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13 > Image 13 of Kentucky Alumni, vol. 76, no. 2, Summer 2005

Part of Kentucky alumnus

F E A T U R E A we = A A "` i`7t=Aii' QI. 2->*;~V . = * {M r w e ;> A U EL A l - rg rj{ ~- A *. _ .s5? AH l N 5 * i' " ~ 2 a t i f bi? , . ' t3{r;5$. -1 w~:q;:2 sgi: :7.. gi. ja fl, . - A A A < 2a;;.4A ig ,}~ li AF ~ A A i ; .- > VV ? s e- .: ~ ?=e, i Y ` fi l . " * " A as i . _.?;7i . ff A A A e C i* N i - iMl>""- H A , gg :? ,i W ''" ` A A .AT V` * l l " Q g` `tr >,$i` 4. ;`.:'g._.,!;iv,:" l \E$*.;T;f lh g`t` C g Y I At it, ' A " ;- *;j; . Y f .V@t`;: #1 . w il V A; V .A ;=*: as A- r * >**,i3 l " ~= li w` -. A - C` " A Vs `A . " `I`":.f*i'F.Y:5?jv<. A "Y A `C . f [A if ?jQ_f` i it- , ' V ll J, Q f:_;_Q ` `A * ici 1 A A Vi " @@2 * V liz?-4E .i ` Q " V ` IQ?. I`,$?=3 ` , ~ ` :. * esti A l :*A *G**V.\" -" . ` r ` ;~ \ . D -Eu-` 4N` :"` _.;`. ':* .*- ' " ;' _ ,_` i :Q1i?%?V7d{r 1 I if WJ ""X<"\ R {N [ 4V= 2%; A Z "' A ' ` .. "i * ~:e . A ':. V A A-. i T . T fs? A. V4 V in gg? Y ` - _ A_________,_A_A_ A _A_A_A_ i _A-AA_ i _.v_._A_,_AA _ ; ,. _._AA_A.AAA_A A AA; iq] ==*" g: l li ~* Q- is ""*`%Z...i_l'=i $r A - ' V r.:e~;,l*;>*#T;i;A:..I > V se Y: r -V =A ~*``:.i{g; . AAAA _ ` A Q A A A =AA L ' ,g iz? S`?.-~"riA _1*Jr`.;$ ` Z"-{5: ' V ` I wr A' flea is A , ' 'Av V`* ` 3;,; A _` A A ` i fi-V? `V . .. A. A ~------~- 2`hUl - ` ie* . .*,l TZ jr; , * YQ r- fel A A- .Qj3$f"Q i I ~;:>~_;;;AA\A.AAe -- E;-A V ` ` V5 v _=. L; 5;.} ( L VV`` N; _ - A _ _ _ ` H _{L;fA. For his rooftop garden designs in New York, the Museum ot the City of New York honored Jon Carloftis with its prestigious landscape design award. landscape design classes. Next thing he knew he was in bring nature inside." New Yorks Upper East Side, passing out business cards Recently, Carloftis met with actress Julianne to doormen at some of the citys most elite buildings. Moore at her New York City residence to discuss her Noted art collectors Barbara and Eugene Schwartz gave hopes for her next rooftop garden, the third he has him his first chance, hiring him to design one rooftop designed for her. For this one. his plans will need to container. That was all it took. Hes had as many clients be kid and basketball friendly. as he can handle simply through word of mouth, ever iThe first garden I did for her was all red flowers, since. which was odd, because heres this beautiful redhead. Carloftis not only designs his gardens, but also installs And the second garden was all shades of green. And and maintains them monthly with the help of his staff of now, at her third residence, she has young children so four. He likes to keep his client base to about 30 gardens. there is a little miniature basketball hoop right out More than that and "Id lose the joy of it," he says. "I like there. And thats part of it," he says. To me, it needs working with people and having time to really listen to to be lived in. I can`t stand those houses or those gar- what they want and how they plan to use the space." dens where you come in and you feel like you can`t sit When Craig and Madonna Turner of Lexington down. Its so fake. I want people to be comfortable, turned to Carloftis for help designing their backyard wherever they are, but especially in my gardens? pool and landscaping, they explained that they wanted to create a pool with very rounded, natural edges. "He sat CREATING AMBIANCE down with us and helped us design exactly what we were T h f 1. f f C I f . rk _ looking for, something that looks more like a pond than O Create tum ee mg.Oh 29m Og 32:0 es Al C? li. a pool," says Madonna Turner, whose backyard garden is rE}tT1SlmA mom? IS ear msu ;t<=1S9At featured in Aprils Better Homes and Gardens. "The first Llpmg tlumgcf mlg ;LV asg Wai, etweeele Sl ` thing Jon did was to go all through our house to see the Eng 2;;}*1 in t C rest 0,t B gm cm Or engl) C view of the yard from every room, like he was trying to rea mg mgm Spaces mw more managca c` KENTUCKY ALUMNI ll