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6 > Image 6 of Kentucky Alumni, vol. 76, no. 2, Summer 2005

Part of Kentucky alumnus

. . ~ ` , : ? f' " 1 _ ~ 2-*** * _. _ L g . I. ` .: , . . A. . T l1 1* :.:. t ~ ,l. if l es . t .. I -.. * ? * - .4 ` V` I Q f A A- ,.V; - L I V ` > ilk 'A _ , ;v Q. ,> ;; ,.i # , _ , , . _ . i? . Y; $ it E s . . . . A . E V , `. < ~ I _ ._ i ,; `$ -. _ _q;, ; f f UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY Dream Tour , As I`ve traveled the state during the last three years, Ive realized that while people love the IQ A _, . __ University of Kentucky, they don`t always realize that its their University of Kentucky. . , What do I mean? Q_ . ' ; y___ .; A lot of people may not realize that UK literally touches every corner of the state all " ~ ` 120 counties. from Pikeville to Paducah and from Covington to Columbia. '"" t Through the Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service, were helping farmers experiment %_' with new crops and explore different community and economic development initiatives. We`re working to improve oral health through clinics that reach out into the state. Were ` ` working with families and communities reeling from the impact of methamphetamine abuse. Through our research, were creating thousands of jobs for Kentuckys children and their children. And, through our medical enterprise at UK HealthCare, were conducting groundbreaking research into cancer. heart disease and other illnesses that plague too many Kentuckians. We are touching and changing lives for the better in Kentucky. Too often, though,I suspect we dont tell our story. And we don`t let people know that this university is their university. Its the University of Ken- tucky. It`s time to tell our story Kentuckys story. To that end. this spring. we`re taking the University of Kentucky on the road with something were calling "The Dream Tour." For most of two weeks May 23 27 and June 6 9 Patsy and I will be aboard The Dream Tour Bus" with other UK administrators,professors. admissions staff and students. Its an opportunity for the Hagship the University of Kentucky to communicate with the citizens of Kentucky firsthand about how much their support means and the success that comes from that. Local alumni have helped us plan events in each location so every stop is different. Among the things we`re doing are welcoming our incoming freshmen, recruiting new students, and letting you know what our professors and students are doing to positively impact health care, education, and economic development in the local area and throughout the state. We`re talking about how we are addressing what I call the Kentucky Uglies like heart disease, cancer and diabetes. low rates of literacy and educational attainment that are holding the Commonwealth back. We`ll talk about what I call the Commonwealth Collaboratives unique programs where the university is working with communitybased organizations, businesses and other institutions to enhance the standard of living and wellbeing of Kentuckians. It is also an opportunity to meet you and have some time for conversation.We`ll also have a blog going on so you i .,.. 1_. *Nrthern Kentucky can be a part of the experience online at . The kickoff is the first event on the tour that will visit about a IT ' Q . dozen areas. j gl y~ye Uyjj M ~*y, y s' L rkshgg t9ru_ayrii WY;. v I , -~e~ 4 pr;___;*;;,a.;,:.,;`T"gW _yVl e_<. f . , - Henderson .