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CONTENTS. Vii CHAPTER IX. Prizes-Never lost one-Dr. Rush unfriendly-A prophecy-Brunonian theory of life-A public speech-Dr. Coxe-A scene in his lecture-room-Vitality of the blood-Dr. Darwin, Currie, Beddoes, and Lettsom-Correspondents-American medical independence . . . . . . . . . . 288 CHAPTER X. Sedatives and stimulants-Scbuylkill water-Phrenology-Disease a unit-MNetho- dical nosology-Reformation-Melancthon-Luther-Gen. Jackson-Ramsay- Coxe-Seybert-Death of Dr. Rush-Memoir of Dr. Rush in Delaplaine's Reposi- tory-Rev. Dr. Staughton-How to teach one's self the best tuition-Dr. Chapman 300 CHAPTER XI. War of 1812-Port Folio-Nicholas Biddle-No contributors-Contents-Officers of the army-Events of the war-Gen. Brown-His character-Theatre-Quakers -Notes to Cullen-Chapman-Faculty of Physical Science-Appointed to a professorship-Dr. Cooper-Charles Hare, Esq.-Death of Dr. Wistar-Pro- nounce a eulogy on him--Rev. Dr. Holley-Invited to Lexington, Kentucky- Resign my professorship in Philadelphia-Character of Cooper-Priestley com- pared with Cooper . . . . . . . . . 321 CHAPTER XII. Leave Philadelphia-State of travelling-Long drought-Reach Lexington- Points of the compass-Medical school-Professors-Dr. D-y-An address to the people-Address to the Legislature-My introductory-Valedictory-Reply to a critique on my "' Life of Greene"-'-End of session-Departure for Europe- Liverpool-English women-Stage-coach anecdote-Mrs. Solomon-Roscoe- Bostock-Sir Astley Cooper-John Hunter-First interview with Abernethy- Mr. Lawrence-Mrs. Somerville-Ladies' conversation party-Chelsea Hospital -London-Speakers in Parliament-Thames tunnel-Coronation of George the Fourth-Death of Queen Caroline. . . . . . . . 349 CHAPTER XIII. Set out for Paris-Books-Where found, and why-Cuvier-Dupuytren-Baron Larrey-Alibert-Lafayette-Grouchy-Duchesse de P-Her courtesies- Leave Paris-Frost in June-A French lady-Voyage home -Ship'Electra- Storm-Lexington school-Proposal to remove it-Reasons-Valedictory-Louis- ville--Rropose to erect a school there-Difficulties-Opposition-No faculty- No means of instruction-Money-A public speech-Judge Rowan-James