any Cats paws on UK football helmets this year either. While Uis ine oiiY oi Lexington and The the players still will be honored in the Champions Golf Ceurse Wiii lei? io' i newspapers and on the football office selher io nest [ho iggo NCAA Division bulletin boards for outstanding weekly i Golf Championship- performance, Curry doesnt like the iiii was 3 unanimous Vere pY [ho V clean, crisp look of the helmets NCAA goii eemmlrtee re award ine l blbtehed by 3 bunch Of dCa]S_ 1993 championship to the University of l Also gone are the blue pants for KniuoiYsaYs.lo Feesanes head golf l h away games and the double Smbe Oh coach at Marshall University and chair- l the helmet. wise pests with suse side men el the NCAA sell eemmlrree- "We 1 0 0 t h y stripe will be worn with either the blue Woio VoiY impressed Wiin iho goii \`\\;t.aSllY OF KENrUC,/( or white jerseys. The helmet has one eeurse which is eurnumberene prler- _..t; | . ; ,f { wide blue stripe down the center and a ul'- The Champions his inc moid for A 'ii p block Oh each Side the type of course we want to present to T the players. It is truly a championship l _ golf course and we know itwill be a great i ` l test for them. But we were equally im- l l Madness an pressed with the organization and L A A I ` preparation not only by the University, OTE i The crowdpleasing annual Midnight but by the entire Lexington commu- S E A S 0 N Madness will be held in Rupp Arena this nity. " . October 15. Coach Rick Pitino decided The Champions, a par-72 course, 11.;, as me 'IQQQI; bg pqanted an use to move away from Memorial Coliseum was designed by Arthur Hills and was $"* ' "*" l Q mild I because 5,000 people had to be turned nominated for the best new course in :n;:'I;::a:;l::. :I:;:ys;;d':::_': A _ = away last year. 1988 by Gay Digest magazine. It has Kemueky, n has ehqnqase win be 1 been eempayed {O "a Symphony With taken 'I09 years available with a _ _ rhythm and movement and crescendos. :'::g$:hI::f't";@ :;:;'_::a;;m` h y Tied It s a great golf course that requires you The tirst season design. Beth Ieges __ to use every club in your bag, say Cham- $l$*l * *l*' W=' l$l9d . . - games played by JCS Enlerprlses pions founder and pres1dentTom Heil- in I 88 I _ cn".w_ which um; me After all these years, UKand the Univer- hT01l `ThHtS the mark of a great golf ous play began in Kentusky Korner p sity or North Carolina - Chapel nm course? :I_*:Z;_;j:_ :*:I:**;;;a:;:::r remain tied in the race of the school SlmPS0h Says lall< ef the [0l1Fha schedule, ,,,|y M, sh", and M l with the most basketball victories. Both ment is already generating a lot of ex- el wnaen were texaeyen men. Schools have 1,4*79 wma Last seaseh citement among golfers in Kentucky PlYl 'flw '99 } many prognosticators were predicting and HInOng Some potential recruits. He :::;.;I:::;:::; that would surpass more I10[S [half hell l"12lV 3 team [l]I` gmblgm gn |I|gI| i [hah a few games Smee UKS team was seniors and twojuniors ready for com- . ::;*:;:;`::';Is j banned from postseason play and had Plll0h lhal YaF l had three starters transfer. It appeared lf 1989 $lall$ll$ are ally llldlall0h [ha; UNC did pull Ohe victory ahead_ the college athletes will find a full gal- Then, injuly the NCAA, with the help of llY Oh hand- l-asl year lh0Y [hah UK fans and the Sports II]fO{[na[iOn I`Ol1lldS of WI` plZIyd 3.[ ()fhee agreed that Ohe OfUKsVje;OyjeS Lexingtonsfour public courses and the had been overlooked in the official number 0f rounds jumps to over COunt_ That victory was a Wm Over the 400,000 when play at the private courses . University of Louisville on March 3, are addd l Fal] 1990 Kentucky Alumnus 5