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155 > Page 155 of City of Louisville and a glimpse of Kentucky / Young Ewing Allison.

1888., arp fr S- a az e 1888. ARPER'S MAGAZINE, representing the best current literature and art, and being in the most effective way an exposition of the world's progress in every department of activity, is indispensable to all intelligent readers. The co-operation with the most eminent American and European writers of such artists as ABBEY, REINHART, PARSONS, BOUGHTON, FROST, PVLE, Du MAVRIER, MILLET, DIELMAN, CHURCH, GIBSo-,, THuLSTRUP, IENNELL, ZOGBAuM, ROGERS, SNYDER, GRAHAM, MACBETH, BARNARD, DrEz, MERSON, RAFFAEI, and KAUFMANN produces a magazine as beautiful, brilliant, and varied as the literary and artistic resources of the time render possible. The publishers of the Magazine respectfully invite public attention to a few of its principal attractions for the coming year. In descriptive articles American subjects will, as heretofore, be especially prominent; and in this field particular attention will be given to KENTUCKY, AAD THE GREAT CENTRAL STATES OF THE WEST In contributions from our most brilliant writers, effectively illustrated, treating of Western Humor, Social Life, Educa- tional Institutions, Journalistic Enterprise, Industry, and Commerce. As a part of this scheme, articles upon individ- ual States will be prepared by distinguished Western writers, and illustrated by portraits of the most eminent men associated with the progress and fortunes of these commonwealths. Descriptive papers, superbly illustrated, on NORWAY, SWITZERLAND, ALGIERS, AND THE WEST INDIES, Will be contributed by BJf5RNSTJERNE BJrRNSON, W. D. HowELLs, F. A. BRIDGMAN, and LAFCADIO IIEARN. In addition to these there will be papers on Scotland, picturesquely illustrated by JOSEPH PENNELL; 'A Gypsy Fair in Surrey," by ANSTEY GUTHRIE, illustrated by F. BARNARD; "A Ramble in Kent," by DR. BENJAmiN E. MARTIN, illustrated; "London as a Literary Center," by R. R. BOWKER, illustrated by portraits; "Socialism in London," by M. ROSNEY, illustrated by F. BARNARD; "St. Andrews," by ANDREW LANG, illustrated; important papers by THEODORE CHILD, on characteristic phases of Parisian Life and Art, fully illustrated; a brilliant paper by M. COQUELIN on "French Dramatic Writers and How to Act them," illustrated; and other interesting contributions. Another special feature of the Magazine will be the appearance from time to time of important papers on the PRESENT CONDITION OF INDUSTRY In America and in the various countries of Europe. The series of illustrated papers on "Great American Industries" will be continued. NEW NOVELS. In the January Number will be begun a new novel, entitled "In Far Lochaber," by WILLIAM BLACK, and in an early Number a new novel by WILLIAaI DEAN HOwELLS. The January Number will containl a novelette entitled "Virginia of Virginia," by Am:LIE RIVES. and in the course of the year will appear a novelette by LAFCADIO HEARN, entitled "Chita," a Legend of Lost Island; also short stories by Miss WOOLSON (with an Italian background) and HENRY JAMES. PAPERS ON ART SUBJECTS Will be given, each Number of the Magazine containing a special contribution of this kind, effectively illustrated. THE EDITORIAL DEPARTMENTS. The Easy Chair, contributed by GEORGE WILLIAM CURTIS, and M1R. HOWELLS' .Stdy, furnish a monthly com- nment on Society and Literature which has no counterpart in any other publication. The "rawer is conducted by MIR. CHARLES DUDLEY WARNER, and MR. LAURENCE HurToN will continue his Lilerary Notes. Many of the illustrations in this book are from the pages of Harper's Magazine.