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15 > Image 15 of The Kentucky Kernel, September 19, 1930

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

JNL Available THE KENTUCKY KERNEL PAGE THREE WELCOME TO Sodas Sandwiches Cigars Cigarettes Tobacco Toilet Articles Magazines School Supplies ALEXANDERC Norris Candies Cameras Films We deliver - day or night Meal Tickets for Sale Phone: Ashland 8251 "Opposite Memorial Hall" GAMAGE EYES SOUTHERN CONFERENCE past year by graduation, three of with a much better line In front of were regulars. Drury, them. Kentucky Handicapped tackle, and Thompson, guard, will leave two big gaps In the In the consideration of our sched 1929 line to be filled by freshmen. ule from year to year, expeclally in Covington, one of the best ball car- the matter oral large games, ence or riers the University has ever had, would like to say that our school Is will make a definite opening for in the most handicapped position some eager freshman aspirant. of its career, if a team is an in Walters, alternate tackle to Drury, ferior team, they can always scheda large game on their larger and Ford, alternate to Covington, ule opponent's home field. This type will also graduate. The remaining of game is generally known as ( Editor's Note The following article was given as a radio nucleus is large enough, providing practice game for the larger lnsti address over Station WHAS, remote control studio at the iresnman material can fill all the tution. From an inferior team one to university, by Coach Harry Gamage, Tuesday, September vacancies under the strain of a hard must rise you supreme beheights will not otherwise classed as 16, at noon : scheduw. Three (reshmen backs a real money maker for the teams Southern?; Of the twenty-thre- e have been lost since last fall about to place you on their sched Conference schools there will be six Is competition, there is always ad Boardman, by eligibility, and Wool ule. In other words, the University teams that will hold the spotlight ded interest. ridge and Blckel with dangerous of Kentucky must climb to higher of interest in intercollegiate football The University of Kentucky is injuries that have deprived them of levels of recognition. An institufor 1930. On the other hand, how confronted with a far ereater nrob all spring practice. We have two tion of our type cannot afford to can it be possible for us to have lem in football at the beginning of positions to mend play a team for carfare, due to the six champions? The question is, inis season tnan last. If we only dangerously weak for the coming 1930 season in case heavy financial expenditures in its Just how long will the interest of remember, at the start of 1929 our of any injuries; namely, tackjes and athletic program. For Instance, our these six be maintainad after the team was not considered much of halfbacks. These positions were school sponsors four major sports, season gets under way? The six a contender among the great teams We besides numerous minor activities teams to be thrown in the early 01 tne south; therefore, our respect those stung by graduation. as well as paying off large indebt ourselves always season limelight are Georgia, Ten- Dy oiner teams was only average. must force strength only by to re edness in its athletic plant. With our our nessee, North Carolina, Vanderbllt, As the team grewjn popularity continuous growth a larger stadium Alabama, and Kentucky. Not one season was over before anyone the serve material. building Since the unexpected tie with the and basketball necessary must be of these teams lost any great num- ized any of its possibilities. real to worry built. It is not ber of their 1929 varsity players. next season may be different. This University of Tennessee last ourselves about schedules, however. EvEach and every one plays a strong ery opponent will point our direc- Thanksgiving, the interest in Ken We have a real one as it is, per .schedule of Southern Conference tion the minute the season opens. tucky football has Jumped by leaps haps Just a little too real. Boles, our athgames. From the best six teams in nave always contended that de and bounds. Mr. been forced to The personnel of the University letic director, has early season, one or perhaps two i termination is one of the outstand double the seating capacity of our of Kentucky for the beginning of win be champions, two will have av- ing factors of success in football, stadium in preparation for games the 1930 season was the greatest erage seasons because they will lose and with determination by such as Alabama here Novemoer 1. number we have ever been able to a game or two, and the remainder practically added opponent, every one can will be considered very unsuccessThere Is one thing that we must have report to us for early season readily see ful. So gees the modern trend of Dumps on how easy it is for a few not lose sight of about the coming practice. This number Is fifty-fiv- e the chin. Intercollegiate sports, but as a team of each. Remember that football men. Of these we are hoping that Five Flayers Lest very little history or past. It at least half of them are football nnd coach, why wu-rwhere there Five good players were lost this has contains almost entirely facts and players. At this early date we make events of the present and the fu no distinction In classifying ture. Therefore, let's all try to do grouping them, due to the faei that we want to encourage every able a our best to side-ste- p bodied boy on the campus to reseason one year hence. By this, mean that it looks as though the port and make him feel that he has None of these 1930 freshman team will be the an opportuntly. weakest In years, when in reality a men will be put off the squad. The real one was needed more than at inferior material will be organizany other time. We must remem- ed into a reserve team that will ber we graduate thirteen men at compete in a schedule of its own the close of this next seasonal year. under the guidance of a coach. In Our enthusiasm is too concentrated this way, no man is ever cut off into the present varsity season, either the freshman or varsity Any rather than one and two years in squads. years boy who is a sticker all four in practice is usually the future. recommended for a varsity K his Enthusiasm should generally be senior year, whether he has ever divided and carried out over a long- played or not. er period. Our respect in an athPractice Fairly Good letic program to all our opponents Our practice thus far has only Is always that of consistency rather been fairly satisfactory in some po of short duration. than sitions and very dismaying and disLooks at Opponents In the consideration of our home satisfactory at others. We are find schedule throughout the season I ing more trouble to fill the open thought it would be well to give a ings of Drury and Thompson than little data on the personnel of some at any other position. Both men of the opponents to be seen here working at present In these two po this fall. Sewanee will probably sitions are much smaller and have present its great ball carrier, Bob never had any varsity competition. by Warrell, who made such a great If experience is of any value at all of our line reputation at Morgan Bell Acad I am sure that one-ha- lf emy in Nashville a couple of years will be miserably weak. After finago. kept this ishing one week of double-sessio- n A broken ankle great back from showing any real practice, we have accomplished very promise his sophomore year. With little except that of dodging in the Generals of Washington and juries. Only one or two minor Injuries Lee we will face Skyscraper Williams, the great end that makes us have cropped out thus far. Provid all shiver while one of their forward ing we are able to mend the three vacancies left on the varsity of passes are afloat in the air. Thibl-deaand Maddox are their great 1929, our greatest trouble thereaf threat in pigskin transportation, ter will be that of developing sufficient reserve material to carry us while Mitchell, a pound fullback, Is always danger through the strain of the entire ous, running through any line. schedule. Practice was started one Cavaliers week later than most all other From the Virginia comes the mighty Thomas, whose Southern conference schools. The reputation was not far from the top boys were all expected to return as a ball carrier and passer this last to practice this fall with their lees year. Virginia had a great fresh in good runnlig condition. In this man team this past year and they way they were ready for hard fun are naturally expected to improve damental wdrk before the first week was far under way. some. Plays The monstrous floating tide from were given at once whereby leg conAlabama will then enter our gates ditioning was carried on by conpresenting one of their greatest stant signal drill. Two or three forward passes were teams of all times. Slngton and his great team mates of that line will given so that our receivers would get an enormous amount of runbe minus only one man of any importance to the 1929 machine, Tony ning for leg developing. The passHolm. "Spinner" Campbell and ers in this way had plenty of opSuther, the two great Alabama portunity from the start to study halfbacks whose injuries in early their receivers. Dummy blocking season ruined them from a 1929 and tackling was held at the close championship will be with them of the first day. This was used not again this year. Remember, this is to study ability but only as a shoulMr. Wade's last year and what a der and body conditioner for the year he desires to have. Only one players. The second day found all thing we can promise; that the the men working with each other 127 Main 344 game will bo played, wo believe the in fundamental blocking and tacklbest team will win, and, at the ing drills. These were not startworst, the greatest battle of all ed off at full speed, but only at an average pace. Tho linemen would times is assured. Our annual feud with V. M. I. divide In sets of threes, whereby two Is at home again this year. They of them could practice the shoulder have always been been sports and block against the third man as the greatest fighters we have ever their opponent. The wing backs played. They have always defeated and ends would do likewise upon us at least during half of the game. some man representing the defen Dunn will be their outstanding sive tackle. backfleld man this year. Two blocking backs would prac During this episode of descrip- tice taking an end out In an le tion I did not take you to Duke play. The centers would with us, and, inasmuch as I am sure practice shoulder blocking in conwe will all go to Tennessee, Just re- junction with their pass to a ball member Hack and Mack and Dodd carrier. The running guards would Places Six Teams In Championship Flight; Discusses Opponents I Welcome Whom perform as In pulling out of tho line and interfering with the defensive fullback. Practice for these were upon the dummies at first. The third day most of the fundamentals Just mentioned were performed at full speed as well as every day thereafter. The first actual scrimmage was held the fourth day. This was during the eighth session of the week. A hard rain and muddy field were fine for such an occasion whereby it was practically Impossible to develop injuries. Most of the work for this scrimmage was addressed as offense. Offensive teams were used against the weaker defensive men on the squad. Nothing would be so ruinous as to place two matched teams against each other, especially when certain offensive ideas were trying to be carried out. Being forced to compare the 1930 team with that of last year I would say that first, fifty percent of its success will depend upon the success, and failures of their opponents. We must remember that there Is also another team on the field of play during each battle with equal rights to victory. Our 1930 team will not be the defensive team that represented the blue and white last year. If serious Injuries do not handicap our best ball car rlers it will be more Interesting to .watch an offense, viz: with the ball in their position. It is doubtful of being able to accomplish any great-- i er feats than those of the 1929 ag- gregatlon. "POOR" FARMERS PREFER CARS TO HOME COMFORTS i CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. Farm families in Virginia classified as "poor" would rather have automobiles than home comforts. That Is revealed in a survey by the University of Virginia institute for research in the social sciences. The report shows that 43 per cent cent of farm famlies classed as of farm families classed as "poor" STUDY SHOWS INHERITANCE operate automobiles. only Ave AIDS ATHLETE'S ABILITY per cent of the homes,In however, is there running water. None have WASHINGTON The Carnegie baths or modern heat, with modern Institution o f Washington has lighting in less than two per cent. found the relation of inheritance to success in atheletics " Is as clear as INVENTIVE RACE that of racing ability in horses." WASHINGTON, D. C Ameri To reach its conclusions, the In stitutions genetic laboratory an cans, according to Dr. W. A. Kin-na- n, acting commissioner of patalyzed heredity and performance records of scores of atheletes, mak- ents, are more inventive than any ing allowance for favorable training. other race. About 120 patents are However excellent training may granted dally to American inventors and since 1791, more than 1,750,000 be, the report says it cannot, compensate for lack of constitutional patents have been granted them. This is nearly half the number of characteristics that probably are patents which have been granted derived from atheletlc ancestors. the world over. all Ccaiio IS unusual to find the smartest of the P'season's shoes at such moderate prices. These represent a special shipment we received, so that you may choose a pair of mart slippers for each outfit. Smart slippers in patent, kid, calf or satin for daytime and sport wear. Black, browns, and other new shades. Students, A large selection of leathers and reptile sporr rhoes, suede, patent, kid and satin daytime shoes, and crepe evening slippers. n to Kentucky "Gifts that Last" Reptilian sport shoes, tricky strap and opera models for formal afternoons, and beautiful metallics and crepes for evening. 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