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8 > Image 8 of Annual report. 1892

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

t_ . 8 nnronr or Aemcuixronat nxrnaiirnnr STATION. l A Y The death of Mr. C. L. Curtis caused a serious loss in our Sta-- .` " y tion stait. He was a man of much more than ordinary ability _ j l in his line, very capable, accurate, and thorough in his work. y , His place will be hard to {ill. At the meeting of the Board of , t I . Control in April, the following resolution was passed : i "ResoZvcd, That we desire to record our high appreciation `~ of the faithful, accurate. and efiioient manner in which he dis- charged his duties while connected with the Experiment Sta- l . tion. He was a painstaking. systemamatic and untiring worker, v_ .4 qualities which fitted him eminently for .the duties assigned _ _, r l him, and by his modest and unassuming manners and sterling _ worth of character, endeared himself to all with whom he came- ng * in contact." tin - ` A ' During the year, the Horticultural Department of the Station 5; h - has been organized, and Prof. C. VV. Mathews, a graduate of ` ` - Cornell University, has been put at its head. The work ot the- Li) - year has been incorporated in Bulletins 38 to 43 inclusive,. ` . t which are appended to this report. _ t h In the Chemicial division, such manuscript as has not been published in the form of Bulletins, is given under that division. mi V V The Entomological Department gives a summary of its work. lm " " Very respectfully, he I W M. A. Scovmm, Director. l0? st-4.7:1 Sli h " g wl ` , an se; | ' N A _ va . mt za ~ . iq Yfiiit h cc Lgjr Sl ut n T tit l