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7 > Image 7 of Annual report. 1892

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

A _ . `, . T .;iliiQ;l T ANNUAL REPORT ` T o1~ rnn. _ . t ~_ Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station l OO 15*012, ieeaz. y Z; REPORT OF THE DIRECTOR. A A.A.E. -.r.-A.. W oaeanizyrion. l The Station is governed by a Board of Control, consisting of the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees, the President iw ol the College and the Director of the Station. The actions of ' the Board are subject to the Board of Trustees of the College, iii- or its Executive Committee. V tnd lral 12our1>MnNi~_ hut The oilice of the Station as well as the Chemical, Entomologi- as Gal and Botanical and Horticultural laboratories and the library, 1 to are in what is known as the Experiment Station Building on nts, the College Campus. The chemical laboratory is well equipped . ave for all the work which the Station is called upon to do. The Botanical and Entomological laboratories are being equipped lor thorough work. Our library consists now of about 1,300 volumes, and the books have been carefully selected. The De- S lutrtments of Chemistry, Botany, Entomology and Horticulture V _._ ' lite especially equipped in the way of books. The farm has t, Y0 been especially litted for lield and feeding experiments. Two mnt hundred onetenth acre plats have been surveyed oil? for field ig}? "T experiments. Permanent posts have been established, and ex- Wi cept where left for eomparison, the land has been tiledrained, , it drain running lengthwise between every other plot, thus giv- me to each plot the same amount and system of drainage. l . . T l i T i t A