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The Kentucky Kernel, September 19, 1930

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Best Copy Available COLLEGE NIGHT WILL HE HELD TONIGHT IN ARMORY BUILDING (t; THE KENTUCKY KERNEL UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY VOLUME XXI. LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY. SEPTEMBER READ THE KERNEL FOR GENERAL NEWS OF INTEREST TO STUDENTS 19, 19.10 NUMBER 11 LARGEST ENROLLMENT AT U. K. RECORDED Guignol Theater Preparingto PLEDGES CHOSEN Wildcat Football Captain REGISTRATION TOTALS 2,939 FOR BY FRATERNITIES Brilliant List of Plays RECORD FIGURES YM ANDYWCA Give ARE ANNOUNCED NIGHT TO BE GIVEN BY COLLEGE T'JUST TRY Sponsoring one of the most Will Be Annual ambitious programs in the Held in Armory Tonight history of its duration on the At 7:30 O'Clock University of Kentucky cam ELABORATE PROGRAM IS pus, the Guignol theatre this PLANNED BY COMMITTEE year is preparing to offer its patrons variety and brilliance Entertainers Are Engaged to through presentation seldom er Amuse Students; Building to be Decorated if Students who have formerly attended the university and those who are entering for the first time will gather tonight at 7:30 o'clock for the anuual "College Night", which Is to be given at the armory every year. This event has been given by the Y. W. and Y. M. C. A. at the university for a number of year and every student who has attended the entertainment in the past has an occasion of the greatest geniality and hospitality, those In charge of the affair said yesterday, and added that the various means of amusement would provide features of limitless recreational undergraduate life. One of the most complete and elaborate programs ever presented In the history of the university Is being planned and It Is expected that every student who attends will have an enjoyable time. Several committees have been appointed by Y. W. and Y. M. C. A. officials and they have attended to every detail that will aid in making the evening one of the most festive of the school year. On the program are Harold But- -, ner and Edwin Moffet, two of the in the most versatile entertainers Blue Grass. They will present a tumbling act. A ventriloquist, an aesthetic dance number and af'SeSSn that It r undertaken by student ama teur players. Two of the plays already have been an nounced by Director Frank Fowler. The first Guignol produstlon this The first Guignol production this year will be October 27, at which time patrons of the theatre will have the opportunity of attending: the only theatre in Lexington having: Its own orchestra.. The pit lately has been constructed and a new musical company will be formed in ample time to furnish music for the Initial performance. Tryouts for "The Royal Family" will be Friday afternoon from 4 to 5:30 o'clock in the office of the Guignol and all those from the University and from Lexington, who have theatrical talent for acting, designing or advising, are urged to attend. On October 27, the Joseph's coat curtain shielding the stage will retreat into the wings to disclose "The Lampert Announces Glee Club Initial Try-Ou- ts Practice Session Will be Held on Monday Prof. Carl Lampert, head of the department of music, urges all songbirds of the university to be present for the first practice session of the men's glee club to be held Monday night at 7:30 o'clock in the music building. The schedule for the year has not been definitely outlined, but it is bcleved that there will be several concert tours taken during the second semester. Any university student who has the desire to train his voice will be given a trial. Royal Family", which will be given the entire week. The play was written by two brilliant playrlghts, George S. Kaufman and Edna Fer-be- r. It is a satire on the family. The second play will be presented on December 1. It will be "Cam-ille- ", by Alexander Dumas. While a laudable undertaking for the Guignol players, this work by on Page Twelve) Indian Mounds Explored By Funkhouser and Webb . Scientists Uncover W A n If Hi xTfl If Til During Summer; Three Sites K Valuable ajffiVllJUllVflJkJJu IXJ ln'BE REMODELED Henry,, Material Found Freshmen Preponderate Number Elected to Membership by Greeks University Officials Expect 3,200 Tally Before End of Classifying in LAST YEAR'S RECORD FALLS HY .106 COUNT UNIVERSITY GROUPS RELEASE PLEDGE LISTS 15 Fourth "Freshman" Week" Is Held; First Termers Assemble Early Plcdpeship Will Continue Until Second Semester; Must Make Standings Following a week of organized rushing, the fraternities on the campus announce their pledges for the semester. Most of the men so ' honored are freshmen, although some upperclassmen were pledged. ' The following men are now wear- lng pledge buttons and arc entering upon a pledgeship that will last until the beginning of the second ' semester, and longer unless required standings are made: Sigma Alpha Ensilon Karl Pate, Madisonvllle. Tom Rogers, Frankfort. Hugh VanAntwurp, Frankfort. Norwood Cook, Paris. Werter Harris. Ashland. Louis Fiddler, Ashland. Lloyd Featherstone, Lexington. Gene Shankfin, Elkton. Jlmmie Donnaven, Midway. Jerome Respress, Cincinnati. Kelly Rhoads, Murray. Woodson Knight, Carlisle. Edgar Craddock, Louisville. Jack Kirk, Maysvllle. Steve Soaper, Hender&on. Hugh McGulre, Williamsburg. Fred Stevenson, Sturgis. Delta Tau Delta Ralph Kercheval, Lexington. William Donelson. Lexington. John Staples, Lexington. Roscoe Stephens. Lexington. Turner Howard, Lexington. Clarence Moore,, Lexington. Gene Lutes, Lexington. Grant Campbell, Lexington. Buford Upham, Winchester. Robert Castelen, Owensboro. William Jacobs, Cumberland. Coffman. Lewlsburg. Cameron Prospects for a total enrollment of more than 3,200 students at the university were in evidence yesterday at the close of the fourth day's registration, when tally sheets at the registration division showed that 2,939 freshman and upperclassmen had entered the various colleges on the campus for the fall semester. This number represents the largest enrollment ever rerecorded at Kentucky and a marked increase over that of The gentleman pictured above :n such a striking pose is none other than last year at a corresponding It is expected that "Floppy" Forquer, captain of the 1930 Kentucky football team. He time. is a guard par cxccllancc, and (It's a secret) refused the nomination many more will register durfor sheriff of his home county during the past summer in order that ing the days which remain he might return to the university and lead his blue cohorts to for registration. gridiron fame. Many Changes Are Made In Faculty for 1930-3- 1 Department Gets' Four Additions as Three RADIO Professors Resign Psychology PROGRAMS ARE LENGTHENED Last year at this time, the number of students registered totaled ed 2,633, a number which had broken all previous records. This year's high mark exceeds by 306 the total enrollment at the close of the fourth day of registration last year. Officials yesterday predicted that a total of 3,200 students will have enrolled when the university closes its doors for the semester. With a freshman student body of more than 950 enrolled during the special registration for first year men and women, the total number at the end of each day's registration has steadily maintained the 300 advantage over the number of j the corresponding, day last year. It was announced that graduate school enrollment and late registration give promise of setting a new record at the university. "Freshman week" was held for the fourth time in the history of the university, taking place over a period extending through Septem6, during which time a ber larger number of freshmen reglster-(Contlnuon Page Twelve) During the past summer the deThe opening of the fall term at partment of Anthropology and the University of Kentucky finds Department of Buildings and of the University, under Control proximately 35 new appointments UI")e5.SIly Remote j Grounds Will Occupy Large the direction of Dr. W. D. FunkVa. Station of WHAS Adds have been made. Several of the old t btructure Purchased Duri- houser and Professor Webb, com- W.Dick FuJlerton, Oak Park. 111. members have been granted leaves Sixty Minutes a Week lo ng; Summer by University pleted one of the most . of Fred Scott, Hazard. absence or have accepted post- - j j extensive Its Broadcast Kappa Sigmv itlons with other institutions. atOccupation of tjie old Independ- - and successful explorations ever Ralph Ball, Elkhart, Ind,. ' With, Jhe completion of the new i" tempted, The University ,of Kentucky has Carrol Ball, Elkhart. Ind. training school, a large number of itnt Tobacc o warehouse, purchased Three prehistoric sites were exHyland Bizot, Louisville. ' faculty members will be added to added four weekly programs, an ad- by the university during the plored, all of which proved to be exthe list of university Instructors, dition representing sixty . minutes Bruce Hoblitzell, Louisville': mer, wll be delayed until the latter David Cousine, Louisville. Prof. Sherman G. Crayton, grad- - more time on the alr t0 its broad. . tremely Important in contributng to nf t. flpRt" "v" nmm,.rt 'uate of Indiana University, has been Mathew Henchey, Louisville. . 'appointed director of the new train- - ;cast by remote contro1 from WHAS' t0 Information from the department the knowledge of the ancient hisHarvey Hattlngly. Bardstown. ing school. Professor Crayton has Louisville. Franklin Hlbbs, Bardstown. ot buildings and grounds. Much tory of Kentucky. The first site exhad many years of experience in the Featured among the Hiew pro- W. H. Booker, Franklin. work will be required in equipping plored was in Wolfe county where a Indiana public school system. Donald Foster, Easton. the large structure. grams is the College of Commerce series of rock shelters yielded new Earl Van Billiard, Philllpsburg Prof. M. E. LIgon, principal of the whjch wm introduce a new series of The newly acquired building Is data on the life of the ancient InN. J. University high school, will continue situated on South Limestone street, habitants of the mountains. Unto serve in that capacity in the new talks each Tuesday at 12:4a P- William Gaillardf Lebanon. opposite the military parade ground, usual types of flint artfacts and potEric Pasgroove, Frankfort. Eleven new teachers were Dr- - Edward Wiest, Dean of the and faces 311 feet on Limestone and tery were discovered, as well as valAlpha Tau Omega for the training school, the ' leSe- - wiU Bive the first six talks on 430 feet on South Upper street. On uable fabrics including moccasins ' Charles Van Deerlng elementary department of which "Money." "Political Snapshots" will the north it adjoins the American made of skin. was placed under Mrs. May K. Dun- - De hearc each Thursday at 12:45 p. Sam Cogswell, Louisville. Two representatives of the British Tobacco Company plant. The second site was a ceremonial George Peak. LaGrange. can. Francis Martin was appointed m- - wlth Dr- - Paul K- - WalP assisst- Union of Students who will debate The warehouse was bought with mound and cemetery at Tolu in During the summer the departHolton Pribble, Butler. head of the kndergarten depart- - ant professor of Political Science, in the University team in Memmorial the intention of housing the univer- Crittenden County. This yielded charge. ment. Jack Allen, Ashland. ment of Journalism has subdivided Hall on Friday evening, November sity remote control radio studio and the finest collection of pottery ever Gaylor Harvey, Chicago, I1J. A Sunday musical radiocast from the Kernel office and installed a In the psychology department will arrive in the United States the department 21. of buildings and found in the state and made posm- - win replace the new Kelly Automatic Press. This Robert Garnett, HopklnsvlHc. there was a loss of three, men: Dr. i6:00 t 6:30 early in October, Prof. Southerland, grounds. It is also planned to use sible to work out the structureit of a from press is capable of printing a sheet Arthur Ake, Columbus, Ohio. C. Bassett resigned his post Wednesday night program Gardner University debate coach, announced It as a storehouse for the property prehistoric council house and altar. Frank Stubblefield, Murray. of paper as large as two pages of Wednesday. 'at the university to accept a slm- - 10:00 t0 10:30 P- - m- belonging to the R. O. T. C. band The third site was on the Ken- The Kernel, and will be used as a liar nositlon at Gettvsburc Collece. Tryouts for the International De- and for various machinery. It may iern border of Trigg County where! Kenneth Nicholson. Ashland. job printer and a press for the KerDelta Chi Gettysburg. Pa. Professor Bassett, bating Team will be held at 7:30 on B V1 DriUT is line at the south- 17 Harry Porter Dees, Owensboro. nel. Negotiations, which culminated in excellent material was secured perthe evening of September 26. Any George Yenowlne, Chicago, 111. 1920. The other two members of The new press, together with "stone-$12students in good standing who is son nP,!irchase ?f the, bulIdinB fof'tainlng to the 0 William Fanning, Ashland. every other piece of machinery In this department who left were Dr. 000, were begun in 19 '9. The grave" people of the Cumberland; university is eligiregistered in the Wayne Buchanan, Chaffee, Mo. Paul L. Boynton and Prof. J. L. Tackle-Guarpress d ble to try out for the team. No spe- location is very desirable because of River vallev Undergoes Op- The Kentucky Kernel savings room, Willis Orlll. Louisville. Graham. The former accepted a pohas been financed on from cial preparation is required as the its proximity to the New Education The unusual activities of the de- eration for Appendicitis at student publications, which Include Louis Guternuth, Louisville. sition with Peabody College, Nashsubject of the talk will be announc curnuiB mm ue 10 me iacc mat partment were made possible Edward Key, Lexington. Hospital ville, Tenn., while the latter went St. Joseph's The Kentucky Kernel; "Letters," a ed a few. minutes before tryouts be- access may be gained from both the through two gifts which provided Eugene McConachle, Chaffee, Mo. to the University of Pittsburg. literary magazine; the "Kentucky gin. The public is cordially invited. front and rear as it joins Limestone the field work. The National d McConachle. Chaffee. Mo. Four new men were nppointed to South Upper streets. Coach Harry Gamage yesterday Alumnus", which Is printed In the two men additional eouinment and funds fnr On the same evening the Dave Rlngo, Covington. fill the vacancies left In the psycholKernel plant, and "Kentucky Press" At present the new building Is on- - search Council gave to the depart- - ' Letcher Asher, Danville. became "gloomy" again when John which Is a who are to represent the University ogy department caused by the resperi of Kentucky in its debate with ly used as a storage place by the ment a truck equipped for archael-- 1 ignation of three members. Dr. Drury, alternate tackle and guard odical. Cambridge University will be department of buildings and ogical work which furnished trans- - Rav Crume, Hardlnsburg. (Continued on Page Twelve) Martin M. White became assistant j on the Wildcat football squad un- Tj,0 addition of this unit makes The faculty Judges who will grounds. It is very desirable to lo- - nortation facilities not hitherto a- - I. piuieoi oi psitaoiog iinu ur.,demnt an emergency operation the Kernel plant one of the most sit on this debate are: Prof. Dantz-le- r, cate that entire department in the vailable. The Smithsonian Institu- - xt.,xj " m-nrueaumoni. was appouueci sec- - . wprrtv . complete job printing and small nnnPuriWH Dr. Beaumont, Prof. Roy Moor- warehouse as under the present sys- - , tlon gave additional assistance to W llUCat KeSeFVeS : '' reiarv oi nio university nersonnei ews iltlie South- - a"d Pr0 land, Dr. Piper, and Dr. Francis tern it s scattered over the campus. the university budget which made service and assistant professor in (morning at the St. Joseph's Hos- - bably Plantsonly journalism depart "NTfrl TVTnrn " Galloway. the Aitnougn lull details of plans of it possible to secure labor for I"Jrcia,the department. Graham B. Dim- - inilu' the country which has fioccupancy of the building have cavatlons on a larger scale than in Drury weighed 190 pounds and ment InIts own machinery through The debate in November will be mick and Edwara Newberry were nanced not ueen revealed, it is thought that previous summers. was making a bid for the position earnings of the student paper. the fourth of a series of internaCoaching Staff Issues Call appointed instructors. tional debates which are being con- me neaaquarters or the radio stuMiss Edith Grund Meier was ap- - held on last year s Kentucky team For Men to Keport at The complete equipment ot ducted at the University. Kentucky dio will be much larger and better by his brother, Pete Drury, all- - Kernel plant consists of two The (Contlnued on Page Twelve) Tne Gymnasium will be represented in the contest equipped than at present. Prof. ElSouthern tackle, who now is assist Linotype machines, one by two of the older members of the mer G. Sulzer, University Band dimg uoacn uamage in preparing uie No 00 Mlehj0 presSi a Boston wire Good in McVey More players are need for the team who will be selected by a com- rector and dlrectr of the publicity ovuoui. vn stitcher, paper cutter, newspaper bureau, will be in charge of the .raWildcat reserve team this fall, und mittee of five faculty members withthe gridiron. folding machine, and Chandler and Will Be in the next ten days. Holdworth and dio studio and tho R. O. T. O. stor- First Woman Graduate of En- -' members of the coaching staff have Attendants at the hospital early Price platen press. Besides fifteen gincering College Praised issued n call for players who wish Oatridge, graduate students a t age room, while Maury Crutcher this morning reported that the op- - type faces on the Linotypes, The Cambridge University will compose will continue in charge of the de j in lladiogram eratlon was successful and that the Kernel Is equipped with steel impos- to take part In the snort to reuort partment of buildings and grounds. the British team. was resting well following lng tables and an elaborate assort, 1. Prcs- - Frallk LeRond McVey will patlent Miss Margaret, Fry first woman at the men's ovmnaslum. ,,,,,.., , g 'be the first speaker on the Unlver- - the operation. ment of foundry type. at the University of Kentucky to reV,CS Wit, 1 the i'e' Kentucky vesper services ceive a degree from the College of eB". to-Sunday after-- u Zn ?. m ?f S",,!Ulei uversltiea. 1 wiflcU wll, be Engineering, Is continuing her exV,l lloon nt 4 0.ci0Ck in Memorial hall. V thU. r cellent work in this field n the emench All students and the pub-yea- r. Players ployment of Sargent and Lundy, show ability are iu nrn nn,J,nvv invito tn nttPH ; often drafted to the varsity, engineering firm at Chicago. these services. Several positions are open on this During the summer the Unver-sit- y By I DAVIS KANK1N When at the football game and The program follows: year's reserve team and all who are short wave radio I from By WILLIAM SHAFFER President McVey. Dean C. R. Organ: "Allegro appasslonata," Out of the cities and towns, the Gamage's Numldlans make advan- ed a message from II.station receiv- interested in the game are urged to C. Heaton. a More than 500 "K" Books or Melcher. and Bart N. Peak, (Fifth Sonata), Guilmant Dr. Ab-nhills and dales of Old Kentucky ces they should yell like inspired graduate of the university, and vice- - report at once. Bibles" have been pre- - tary of the Y. M. C. A. Next, under W. Kelley, organist. has came an nvalanche of a thousWhen Kfvlnl nrnhlpms nrn rnnslH. President Of Sargent OlHl LUIldV series of headlncs. tho editor at- Invocation: Dr. Jesso Hermann, sented to incoming Freshmen dur-l- a and freshmen, who, characteristic of ered it is thought advisable to avoid sayl& that Miss Fry was doing ex-- ! SENIOHS, NOTICE! pastor of the Second Presbyterian m& tho Past week, and 1,500 more tempts to ofler solutions for some their general demeanor, brought the sirens of the sorority houso love cellent work und was well liked by wm De reac,y Ior distribution in a of the numerous problems confront- church. September showers, preparing the uwi iui nicy uiu ucwiikiiuiK ui'Ul- Seniors who expect to com: lng first-yeOrgan: "Dreams" (Seventh Son- - Jew 1111 J students. The re- The radio station at the Univer proper environment necessary to ures who distract, disturb, and are plete work for graduation at the ata), Guilmant. "ok is puunsnea an- - mainlng pages arc filled with cam their existence. exceedingly detrimental to any stu- sity is a short wave station, licensend of the first semester, or in me x. m. u. a. ana x.) pus history and campus activities, Know tnat My i """" Soprnno Solo: "i It has been thought necessary to dious aspirations which might have ed by tho federal government and June, are requested to make an rtprippinpr Livnth (Messiah)). Han w. u. a. cuuuiuis in, uie university, as well as the various social and known by the call letters W0LJ. It give them some little advice which been entertained at one time. and its purpose is to provide infor- scholastic organizations to be found application for degree during the del Frances Arnold South, a power of 75 wattts and Is oproad will make their arduous The intoxicating beverages on the has week beginning September 22. j Address Dr, Frank LeRond Mcmation for Freshmen regarding the in the school. through college a little less difficult. north side of town are decidedly in- erated on a wave length of 45 mecustoms and traditions As the commencement lists are of the Vey, president of the University. The last few pages are dated in It has been suggested that they ferior to those on this side, as they ters. Communication lias been esmade from these cards, it is very I Soprano Solos: "Wlegenlled," school. The 1930 "K" Book was order that those who wish may keep read the "K" book avidly, and re- contain acids, potent, but highly in- tablished with all the states of the Important to file an application Brahms: "The Birth of Morn," edited by Vernon D. Rooks, and the a diary In this section are to be union and with many foreign counmember all of the Important and jurious to the gastronomy. contract for the printing was given found schedules of athletic events, at this time. No student will be j Leoni Frances Arnold South. unimportant things therein. A propWhen, Freshmen, you think that tries. considered for graduation who Organ: "Marche Funebre et Chant to the Kentucky Kernel. examinations, and holidays. A few Miss Fry's younger sister, Miss er respect for upper classmen should your caps are obnoxlxous, remember The booklet this year contains well chosen 'w ords of wisdom have has not filed application in Room Seruphlque," Guilmant; "Adagio," at all times be preserved, for these that this is a Diversity, and there Mary Fry, has entered the college of 8 of the Administration building. 135 pages and the material is divid(Fifth Sonata), Guilmant; "Scherbeen placed at the bottom of each gentlemen, being indispensable to must be some way in which the Arts and Sciences this fall and it is Signed EZRA L. GILLIS, zo," (Fifth Sonata), Guilmant Dr. ed into 20 diiferent topics. The first page in the diary with the intenthe general welfaret of the Univer- Seniors can be differentiated from expected that she will maintain the few pages contain words of welcome tion of causing the erring student Registrar. Kelley. humored. their brethem. reputation established by her older sity should always Benediction Dr. Jesse Herrmann. and advice to the freshman class, to stop and reflect. A. L. is believed nrnmlnont Tvlntrtnn mntrii'lnri- - nnrl Mrs. Koyle. fortune teller, also will appear on the program. The usual fish pond and other concessions will be in evidence. Delicious re- -, freshments will be served without cost to the members of the student body. Everyone who is enrolled in .'the university is invited and there 'will be no admission charge. The is given annually by the two organizations, solely to con- -i tribute to general good fellowship on the campus. r f. Debaters from England Are to Face U. K. Team Kernel Office Is Subdivided; Gets New Press Lost John From Wildcat Squad nctu Margaret Fry Makes Engineering' T'livpr President Speaker At First Vespers Veteran Law Student Gives Advice To Freshmen on 'Rules of Conduct9 L ii""."o "Freshman Bibles" Are Distributed By Y. M. and Y. W. Edited by Rooks At. '3