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[6] > Image [6] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1994-09-oct25.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

- 6 - Mr. Sturgill said that he was sympathetic as he might be to things that happen in the Community College System because they have no greater supporter than he has been over the years. This Board does not have the authority to change the composition of the Board. It is a lay Board, created to bring some balance to the governance of the University. He moved that the proposal on the table be disapproved. Professor Sistarenik reiterated that it will be up to the General Assembly to make the decision about this issue. The 14 Student Government Presidents are ex-officio voting members of the Senate of the Community College System. They also have two student representatives from their group on the Community College Council. They are on the system's rules committee, the system's program development committee and the system's student services committee. They have a vote just as any of the faculty members on all of these committees. In addition, there are several other community college system-wide committees with student representation and there is a representative on the student advisory committee to the Executive Director of the Council on Higher Education. He pointed out that there is quite extensive student representation in the Community College System. Mrs. Weinberg commented that the Board needs to distinguish between input and representation. She said, in her opinion, everyone is interested in student input and it had been outlined both by Professors Mather and Sistarenik exactly to the extent it is set up. She said that kind of flow needs to be encouraged in those committees and councils. In her opinion, it is prudent to disapprove the proposal, but that the Board consider Professor Mather's proposal about whether or not to recommend voting privileges oin the advisory boards when we do seek a new student representative. Mrs. Plattner said that she did not know of a way to amend the proposal, but she did believe that Professor Mather's recommendation holds great weight. She said that she was impressed with the community college students' attendance. The Board needs to keep Professor Mather's idea and revisit it again with the understanding that the Board is always working for more voice from everybody who is its constituent. Governor Breathitt said that any member of the Board can request an agenda item, and he reviewed the process for getting an item on the agenda. He reminded the Board that this proposal was just an expression of sentiment of the Board at this time. It has no power of law. Following the motion by Mr. Sturgill to disapprove the proposal, which was seconded by Mr. Wilcoxson, the proposal was disapproved. H. Associate Degree PQg-ram in the Community College System Hopkinsville Community College (PR 4A) President Wethington recommended that the Board authorize for submission to the Council on Higher Education a new degree program, Associate Degree in Applied Science, Early Childhood Education, for the Hopkinsville Community College. Mrs. Weinberg moved approval. Dr. Powell seconded the motion and it carried. (See PR 4A at the end of the Minutes.)