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Adventures of Daniel Boone, the Kentucky rifleman / by the author of "Uncle Philip's conversations."

D. Appleton 4. Co.'s Publications. TEXT BOOKS FOR LEARNING THE FRENCH, GERMIAN, ITALIAN, AND SPANISH LANG U4 GES. I. FRENCIH. COLLOT'S Dramatic French Reader. 12nio. 1. DE FIVA'S Elementary French Reader. 12mo. 50 cts. DE FIVA'S Classic French Reader lor Advanced Students. 12no. S1. OLLENDORFFS Elementary French Grammar. By Greene. I6mo. 38 aw w th Key, 30 cts. OLLENDORFF'S New Method of Learning French. Edited by J. L. Jewret 12mo. 1. KEY to ditto. 75 cts. ROWAN'S Modern French Reader. 12mo. 75 cts. SURRENNE'S French Pronouncing Dictionary. 12mo. 1 50. VALUE'S New and Easy System of Learning French. 12mo. (In Prea.) NEW and COMNIPLETE FRENChI and ENGLISII DICTIONARY. I vol. Sy To match Adler's German Lexicon. (In Pr-ess.) II. GER.NIAN. ADLER'S Progressive German Reader. lmo. 1. GERMAN and English, and English and German Dictionary, compiled from t best authorities. 1 vol. large 8vo. 5. EIClIORN'S New Practical German Grammar. 12mo. 1. OLLENDORFF'S New Method of Learning, German. Edited by G. J. Adis 12mo. 1 50. IIL. ITALIAN. F'ORESTi'S Italian Reader. 12mo. 61. OLLENDORF2F'S New Aethod of Learning Italian. Edited by F. FortL 12mo. 1 50. KEY to ditto 75 cts. IV. SPANISH. LLENDORFF'S New Method of Learning Spanish. By M. Velasquez and T Simonne. l2rno. e1 50. KEY to ditto, 75 cts. PALENZIJELA'S new Gramimar on the Ollendortf System. for Spaniards te Learn English. (In P7-ess.) VELASQUEZ'S New Spanish Reader. With Lexicon. 12mo. 81 25. VELASQUEZ'S New Spanish Phrase Book; or Conversations in English Spanish. 18mo. 38 cts. TELASQUEZ'S and SEOANE'S New Spanish and English, and English and Sanish LDictionary. Large 8Svo. To match "1 Adler's German Lexicon." (In Pros.)