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Pl(l,,lv'11 Available T s fit : i PAGE ELEVEN THE KENTUCKY KERNEL y nnd it Is said that Colman gives a splendid performance In this George Fltzmauricc directed picture. We will never forget "IJulldog Brum-mom- l" In which Colman established himself as a talking picture artist 'of the first magnitude. i TLR The sound of stagecraftsmcn's hammers emulating from the Gulg-ntheater acquaint tis with the fact that the university's little play- I house will soon embark upon another season. "The Royal Family" on October 2. Won't It be i opens l good to seca group of live actors I again? j TLR "Top apecu, aavcrusca oy nrsi The local rlalto fairly shown this tional recently made "The Bad National as a comedy as fast as Its week with a program of well balancMan" as a talking photoplay with title sugests, opens at the Strand ed movie-far- e nt the principal cin- Walter Huston In the leading role. Sunday. Joe E. Brown, of the cav ema houses. Indications arc strong, The production opens at the Ben All ernous mouth, and Bcrnlce cure however, for next week's presenta- Sunday. Other members of the cast have the leads. Jack Whiting, ace are Dorothy Revier, O. P. Heggie, musical comedy star, Frank Mc- tions to eclipse the present "Moby Dick," the outstand- Sidney Blackmcr, and James Ren-ni- c. Hugh, the drunken reporter in Huston Is seen as Pancho Lo- "Bright Lights," Laura Lee, Rita ing attraction of this week, has drawn much favorable comment pez, a bandit who Is a sort of Mexi- Flynn, and Edmund Breese are oth- while "Bright Lights," a surpisingly can Robin Hood. Satirical comedy mcmbers of the cast. "iop good picture, seemed to attract few is the keynote of the characterizaSpeed" which Is a musical built ducats. "Follow Through" was sav- tion and from advance reports, Hus- around automobile racing, was dir ed by Jack Haley and Zclma O'Neal ton acts the part in supurb fashion. ected by Mervyn LeRoy, Holly TLR and, in our opinion, they had to wood's youngest successful mega- For this week's brief biography phonlst. overcome the effects of Nancy Carroll and CHarles Rogers, the stars. we bring ysu Anita Page. Her real We absolutely refuse to call the last name is Pomares and she was born at Flushing, L. I in 1910. Weighs Club named person "Buddy." 118 pounds and Is a perfect blonde. TLR. especial Interest to Kentuck-iaa- s Latest picture: "Little Accident." Of TLR is the announcement that Ronald Colman occupies one of Dr. Howard Morgan, of MaxElizabeth Maddox Roberts' novel, "The Great Meadow," wfcnt Into the most exalted positions in well Presbyterian Church, production last week with Eleanor screendom and rightly so as he is to Be Club Speaker Boardman and John Mack Brown one of the smoothest actors we know of and has the added advantIn the leads. MOM assigned CharlPitkin Club, A meeting of the the laes Brabin to direct the Jfllmlzatlon age of being handsome for dles' benefit. His latest United Ar-- university students' luncheon club, of the Kentucky work. the star. "Raffles" was adapted was held Monday afternoon at 4:00 TLR One cannot think of "The Band Kentucky tomorow. Kay Francis o'clock for the purpose of choosing Man" without recalling the late and David, Torrence are In support year. Dr. Hoforook Bllnn, who importallzed of the star. "Rafles" was adapted a speaker for the coming the character oh the spoken stage from E. W. Hornung's entertaining oward Morgan, of Maxwell Street Presbyterian church, was chosen. and In a silent picture. First Na novel of a gentleman The club will begin its weekly meetiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiimrmtiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiimttm ings the latter part of October. Meetings of the club are held ev ery Wednesday during the school year, at 12:00 o'clock noon, each meeting being a luncheon, follow ed by an address by the speaker on some phase of the subject selected by the club for the year. The mem bership Is limited to 75, and mem E. bers are chosen from a list or ap plicants by a secret commltttee. Those interested In belonging to the club may send their names to PHONE PHONE the office of the Y. M. C. A., to be ASH. 4779 ASH. 9154 Dlaced on the waiting list. If chos en they will be officially notified of the next meeting. Holds Afternoon Meeting Pitkin NEELY'S VIADUCT PHARMACY High and Viaduct We carry everything an up-to-da- Drug te Store Should Have HIGH-CLAS- S LUNCHEONETTE AND FOUNTAIN SERVICE Prompt Free Delivery Service 7 A. M. to 11 P. M. Mary Virginia Willis Honored by Magazine Mary Virginia Willis, a student at the University is pictured in the current issue of College Humor magazine. Miss Willis, whose home Is in Ashland. Kentucky, Is interested in dramatics. She played one of the leads In "Local Color," musical nnmndv. She is a member of Delta Delta Delta, social sorrority. Yea, Kentucky Sne ers Snickers Scandal By WILLIAM AHDERY As we probably have said manv times Just a little of that rare fluid have Just a little of that rare fluid which Is popularly alluded to as "sporting blood." And, by a strange coincidence, those people usually HKe us. me people who do not like us are those who are too conceited to appreciate the fact that this column is written solely for the purpose of entertaining our beloved cds and ettes. We do not conscious ly attempt to uncover facts which will ruin the reputation of those who arc prominent enough to be mentioned in this column. We feel no animosity toward any student or group of students on the campus. But those who do not know this already can never be made to understand it. Phoenix Golf Meet Now in Progress Pall weather Is turning the In- - j tcrcst of golf fans to the Indoor The attractive I miniature game. courses located in the Phoenix Hotel, owned and operated by John M. Purscly, has announced a scries of tournaments that will continue throughout the winter months. The qualifying round for the first tournament Is now In progress and will continue throughout the follow ing week. The first 32 low scores In medal play will qualify for match play, beginning October 13. Sixteen matches will be played off Monday and Tuesday, eight, Wednesday, four, Thursday, two Friday, and the champion match will be played off Saturday night, October 18. The prize to the winner will be twenty- five dollars,and the runner up win receive ten. In addition to the tournaments open to the public, it is expected department, that the lntra-murwill stage several tournaments for university students, and will award points toward the winning of the large participation trophy now In the possession of the Sigma Alpha Epilson fraternity. Pan-Politik- on Has New Vice President Kind informants have generously Morton Walker Is Selected to Serve International warned us that several students are planning an old fashioned tar and Relations Group feather party, with ourselves as the guests of honor. How perfectly deAnnouncement of the selection of lightful, say we I Shall we wear our Morton Walker as vice president of orange pajamas or Just plain even, faculty and student ning attire? organization for the study of international relations, was made yesterThe fact that eligible ettes would day by llobert Stewart, president of a marriage bu- the group. Departmental appointrather affiliate with reau than a sorority was conclu- ments will be announced later, and sively demonstrated last week when a tentative program for the year Kappa Kappa Gamma pledged 23 of will be issued for publication at an the fairest freshmen flowers on the early date, Mr. Stewart said. campus. Germany and the Netherlands are It was Kipling, we believe, who the two countries of which studies agreed with us in saying: "A woman are to be made first, and convoca is only a woman, but a good cigar tion speakers have been tentatively is a smoke." So the Kappas I selected. Professor Amry vanden bosch, recently returned from an Formerly the band has been rat extended tour of these two couned by cordial observers as only tries, will assist in the planning of slightly higher In the scale of in these programs. telligence than the students In the Mary Virginia Halley, senior In college of Engineering. After the the College of Arts and Sciences. Is sponsor election Monday, however, secretary of we are inclined to believe that there Is no organization at the university which possesses as much real intellectuality as the Big Blue horn toot-er- s. New With Virginia Doughtery as sponsor the band can fail to appear at the football games and still Tau Epsllon PI, Jewish frat, has maintain its reputation as the "Best recently opened a house at 452 Rose Lane. The fraternity Is at present In Dixie." a local organization, but plans to go Our fan mall is rapidly increas national sometime this year. It ing. Yesterday we received a post consists of eleven old members and card saying, "Column rotten where thirteen pledges, who are: A. Stuart Cohen, Malcolm Is the scandal? We have one. The g, writer of that card might try after Tanner, Leon Goldstein, Sam Dave Welnsteln, George date at the Delta Zeta house. Where are the sneers and snickers? Stearn, Frank Steam, Ralph Flum-bauLouis Elvove, Sid Berg, R. We have been holding out on our Gross, L. Waldman. beloved eds and ettes we really like the "Moonshiner." 'Congratulations to the staff and kindly note that they are the first that have ever been extended by this popular young writer. Jewish Fraternity House Obtains When we try to write this beau tiful example of Wit, Wisdom, and Waggery we are always reminded of our illustrious predecessors Clarence Barnes and Martin Glenn. There may have been others but our memory only serves us as far back as the great May Queen election of "28. HENTON'S CONFECTIONERY IlENNir. BENTON, Old Country Ham Wc Deliver ntONT 9280 Prop. Open Till 1 a. m. Curb Service AT KV. AND HIGH AVENUES DRINK PURE WATER! For the protection of our patrons we sire serving Pure Limestone Water With our lunches nnd sandwiches University Sandwich Shoppe IIIIIIIH THE WILDCATS WIN ALSO BRADAS & GHEENS' CANDIES WIN Where Qvality Is The Watchword .. Fine bread, rolls, cakes and pastries. The best cinnamon rolls and coffee cakes you ever tasted Special attention given to Meringue and Patty Shell Orders ELECTRIK MAID BAKE SHOP 503 E. High St. :iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinintni:iiiiiiiiiniiiiiniiiiiiittiiiiiiiiiiiiiiininm: LUNCH at BENTON'S We serve hot chicken, croquettes, soups, chilli, delicious salads and dainty sandwiches. Exceptionally pies and cakes fine home-mad- e FOUNTAIN DRINKS Benton's Sweet Shoppe FAMOUS FOR CHOCOLATE FUDGE CAKES Indoor Miniature Golf We have on advantage though we don't care what the beautiful but absurd examples of femininity who this campus with us think. That is, of course, if they do think. $1.98 ft. Football Helmets They are just like the popular high school models for which you ordinarily pay $2.50. Good grade leather, white felt lined. "Red" Grange Footballs $3.79 1MN boys chose the Sears' "Red" Grange ball last year. Because of this popularity you can buy it now aC a lower price. Regulation size, of strong, pebbled grain cowhide . . new valve-typ- bladder. Autographed picture e mi "Red" Grange included. Free Service Tires Mounted Batteries Installed i $1.79 Football Pants Cat' in the style of a prep school Model . . . with kip protectors, fiber thigh guards. Of khaki drill, wall padded, d STORE HOURS Dally 8 to 5:30 P. Al. Saturday 8 to 9 P. M. STOKE Houn JLEXINGTOH lac. I S9:M Alumnus Theme For September Is on Football Football, .birds, marriages, and broadcasts are features of the September issue of the Kentucky Alumnus magazine which was released for circulation Wednesday. The theme of this Issue, however, Is foot ball. Coach Harry Gamage has an ar ticle in the magazine entitled Football Outlook for 1930," in which he describes in a not too optimistic tone the various teams that Kentucky must face this year. In the article he relates the difficulties that the Wildcats will have to overcome in order to become a championship team. Lawrence Crump writes an article. "Wildcat Schedule Filled With Thrills for Football Fans." He also describes the teams that Ken tucky will meet. Further football Information is given about the new four-colprograms, the games to be broadcast, and the homecoming game. There Is a short sketch of Leon K. Frankel, president for the second time of the Alumni Association, who was graduated from the university in 1900. Dr. W. D. Funkhouser has written an interesting article entitled "Animal Friends and Enemies," in which he discusses the bird-lif- e in Kentucky. There Is also an article con cerning Dr. Funkhouser's excava tions this summer in Henderson, Crittenden, and Trigg counties. A complete description is given of the new Teachers Training Building which is said to be one of the most modern in the country. A complete radio program of the University of Kentucky as late as October 23, is given on page 14, and marriages of the summer are recorded on page 15. The stan of the Kentucky Alum nus is: James 8. Shropshire, "29, editor and manager: Marguerite Mc Laughlln, '03, associate editor, and Helen King, "36, associate editor. The officers of Hut Alumni Association are Leon K. FtaaJtel, '00, president: Mrs. RecUt MUl , '21, vice- president, and Jaam S. Shropshire, '29, secretary-treasure- r. Americas Greatest Indoor Recreationl r MORE THAN JUST PRACTICE A REAL GAME Wonderful opportunities for miniature indoor golf enthusiasts. Be sure and come to qualify, anytime between Thursday, Oct. 2, and Monday, Oct. 13. Match play begins Monday, Oct. 13. Winwill rener and runner-u- p ceive cash prizes. Open Every Day COLLEGE TRADE SOLICITED Phoenix Hotel Use Ladies' Entrance