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12 > Image 12 of The Kentucky Kernel, September 19, 1930

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,pt trv f Best Copy THE KENTUCKY PAGE TWELVE KERNEL "BOOST THE WILDCATS" F Students: If you haven't been over to "You ain't seen nothing yet" The Tavern HOME OF THE COLLEGE FOLKS' Delivery Service to Patterson, Boyd, and Smith Halls; also to Sororities and Fraternities. tcrcst by patrons of the little theatre. The third play will be given Feb ruary 8. It has not been decided definitely what the presentation (Continued from Page One) will be, but it is to be a Molicrc mas is expected to be unusually dif- comedy, probably "Les Fcmmes Ladies). (The Learned ficult for the amateur organization Savant" and will be awaited with great In- - Macbeth will be the spring play, Guignol Theater Lists New Plays HE SINGS STARTS SUNDAY 11 SONGS MM AM but the date at which it will be given has not been decided upon. Three plays are under discussion to close the season in April. They arc: "Senera Blandish", "Holiday", and "The Guardsman". The last issue of the Theatre magazine has devoted considerable space to a discussion of the Guignol. Five thousand copies have been received to be distributed to patrons during opening week. Many patrons will be pleased to learn of the return of Mrs. Marian! Galloway who took leading parts in the productions of two years ago. Mrs. Galloway has "been absent for two years while taking her masters degree at the University of Michigan. Frank Fowler, director, spent the greater part of the summer in New York, attending shows and planning the Guignol's forthcoming season. Many Changes in Faculty Announced (Continued from Page One) Here at last! JOHN II I The Smile- - McCORIIttl. JlSflNfr ' MY HEART Talkie! Wjpv The world's most pop- - u'ar 'yr'c ,enor the screen's raos popular talking and VCjWyjWj $nx singing lUBllVV iuBTk tjlJ Rough tfpAtfokiwyn.ftyu ALL TALKING Song hits galore, pep, laughs, love it's a winner! Fax MorictoiM dincttd by RANK BOKZACE with Robert STARTS MONTGOMERY NOW PLAYING Dorothy JORDAN Benny RUBIN 4 T S SUNDAY Sue Carol Grant Withers O Jin Dancing Sweetie! NUGENT f.WAV.W.VA,.,.V WA'. BAYNHAM Men with a proper regard for correct attire appreciate the importance of footwear and usually decide in favor of FLORSHEIM commercial sections, Prof. R. D. Haun was the leader of section 7, and Prof. E. Z. Palmer was the leader of section 8. In the engineering sections, Prof. M. W. Becbec was leader of section 9; Prof. E. B. Farris, section 10; Prof. C. S. Crouse, section 11; Prof. N. E. Nol-la- u, section 12; Prof. R. D. Hawkins, section 13; and Prof. P. C. Embrath, section 14. In the arts and science sections for women, Miss Margaret Horsefleld was lender of section 15; Miss Flora Lee Stourgeon, section 16; and Miss Sallle Pence, section 17. Miss Ethel Parker was leader of section 18 in group. the education Students from the different colleges assisted the section leaders in their work. Pledges Are Chosen By Organizations (Continued from Page One) Jack Keldall, Shelbyville, Ind. Paul Jett, Richmond. Kappa Alpha Joseph Goodson, Lexington. Frederick Johnson, Lexington. Clark Ware, Lexington. John T. Maguire, Lexington. Warren Dennlston, Lexington. J. T. Denton, Lexington. Carey Rogers, Frankfort. H. B. Bastin, Anchorage. Frank Ware, Shelbyville. Albion Parris, Washington, D. C. Stanley, Marion Washington, pointed assistant professor of home economics in the College of Agriculture, and Miss Laura Deephousc, instructor in the same department. L. A. Vennes was made field agent in marketing, while George Byers was made assistant of farm economics at the experiment station. Dr. H. H. Hill, professor of edu cational administration, resigned In D. C. order to accept the position of suPaul Piercy, Bowling Green. perintendent of Lexington schools. George Lyons, Campbellsvllle. The political science department Robert Scott, Louisville. welcomed back Dr. A. Vandenbosch, Arch Huddleston, Fulton. university political science profes Robert Goodman, Glasgow. sor who was granted a year's leave Lyman Helveston, Lexington. to make extensive studies of EuroLambda Chi Alpha pean governments. William Robert Engle, Lexington. Several changes were made in the Harry Scott, Madisonville. Arts and Sciences college. Prof. M. John Munford, Ashland. E. Potter was made acting head of James Dalton, Sturgls. the physical education department Raleigh Caudill, Ashland. in place of Prof. Sid Robinson, who Kenneth Johnson, Benham. accepted a coaching position at InHarold Ashley, Paintsville. diana University. Halley Bencomo, Tampa, Fla. Mrs. Sarah B. Holmes, assistant Lindsey Barker, Benham. dean of women, was made acting Charles Kelly, Madisonville. dean of women in the absence of Joseph Wheat, Lexington. ean Sarah Blandlng who was grant Ralph Bates, Ashland. ed a year's leave in order to study John Coakley, Campbellsvllle. in Europe. Jesse Farris, Horse Cave. F. L. Yost and Forest F. CleveJames Meehan, Ashland. land were appointed instructors ip Joseph Gartin, Ashland. apphysics. Miss Llllie Davis was Earl Surgener, Harlan. pointed nurse in the dispensary, and Robert Hansley, Burlington. Capt. William Cunningham was Stewart Barney, Lexington. made assistant professor of military Phi Delta Theta science to fill the vacancy left by Sheldon Vanve, Lexington. the transfer of Capt. Richard S. Barney Jones, Lexington. Gessford. Douglas Parrish, Paris. Virgil Gaitskill. Paris. Miles Davis, Paris. Pames Clay, Paris. U. K. Billy Baldwil, Paris. Enoch Whipple, Paris. Buddy Strode, Winchester. (Continued from Page One) Mack Hunter, Winchester. Lawrence Miller, Glasgow. ed than was anticipated by univerWilliam Irvin, Frankfort. sity authorities. John Hatcher, Carml, 111. termers assembled at The first Lawrence Judd, Batavia, N. Y. the university on Thursday, SepFred Bullard, Hazard. tember 11, to begin a week of orien tation before starting class work. Robert Davis, Cynthlana. Andy January, Maysvllle. Immediately upon assembly, they Pi Kappa Alpha were divided into sections of 45 Floyd Jean, Tom Cassady, Robert each and registration was officially Milius, C. Bascom Slemp, Manring under way. John Ross, Robert Dean C. R. Melcher was chairman Holllsworth, of the "Freshman week" committee Core, Sifford Garvin, Ralph Tucker, and his staff consisted of Prof. J. E. Norman Campbell, Jack Campbell, Adams, Sarah Blandlng, dean of Mark Hardcastle, James Friend, women, Dean W. E. Freeman, and Duke Pettit. Phi Kappa Tau Assistant Dean L. J. Horlacher. The Stanley Bach, Lexington. chairmen of the sections were Sheldon Wagner, Bellevue. Prof. L. L. Dantzler, arts and Phillip Meyers, Bellevue. sciences; Mrs. James Server, arts Marvin Wachs, Covington. and sciences, sections for women; Assistant Dean L. J. Horlacher, ag- . Gilbert Kingsberry, Covington. E. J. Fisher, Bellevue. riculture sections; Mrs. C. C. Jett, Bratcher Bllbro, Hartford. engineering; Mrs. Wellington, eduEarl Nelson, Covington. cation; and Prof. W. W. Jennings, Vauchan Bertholf, Richmond. commerce. Frank Adams, Hustonvllle. the arts and science sections. In Charles Lovell, Danville. Prof. G. K. Brady was leader of Steve White, Sturgls. section 1; Prof. E. J. Canady, secLeon Reese, Lexington. tion 2! Prof. E. F. Farauhar. sec Luclen Congleton, Lexington. tion 3; Prof. Paul K. Walp, section Jefferson Dunn, Lexington. 4; and Prof. J. K. Palmer, section 5. William Bryan, Lexington. In the agricultural section, Prof. W. Beatty Davis, Coving'ton. S. Anderson was the leader. In the Enrollment Record Broken at THE PHOENIX HOTEL Lexington, Ky. Founded In 1794 on the same ground it occupies today. The Phoenix Hotel has been contemporaries with the growth and development of Lexington and the State of Kentucky from the beginning. It has served social functions for the University of Kentucky each year since its organization in 1866 EVERY DEPARTMENT IS COMPLETE FOR THE 1930 TERM SHOES ROY CARRUTHERS, Most Styles Ten Dollars President THOMAS P. CAGWIN General Manager ESTABLISHED 1917 Baynham Shoe Co. SPECIALIZING IN SHOES and HOSIERY NEAR LIME EAST MAIN 4 Mfc THE NEVITT CO. AUTO SUPPLIES EXCLUSIVELY Special Discount to College Students 366 EAST MAIN ST. Art PHONE: ASH. 446 Phones: Ashland 2386 and 9190 Journalism Courses For Degree Changed i Harbison Tire Co, New Catalog of Courses for A. B. in Journalism is Published The department of Journalism has Just completed Its "Outline of courses leading to degree of A. B. In Journalism", which will replace the outline that appeared in the catalog last year. The total number of credits required has been reduced to 13,0. There are no radical changes to be found In this new outline except the replacement of certain old courses by new journalism courses. There are no changes whatever In the schedule for the freshman year, and the only change In the sophomore outline is the substitution of a choice of any biological science where formerly anatomy and physiology had been required. In the Junior year two commerce courses have been dropped to make room for one Journalism course and a psychology course which were transferred from the senior outline. For the final year several of the English courses have been omitted to make a place for new journalism courses. The remainder of the 15 required credits will be taken from the elective courses. FIRESTONE TIRES BATTERIES BRAKE LINING Phones, Ashland 16165174 375 East Main Lexington, Ky. iuhiiimihii Welcome to Lexington and U. of K. To Make Good Impressions Visit Keys Announces New Plans for This Year EMBRY'S BEAUTY SHOP 4th Floor Embry & Company Now Under New Management Keys, honorary sophomore fraternity, has for its object this year the furtherance of all forms of school spirit, especially organized yelling, by cooperation with Suky and other school organizations. The fraternity selects as its members the freshmen who are most outstanding in scholarship, leadership, and activities. Each member selects a pledgt; thus the number of members remains practically the same each year. OFF to U. of K. STUDENTS 20 Mrs. Arline Shockney Mrs. Ethel Jones Boyd mgevs Phone: Ash. 5740 William Dickson, Cincinnati, O. Wlnfred Lancaster, Butler. Ralph Moreland, Butler. John Stokely, Lexington. r Kenneth Gardner, Pittsburg, Pa. iao Chelsea McCaw, Lexington. James Cavlns, Lexington. Phi Sigma Kappa John F. Bertram, Vanceburg. Floyd Kerns, Carlisle. Saguer Kash, Carlisle. Clyde Reeves, Georgetown. Guy Hale, Jr., Hickman. Gibson Prather, Owenton. G. L. Crutcher, Lexington. Albert Barley, Welch, W. Va. James Gregory, Danville. Leland Mahan, Louisville. Ansel Crady, Lebanon. Paul Calloway, Welch, W. Va. James Atchlnson,-LexingtoRichard McKenna, Lexington. Smith Gum, Lexington. Leslie, Betz, Lexington. Forrest, Marquis, Lexington. Jack Barber, Ashland. Alpha Sigma Phi Henry Durham, Anchorage. Ed Henry, Covington. Henry Wagoner, Louisville. Norrle Berglund, Chicago, 111. Roy Shea, Lexington. Blanton Shea, Lexington. C. H. Bloomer, Lexington. Bob Goodman, Fargo. Ira Lyle, Louisville. Fred Miller, Louisa. John Hodges, Covington. Charles Hostetter, Lexington. Nathan Schamblott, Terre Haute, 3i Ind. John Davis, Mt. Vernon. Edgar Turley, Owensboro. Harold Beard, Hardensburg. John Price, Earllngton. Triangle J. D. Alexander, Irvine. D. Roy Voelcker, Louisville. J. R. Wilson, Mlddlesboro. G. J. Yager, Buffalo, N. Y. J. W. Little, Calvert, City. James L. Hlte, Paducah. Robert A. Cook, Mlddlesboro. Hamp Greenup, Frankfort. Walter B. Wolfe, Louisville. Sam Welch, Irvine. James N. Scudder, Calhoun. Russell Gray, Schenectady, N, John B. Dicker, Lexington. Alpha Gamma Rho Ernest James, Bardstown. John Carter, Bardstown. Smith Broadbent, Cobb. Ralph Broadbent, Cobb. Howard Hunt, Danville. Buford Morgan, Danville. Nevln Gobel, Covington. George Wyatt, Cynthlana. Joe McDanlels, Cynthlana. Holmes Ellis, Murray, II Ted Haycraft, Leltchfield. Pery McClure, 'Leltchfield. Sigma Nu Albert Bryan, Lexington. Robert Binford, Fulton. A. B. Culton, Pinevllle. Charles Fuller, Lexington. William Lansing, Hartford, Conn. Charles Monohan, Louisville. Robert Newton, Somerset. Elmo Powers, Mt. Sterling. Earl Payee, Winchester. John Rogers, Taylorsville. Tom Rowlett, Murray. Clark Roberts, Louisville. Junior Peters, Springfield, Ky. III Zach Shields, Taylorsville. Martin Webb, Greenup. T. J. Hubbard, Bardstown. ID III MM .. Suits Pressed jj 35r PHONE ASH 62 laviiuffnn I oimilrir uamuuuu uauuuiY fn ri I I iNow I I n a i a III urn I upen j I THE HUDDLE Confectionery and JpS Luncheonette I ROSE and EUCLID M W. W. PORTER, Manager 1 ., 1 1