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October 31, 1864 - June 20, 1865

Part of Tacony Oil Company collection

Franktord,Pennsylvania, June 20th, 1865 Mr. Harvey Quicksall, President Dear Sir At a meeting of the Board of Directors held last evening _; you were authorized to pay the expense of washing and ironing the clothes of the men comprising the work party down in Kentucky. You have stated in a letter to Jeremiah Quicksall that Mr. See will take the %5UU of stock yet untaken, and you desire a statement of the amount due on it as labor tax. There will be due on the 2dth inst., l2 weeks' tax which will amount to 9U dollars. I enclose a blank receipt so that Mr. See may see conditions on tha back of it. Please explain to him that he will get 5UD shares for $5UU or he may misunderstand the cond A itions on the back of the receipt, I am directed to say that a receipt for Mr. See signed by the Treasurer will be sent to you through James Sutcliffe who goes out sometime this or next week. Mr. 5ee's name will be omitted as I do not know his Full name. Please have it properly Filled and notify me. Yours D.5. Hallowell