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9 > Image 9 of Annual report. 1892

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

I ., l n . 5- DIVISION OF CHEMISTRY. _ ' r, lg l Here follow the more important chemical analyses and inves= W, tlgations made in the Station laboratory during the year 1892,. ll* but not published in a.ny of the Bulletins. The work already m published is mainly fertilizer control work in Bulletins 41 and Of 43 ; some work on marls, in Bulletin 39 ; and the usual work in l yi he connection with the study of methods of analysis by the Asso- ` YQ? _ clatlon of Official Agricultural Chemists, and to be found in their proceedings. . BH, A number of analyses of commercial fertilizers have been ,H_ made for farmers, but, being only of temporary interest, it is li, not thought necessary to publish them here. As a rule, as heretofore, the fertilizers sold to farmers and sent in by them A for analysis have, in most cases, come up to the required Daily tests of the milk of the Station cows have been made, and a large mass of figures is accumulating from which inter- esting results may be derived at some future time. _ A number of rocks and minerals have been identified for various persons, and several analyses of potable water were- fFji{.;i made, which it is not thought necessary to report in detail. Butter. {pj A number of samples of butter made from milk of the Jersey Cows " Signal Ripple" and Jusa Pogis," at the Station farm have been analyzed, The manipulation was as uniform as pos- f Bible, and the results show the difhculty of obtaining perfect uniformity in the product under ordinary conditions, as well as the difficulty of correctly sampling a small amount of butter. l at I at `