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16 > Image 16 of The Kentucky Kernel, September 19, 1930

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL PAGE FOUR - at Nov. 14 Southwestern at Oxford. Sept. 27 Randolph-Mnco- n Nov. 27 Mississippi Aggtca Columbia. Charlottesville. at Aggies at Starksvllh. Oct. 18 Mississippi Oct. 4 Duke at Durham. Oct. 11 Pennsylvania at PhilaJackson. delphia. ALABAMA Oct. 25 Scwance at Baton Kougc Nov. 1 Arkansas at Shrcvcport. Oct. 18 V. M. I. at Lexington. Sept. 27 Howard College Nov. 8 Ole Miss, at Baton Rouge. Oct. 25 Kentucky at Lexington. at nov. l Maryland at Charioucs Tuscaloosa. Nov. 15 Alabama at MontgomOct. 4 Ole Miss, at Tucsaloosa. vlllc. ery VANDEKDILT Nov. 27 Louisiana State at New Oct. 11 Sewanee at Tuscaloosa. Nov. 8 V. P. I. at Blacksburg. Nov. 27 Tulanc at New Orleans. Orleans. Oct. 18 Tennessee at Tuscaloosa. Nov. 15 Washington and Lee at at Nash Sept 27 Chattanooga Oct. 25 Vanderbilt at Birmingaggies Charlottesville. Misstssirri vlllc. ham. DUKE UNIVERSITY Nov. 27 North Carolina at Char Oct. 4 Minnesota at Minneapolis, Nov. 1 Kentucky at Lexington. Sept. 27 Open. lottcsvllle. Oct. 11 V. P. I. at Nashville. Nov. 8 Florida at Gainesville. College Sept. 27 South Carolina at Durat Oct. 4 Mississippi Oct. 18 Spring Hill at Nashville. ham. Nov. 15 Jackson. at State Louisiana V. ! I. Oct. 25 Alabama at Birmingham. Montgomery. Oct. 4 Virginia at Durham. Oct. 11 Open. Nov. 1 Mississippi at Nashville. Nov. 27 Georgia at Birmingham. Oct. 11 Davidson at Durham. Oct. 18 Louisiana State at JackSept. 27 Roanoke at Blacksburg. Nov. 8 Georgia Tech at Atlanta. Dec. 6 Open. Open. son. Oct. 18 Oct. 4 North Carolina at BlacksNov. 15 Tennessee at Nashville. Oct. 25 WofTord at Spartanburg, Oct. 25 North Carolina State at burg. Nov. 22 Auburn at Nashville. Nov. 1 Vlllanova at Philadelphia Raleigh. NORTH CAROLINA 11 Vanderbilt at Nashville. Oct. Nov. 27 Open. Nov. 8 Kentucky at Durham. Nov. 1 Tulane at New Orleans. Oct. 18 William and Mary at Nov. 29 Maryland at Nashville. Nov. 15 North Carolina State at Nov. 8 Open. Sept. 2 Wake Forest at Chapel Richmond. Dec. C Open. Raleigh. Nov. 15 Auburn at Auburn. Hill. Oct. 25 Davidson at Davidson. Nov. 27 Washington and Lee at Nov. 27 Mississippi flit Oct. 4 V. P. I. at Blacksburif. Nov. 1 Washington and Lee at FLORIDA Durham. Oct. 11 Maryland at Chapel Lexington. Dec. 6 North Carolina at Dur Hill. Sept. 27 Southern at GainesNov. 8 Virginia at Blacksburg. ham. Oct. 18 Georgia at Athens. WASHINGTON AND LEE ville. Nov. 15 Maryland at Norfolk. Oct. 25 Tennessee at Knoxvllle. Oct. 4 North Carolina State at Nov. 27 V. M. I. at Roanoke. Nov. 1 Georgia Tech at Chapel at LexSept. 2 Randolph-Maco- n NORTH CAROLINA STATE Tampa. Hill. ington. Oct. 11 Auburn at Jacksonville. Nov. 8 North Carolina State at Sept . 20 High Point at Raleigh. Sept. 27 Hampden Sydney at V. M. I. Oct. 18 Chicago at Chicago. Raleigh. Sept, 27 Davidson at Greensboro. Lynchburg. Oct. 25 Furman at Gainesville. Nov. 15 Davidson at Chapel Hill. Oct. 4 Florida at Tampa. Oct. 4 Richmond at Richmand. Sept. 27 Richmond at Lexington. Nov. 1 Georgia at Athens. Nov. 22 South Carolina at ColOct. 11 Clemson at Charlotte. Oct. 11 Virginia at Charleston. Oct. 4 St. Johns at Lexington. Nov. 8 Alabama at Gainesville. umbia. Oct. 16 Wake Fore3t at Raleigh. Oct. 18 Kentucky at Lexington. Oct. 11 The Citadel at Nov. 15 Clemson at Clemson. Nov. 27 Virginia at CharlottesOct. 25 St. Johns at Lexington. Oct. 25 Mississippi Aggies at Ra- Nov. 27 Georgia Tech at Atlanta. lelgh. Nov. 1 V. P. I. at Lexington, Oct. 25 Maryland at Richmond. ville. Dec. 6 Tennessee at Jacksonville. 1 College Dec. 6 Duke at Chapel Hill. Presbyterian at Raleigh. 8 Maryland Nov. at Nov. Nov. 1 Davidson at Lexington. Nov. 8 North Carolina at Ra- - Park. Nov. 8 Clemson at Norfolk. GEORGIA Nov. 15 Virginia at Charlotteslelgh. Nov. 15 Kentucky at Lexington. CLEMSON ville. Nov. 15 Duke at Raleigh. Nov. 27 V. P. I. at Roanoke. Sept 27 Oglethorpe at Athens. Nov. 27 Duke at Durham. Nov. 27 Open. Sept .20 Presbyterian at Clcm- Oct. 4 Mercer at Athens. KENTUCKY son. Oct. 11 Yale at New Haven. Sept 27 WofTord at Clemson. AUBURN SEWANEE Oct. 18 North Carolina at AthOct. 4 Sewanee at Lexington. Oct. 3 Citadel at Florence. ens. Oct. 11 Maryvllle at Lexington. Oct. 11 N. C. State at Charlotte. Sept. 27 Birmingham Southern Sept . 27 Tennessee Poly at SeOct. 25 Auburn at Columbus. . Oct. 18 Washington & Lee at Oct. 18 Newberry at Clemson. wanee, at Montgomery. Ga. Lexington. Oct. 23 South Carolina at CoOct. 4 Spring Hill at Auburn. Nov. 1 Florida at Athens. Oct. 4 Kentucky at Lexington. October 25 Virginia at Lexing- -' umbia. Nov. 8 New York University In Oct. 11 Florida at Jacksonville. Oct. 11 Alabama at Birmingham. ton. Nov. llTennessee at Knoxvllle. New York. Oct. 18 Georgia Tech at At Oct. 17 Ole Miss, at Oxford. Nov. 15 Florida at Clemson. Nov. 15 Tulane at New Orleans. lanta. Oct. 25 Louisiana State at Hous- - t Nov. 1 Alabama at Lexington. Nov. 8 Duke at Durham, Nov. 27 Furman at Greenville. Nov. 27 Alabama at BirmingOct. 25 Georgia at Columbus. ton. Nov. 1 Woflord at Auburn. ham. Nov. 8 Chattanooga at Chattan- - j Nov. 15 V. M. I. at Lexington. Nov. 27 Tennessee at Knoxvllle. Dec. 6 Georgia Tech at Atlanta. Nov. 8 Tulane at New Orleans. ooga. "STUDENTS GET GRAY" Nov. 15 Mississippi Aggies at Nov. 15 South Carolina at Col TENNESSEE umbla. Here are some of the reasons GEORGIA TECH Nov. 27 South Carolina at Col Nov. 22 Southwestern at Mem- why students get gray: The profes Sept. 27 Maryvllle College at sor who assigns three outside readumbus. phis. Sept. 27 Open. Knoxvllle. Nov. 27 Open. Oct. 4 South Carolina at At- -, Oct. 4 Centre College at Knox- ings, two outlines, and throws in SOUTH CAROLINA lanta. vllle. background reading for the next Oct. 11 Carnegie Tech at Pitts- - j MARYLAND Oct. 11 Ole Miss, at Knoxvllle. day's assignment, thinking his is Sept 27 Duke at Durham. burgh. Oct. 18 University of Alabama at the only cjass we are taking. The Georgia Tech at Atlanta, Oct. 4 Oct. 18 Auburn at Atlanta. Sept. 27 Washington College at Tuscaloosa. Oct. 11 Louisiana State at Col- - College Park. Oct. 25 Tulane at Atlanta. Oct. 25 North Carolina at Knox- lady professor with the weak voice. Nov. 1 North Carolina at Chapel umbia. Oct. 4 Yale at New Haven. vllle. The professor who is a "crank" In Hill. ChapOct. 18 Open. Oct. 11 North Carolina at Nov. 1 Clemson College at KnoxNov. 8 Vanderbilt at Atlanta. his field and tries to make us "swalOct. 23 Clemson at Columbia. el Hill. vllle. Nov. 15 Pennsylvania at Phlla-- 1 Oct. 25 Open. Oct. 18 St. Johns at College low" his radical Ideas. The prof College Nov. 8 Carson-Newmdelphia. Oct. 30 The Citadel at Orange-- 1 Park. who has that annoying habit of inat Knoxvllle. burg. Dec. 6 Georgia at Atlanta. Oct. 25 V. M. I. at Richmond. the Nov. 15 Vanderbilt at Nashville. specting the scenery outside Open. Nov. Nov. 1 Virginia at CharlottesNov. 27 Kentucky at Knoxvllle. window whUe he Is lecturing. The Nov. 6 Furman at Greenville. ville. TULANE Dec. 6 Florida at Jacksonville. pedagogus who assigns a class of Nov. 15 Sewanee at Columbia. Nov. 8 Washington and Lee at fifty to read a passage in a book, of Nov. 22 North Carolina at Col- - College Park. Sept 27 Southwest La. Ints.. at which the library has only one MISSISSIPPI umbla. Nov. 15 V. P. I. at Norfolk. New Orleans. copy. The professor who "plays" to Nov. 27 Auburn at Columbus. Nov. 22 Navy at Annapolis. Oct. 4 Northwestern at Evans-- , Sept 26 Union University at Ox- the women in the class. The one Ga. Nov. 27 John Hopkins at Balti ton. who thinks co-eford. are not needed more. Oct. 11 Texas Aggies at Dallas. In his course. The comma hound Oct. 4 Alabama at Tuscaloosa. Dec. 6 West Maryland at Balti LOUISIANA STATE Oct. 18 Birmingham Southern at Oct. 11 Tennessee at Knoxvllle. who knows that one swallow does more. New Orleans. not make a summer, but believes Oct. 17 Sewanee at Oxford. Sept. 20 Dakota Wesleyan at Oct. 25 Georgia Tech at Atlanta. that, one mistake should merit a Oct. 26 Chicago at Chicago. VIRGINIA Nov. 1 Mississippi Aggies at New Baton Rouge. Nov. 1 Vanderbilt at Nashville. flunk. The professor who thinks 2 Open. Orleans. Sept. none but his ideas are correct. Nov. 8 Louisiana State at Sept. 20 Roanoke at Nov. 8 Auburn at New Orleans, Oct. 4 Southwest La. Inst., at Oregon Daily Emerald. Nov. 15 Georgia at New Orleans. ' Baton Rouge. Oct. 11 South Carolina at Southern Conference Football Schedules 1 ill Best Copy A Hearty COLLEGE LIFE IS NECESSITY Recently a senior was heard to remark In triumph, "This rnds my fourth year, and my living expenses have averaged $12 a month. I've commuted home every night since 1 enrolled." Further conversation elicited the Information that In four years this perambulating student had not seen even one football, basketball, baseball game, had never heard any of the fine-art- s numbers, had, in short, had no connection with the life of the campus other In classrooms. One that sees none of the phase of campus life misses a great portion of his education. Excellence In books comes to this student no oftcner than It does to others, bilt even so. such excellence alone will not cover deficiencies In ability to meet people, to be an Individual of the world with that general' outlook and thought about things that college life gives. Oklahoma Dally. UPPERCLASSMEN AND WELCOME FRESHMEN Uppcrclassmen, don't be too hard on the freshmen. Remember you were a freshman once yourselves WE APPRECIATE YOUR FRIENDSHIP UNIVERSITY SANDWICH SHOPPE LIMESTONE AND EUCLID OPPOSITE MEN'S GYM HltltttttttHHttHinttttttttt Wei come New and Old Students TO STATE BARBER SHOP JUST ACROSS THE CAMPUS OPPOSITE MEMORIAL HALL H. M. Davis C. R. Clem Manager WelCOIIie. Students fro m The Store Established for You Headquarters for All Owned and Operated by University of Kentucky BOOKS and SUPPLIES Used Books in good condition, at great savings, while they last Campus Book Store McVey Hall .jit. than