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14 > Image 14 of The Kentucky Kernel, September 19, 1930

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Best Copy i THE KENTUCKY KERNEL PAGE TWO UNIFORMS ARE ISSUED TO 116 FRESHMEN VUV.WWAV.'AVV,,.'.,.V.,.WAWV." WILDCATS WILL 5 I EXPERT DRY CLEANING and DYEING John isomc discriminating comparisons in One hundred nnd sixteen Fresh- jnn nrtlcle entitled "College: Here man football candidates Rrcctcd Coach Blrkctt Lee Prlbble Monday Innd Abroad." He begins with the afternoon ns the first call to prac- - reflection that the educational sys tice was Issued. According to Prib-- 1 terns In Europe and America arc ble, former Wildcat star and cap-- 1 the products each of widely dlflcr-tai- n. this s the largest group to soclal ..Thc prcvnll. report for gridiron duties on Stoll j lng ,dea JntradltlonSt cducnti0n still Europcan ,ls to suPPly the members of the Therc,r2rc fc ,?, ls flclcL dwtndl- - tTPnt squad .,,u cd to ninety by Tuesday and many ture proper tQ cInss T,)C f(n "J laamentai object or American cdu- slde ns the road gets tougher. How- - cntlon ls to cnnb, cltlzcn to ever, Coach Prlbble expects to have rlse abovc h,s class Ersk,nc D between 50 nnd 60. With these he goes on to say that the education of hopes to make a creditable showing the eHte of Eur rcsults ln ..an in the frosh games as well as f ur- -, appreciation of intelligence for Its nish a bit of opposition for thc var- - own sakC( of the play of thc mlnd ' of wisdom and understanding" ln 1' Some of the outstanding yearlings , short a culture that rcsuUs morc ln to report included one fo Lexing-- 1 ideas than m actloni ton High s most Promising athletes . Qn the other hand D Ersklnc hi recent years Ralph Kerchlyal. says at ev st punt ng ucatlon the stud(t of Amcrlcan cd. This lad was noted for lg busy choos. b mg nls future," nlways readaptlng i ili booting aver- - lhimseir It Is rumoredi that his il to the light of fuller know- age was close to 50 yards in prep ledge. The education of our elite school. has in it the assumption that a con Parrish, a tall, red headed youth tlnued "progress ls essential. What from Paris, ls reputed as being a ever courses .are offered ln our good lineman. He made schools and colleges will be scrutinon several selections last year. ized from the point of view of their "Hoss" Prlbble, brother to the usefulness to this continued "getting freshman mentor, has been playing, on prep ball at M. M. I. and has enWe have been quick to discard the tered the university hoping tofol-lo- w classic disciplines: in their place we in his noted brother's foot- have substituted "subjects which we steps. "Hoss" is a lineman of rangy agree should be taught to all sorts build and should develop into a val- and conditions of men," and these uable man. He was a member of "we have tried to adapt to the the undefeated M. M. I. of '27 and greatest possible utility." Clearly, that year was placed on the Professor Erskine argues, we have i placed our emphasis on action rath ference team. From the hills of West Virginia er than on ideas, and. clearly, by comes a youngster by the name of devoting so much of our education Bach, a right smart looking ball tot- - to practical results we have lost the er and an all round athlete. play of the mind which character- Hlckey, another Lexington Hlph ' izes the education of the fortunate product, has entered school with an classes In Europe," the most reputation as a back. Hick- - able result of which is "an under-e- y was one of the main cogs In standing of history and human Heber's machine for the past duct, public and private, such as two years. ought to be the privilege of every Lou Fiddler, another of Ashland human mind." Harvard Alumni High school's championship backs. Bulletin. made his appearance on Stoll Field and is doing his best to uphold the ' XAVIER SIGNS COACH name of the mining town. Fiddler probably will develop Into a fullback. CINCINATTI. Ohio Daniel Te- Tom Cassldy, who has the repu- - han. given honorable mention at tation of beinp a whiz of a player tackle bv Walter Eckersall on his from East St. Louis, Mo., also is on 1927 football team, was signed as assistant football coach at Prlbble's yearling squad. Pate, a lineman from Madison- - St. Javier University by Joseph A. vllle. Jacobs a tackle from Benham, Meyer, athletic director at the Mus-an- d Wagner, a pivot man from Bel- - keteeer institution. Tehan played vue are three promising members at Xavler during the 1927 season of the Ble Green. one of his accomplishments was and University Hi presents Murphy, a playing the entire Haskell Indian 175 pound end with plenty of past game with a broken Jaw bone and heaps of, ambi- - fered In the first play. He smeared tlon. ihis face with mud so the Redskins Goodman halls from Cincinnati, twould not notice the Injury, This fleet back Is hoDlng to make a name for the "home brew" city since IS THAT SO? the Reds have failed so miserably vanishing from thh season. Are the "Shipwreck Kelly" has brought our universities? Recently we were two youngsters with him from looking through a portfolio of stuSDrlngkeld. Thev are James, a dent photographs taken by a Chihusky center and Thompson, end, cago photographer photographs of Coach Prlbble does not expect a campus heroes from various unl- ennmpionshin team, but hopes to versitles. Possibly one I face out of make a creditable showing in frosh twelve seemed to have any great srames as well as furnish opposition promise of masculine force and for the Big Blue in scrimmage. virility. Prlbble Is assisted in the coaching Change the coiffure- - and the bv A. F. Rime new basketball coach neckwear on any of them and they and Len Miller, former Wildcat star. would pass for women anywhere. Their pictures call to mind the THE PORT YOU LOVE TO SPV prettified male movie stars, the high-lightcollar-a- d kids, and "You've heard of Naples, the fa- other such curiosities, rather than mous Italian port, haven't you?" the rugged men of tomorrow who "No. how much is It a bottle?" are going to get out and do things. s. The Alcalde. Jtii nf,ic HEMPEL'S Dry Cleaners Southern Dye Work EST. 1883 PHONES: 470 Ash 380 E. Main HOY Cor. Eastern Ave. Welcome back The New Fall Suits, Topcoats, and Trousers Have Arrived ft GOLDBERG'S "Lexington's Leading Clothiers" 333 WEST MAIN Free Pressing Service J WELCOME, STUDENTS Abroad in Article MEET SIX TEAMS In the Fcbnmry Issue of (he ON STOLL FIELD World's Work, Ersklne mnkes TO DWINDLE TO SIXTY Many Changes In Stadium to He Completed; Seating Capacity Increased .wvwvvvwwwwww LARGE CROWD TO SEE ALABAMA GAME HERE I WE WANT YOU TO COME IN AND GET ACQUAINTED. LET US SUPPLY YOU 5 WITH YOUR DRUG AND SODA FOUNT AIN NEEDS. Athletic Association Can Furnish 21,000 Seats; Iron Fence to Be Erected J l'1r Since six varsity football games will be played on the home grounds this year, and since Alabama will meet the Wildcats here for the first time in many years the Athletic Association of the University has planed a great many changes n Stoll field. This will accomodate the grounds and seating capacity y, for what ls expected to be the of the university, S. A. Boles, athletic director said. Thc athletic Council expects an attendance of not less than 20,000 at ths Alabama game. Last year the largest crowd that has ever at tended a local football game was present when 17,500 faithful fans sat through rain, snow, and sleet to witness the hectic struggle between the Wildcats and Tennessee. The present concrete stadium seats approximately 11,500 people. In order to meet the increased demand the council has purchased 7,000 knockdown seats to be placed at both ends of the north and south stadium. The Athletic Association has already 1800 seats of that type and has made arrangements to borrow 1000 more. If the advance sales Indicate the necessity, the council will procure additional seats to to- tal 21,000. Contracts have already been let for the removal of the high plank fence along Euclid avenue, immediately in the rear of the north stadium. An ornamental Iron fence will be Installed the complete length of the stadium and will be placed between the concret supporting posts. This will throw the space between the iron fence and the sidewalk open to the public. Ticket boxes and entrance gates will be placed opposite each ramp so as to facili tate movement of crowds. This space will be paved with crushed rock and screenings. In the rear of the south stadium, thc p'esent heavy wire fence will be retained and gates and walkways introducing opposite ramps on that side, so that the crowds will enter thc north and south side from Rose street behind the stadium Instead of opposite it as is now the case. The press box will be enlarged by an additional 33 feet in length rnd will be built ln front of the present box. Sound proof spac? will be installed for the Introduction of the broadcasting of games by the publicity department at the university. Interest In the forthcoming Wild cat football schedule Is indicated by the fact that approximately 13 times as many seats have already been sold as were sold at this time last year. It is understood that all hotel res ervations in Lexixngton have already been taken for the Alabama game. HUTCHINSON'S DRUG STORE HERE a modest clothing allowance does a big job ASHLAND suits TOPCOATS TUXEDOS ARE MADE OF PURE WOOL i. The Styles are authentic and they are made to give a year and more of service $22 50 MIDDISHADE suits IN BLUE, BROWN AND GREY Are clothing of the highest type, imported woolens, and throughout, a $50 Value at Hand-tailore- d $37 50 All Clothing Fitted by an Expert Tailor Ashland Clothes Shop SCHOOL RUNS 500 YEARS CAEN, France Caen, best known for its method of preparing tripe, is getting ready to celebrate something more serious. Its university will be soo years old next year. & OPEN TILL 6:00; SATURDAY TILL 9:00 149 E. Main uvuvwy Next to Strand Theatre 1 f c G REETINGS, STUDENTS From Your Cafeteria on the Campus, for Your Convenience MEAL HOURS: Breatfast: 7:159:15 Lunch: 11:301.00 Dinner: 5:156:45 Sandwiches Un-to-Da- te Drinks Sundaes Sodas Fountain Service 9:00 A. M. to 6:45 P. M. MEAL TICKETS PnnQi)iifiva Mania tw Hna IXjmlr Breakfast and Dinner for One Week 1 ft The University Commons Third Floor of McVey Hall $5.0o"j l ji I