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17 > Image 17 of The Kentucky Kernel, September 19, 1930

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Available THE KENTUCKY KERNEL PAGE FIVE OLE Believe Wildcats Have Good Chance To Top Conference r . By OLE TIMER in The Atlanta Journal The Kentucky Wildcats reported for practice Monday, September 8, one week later than most of the conference squad.-;Tuesday they were going at their work hammer and tongs and Thursday they were scrimmaging. That is what I call wading in at high speed. Coach Harry Carnage said he called them to order a week later than most of his opponents because he saw no special gain in beginning September 1, but the boys were ordered to show up with their legs in good condition. "I was sure they would follow that instruction because they knew the work they would plunge into would go very hard with them if they didn't, and an athlete cannot get his legs in shape without putting the rest of himself in trim also," explained the young mentor who in appearance combines the best features of a movie idol and . LIP- r last ditcn battier. "We had a very good spring prac- the only one they are thinking tice. It was long and thorough, so about at the moment they will I think Sept. 8 is early enough. It meet Duke and then Virginia Miliis pretty hot up here, even now." tary Institute, as semi-re- st games Well, all of that Is correct, though preparatory to the final some coaches might have less faith ic battle with Tennessee and climatThanksgivin the common sense of their boys ing Day. than Coach Oamage showed in asTheir problem, then, is the simsuming they would be ready to go when they reported. Yet he was plest that any Southern Conference proven right for the players were team faces to rise to their maxigoing at their tackling and blocking mum power Novemeber 1 and then with midseason disregard for their again on November 27. The other necks and were showing no ill games, of course, cannot be Ignored, effects of it. or entered in a careless frame of But I think Mr. Oamage was can- mind. Football is not that sort of ny and cagey and had a good pract- thing nowadays and the lowliest ical reason for starting work late. worm is apt to develop hind legs on HE AND HIS TEAM are very for- which to rise and a Stribling right tunate this year in their schedule. with which to slip over a surprise They play only eight games. Four knockout punch. Sewanee and Duke them, including the first two which cannot be disregarded; Washington are with Sewanee October 4 and and Lee, Virginia, and V. M. I. may Maryville on the following Saturday test Kentucky pretty severely, but, are cinches. all in all, Harry Oamage has the On October 18, the team must get most beautiful schedule ever made down to its knitting for the first to aid a team toward a championtime when it meets Washington and ship. Lee and with all due respects to There are but two crucial games, Coach Oberst and his athletes it is hardly to be expected that they can but how tough they will be I win. The same may be said of the MR. GAM AGE SAYS he is worriVirginia game which follows. ed because his team won the chamSo the first of the vital contests pionship last summer. Alumni and of the year comes up with Alabama students awarded it to them, on the November 1 and seven weeks of basis of prospects and the fine game gradual development leading up to the team played against Tennessee that battle will be as much as any last Thanksgiving. He says the fact team can profitably use. that his line outplayed the TennesEspecially is this true of a team see line and that, therefore, his with the average long playing ex- backfield gained much more ground perience of the Kentucky boys. than Hack and Mack is his greatest They can get no better in eight trouble. He says that it has thrown weeks than In seven; it might be j everything out of focus to the eyes they would not be so good. of Kentucky people and, he fears, After the Alabama game and the players. He says they forget that is one that the coaches are how badlv Alabama beat them and bending every effort to win and is i that it is easily possible for Tennes- - YOU Will Eventually Make see to have a greatly Improved line. Andrews (185) George Yates I90 A gentleman, pretty well perfum"You want your eyes open around ngxlnfatlrx OlUCieiUb Also, he snys, they forgot ho is .llm Cnvana 1G5 and Joke Hrnnm OlOrailO Qfitrlnntu ed, picked up the telephone: here today," short of reserves, and (with a look (170). "Hello! Hlcl Hello!" "Why?" of sympathy toward Harry Mchrc) There is a flock of big huskies "Hello," returned the operator. "Because people will think you hasn't any tackles. That Is, he has available for guard posts, Among "Mello!" arc a darn fool If you go around On Movie not got very many. them are John Drury, a brother of with them shut. "Mello!" And he continues he has but two the famous Pete and who is nearly Motion pictures shown In Orecly, "My Oosh!" said the gentleman. running backs, Kelly and Johnson, as big, ana rranx acaic, a youthful Colo., arc, as a rule, "finely portray"How this thing echoes!" Army ' The time may come when w( and where will he be If something coal miner, who weighs 230, ed and highly commendable," and Navy Journal. will have to "swat the filers." happens to them? A couple of 160- WHEN WE COME TO CONSIDER cording to an investigation made ) pound boys would have to go In. 'the backs, we reach the reason for by a sociology class under the diAnd this weight business, too; Kentucky's great optimism. They 3 that has sort of got on his nerves. have a magnificent lot from whom rection of Mr. W. O. Blnnewles of People forget that weight doesn't to make a superb quartet, in my the sociology department at Colorado Teachers' College. make the football players; weight is opinion. Each picture shown during the Just a good thing for players to Oamage, you know, and Shlvcly, month was seen by three people, have. Tackles have to have brains his assistant, are Illinois men. They and footwork and all sorts of things learned their stuff under Zuppkc. working independently, each checking various points of the picture on that don't grow on trees. I All Zuppke has to have to win a prepared marking, of I AM PERFECTLY WILLING to .championships is a good line, a good course, was sheet. Thebut Is of the subjective shed a few tears with any coach runner and three blockers. Ten type unconsciously done by a movwho wants to have a good cry. Mr. 'men create the opportunity for the ing picture audience. 153 South Limestone Oamage cried for me and I wept eleventh. As a result of the study, the class with him, but it didn't mean a thing But this year Oamage will have reports, seven of the thirty-tw- o to either one of us. Both of us were available a lad named Ellis Johnson, 35c 15c j who was perhaps, the most brilliant films reviewed were historical, five grinning. The fact of the matter is that prep school back in Amcrcla. With- musical comedy, three tragedy, five Kentucky is in a softer spot to win out doubt he is very good. He pass- - drama, seven comedy, two musical SATURDAY PRICES a conference championship than cs well, kicks well and Is a genius romance, and three mystery plays. any team ever occupied. I don't , as a runner, according to all ac- All were built around love scenes. 20c 40c mean to say they will; I don't know counts. Put him in a backfield set Of the leading characters, 92 were any more about the future than the with Shipwreck Kelly and two crack men and only 53 women. you have a drastic weather bureau, but it is plain that blockers and In noting the separate scenes the LADIES HAIR CUTS A SPECIALTY Kentucky has the best chance she combination. class found that drinking scenes For sheer speed, Kelly Is the fast- were predominant. ever had and probably the fairest They are of est man in the south. He sprinted two kinds, those depicting the old she ever will have. outlook A perfect schedule, a heavy and all summer for the New York Athbarroom scene, and others showing experienced line, two great running letic Club and was second In the 220 drinking in homes. backs, one of whom is a passer de at the A. A. U. meet at Pittsburg. In all 853 scenes were noted. They luxe and a fine kicker, four or five He was a far better running back are as follows: Adultery, 1; bathgood running blockers, a smart coach than Atlanta people realized last room. 2; courage, 8; drinking, 124; and a fine stall, and only two big year and all season he was a mark- friendship, 68; gambling, 14; killgames I Who could ask better than ed man in qvery game. ing, 25. that? He ran wild against a good Clem-so- n Kissing: between brother and sisOf course, Alabama and Tennesteam and stood Cody's boys on ter, 2; between husband and wife, see will be hard to, beat. If they their heads. He was absent from 37; lovers, 55; between parweren't there would be no glory in the Alabama game because of be- entsbetween and child, 19. Furthermore, Kentucky reavement and Alabama wrecked winning. Loyalty: to country, 14; to has to do heavy worrying and des- Kentucky. He did very well against perate fighting against only those Tennessee, despite the great defen- friends, 54; to home, 13; to ideals, 21. two, while Alabama must be battl sive efforts of Hug and Brandt, Lying and deceit, 6; night clubs, ing Tennessee, Vanderbllt, Florida Hack and Mack and Dodd, and y, 23; and Georgia, as well as Kentucky, outgalned the Touchdown Twins. 22; nudity and outwitting the law, 5; perseverence, and Tennessee has other engage- But while Tennessee was concen10; prison scenes, 10; racial haments with Vanderbllt, North Caro- trating on Kelly. Splcer and Phipps 51; sex trilina, Florida and Alabama. were reeling off yards and neither tred. 2; THE KENTUCKY LINE will be of them is any great shakes as a angles, 16; social betterment, 2; speeding, 6; stealing, 3; suicide and as big as last year and should be runner. better, If there is any virtue In exBut this year, Splcer and Phipps threatened suicide, 5; violent temperience. They lose only two good will be blocking and if any team per, 55; violence (personal), 59. you School Back There were four scenes in which men from It, both of them were concentrates against Kelly, Johnson policemen were placed In deroga good. A Pete Drury. will run them ragged; if they try to tackle, and Joe Thompson, gang Johnson, Kelly will kick divots tory situations and one in which sailors were shown to a disadvan guard, are gone. in their face. tage. cenHoward Williams, That is the theory anyway. It is We are still doing business helping you keep up that Tha investigation also showed ter, is on hand and is improved. too early to appraise the actual 1S co well-dressappearance (202) .b, .p and worth of either of these bovs. buti""S Capt. Floppy Forquer .I work indicates a great , ZTs not Conrad Rose (190) won letters at tjgrw "pict& wide guard last year and will have to tures. The class suggests that a re- lw ,, hustle to retain their positions. c.L . SUR,E lt ? uMAGE. ,s ' form ln advertising would benefit Babe Wright (205) is the only ?) WiU be,.t00 bad. both the theatre and the public, Sallns tackle who won his letter. Burton anything happens either of Aldrldge (190) has the lead for the these boys. But with only one of c,"n vc"t' enslble and d" other tackle. Bob Kipping (195) them, his team outplayed Tennessee J"st High near Viaduct Phone Ash. 2259 Can see "thletlc looms as a second string tackle un- by a wide margin last year. With e, wl less he is used at guard. Miuvciuciii. both Of them, hp is thprpfnrp frrpnt- My old friend Shipwreck Kelly is They are all set on ends with four ly strengthened, and, as to losing ..iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii good scrappy letter men back on the them, why the easiness of his the same awkward giant. He puffs like a porpoise as he runs, and how Job. They were not stars but are schedule favors him greatly. Less in the limelight than Kelly he does move those big feet of his! They are Kenneth satisfactory. and Johnson are the Phipps brothers, Jack and Tom, the latter of whom was injured last year. They weigh around 180. The best, blocker, on the field Is a lad named Richards, who pulled a tendon in the Alabama game and was lost for the year. Hb will do a lot of trail blazing for the speed boys this year. Cecil Urbaniak and Louis Toth are rueced athletes whom emergency may summon to action. THE COACHING STAFF IS ps- sentlally as it was lost season. Mr. oamage is aiaea tne former lineman. Bernle Shively. Other helpers are Elmer Glib, Kentucky fullback a few years ago, a 160 pounder who tackled like nobody's business, and Pete Drury, the mastadonlc tackle of last year. They not onlv are irood football men but they have attractive personalities throueh which chnrnctpr shines. Without doubt they are .fine leaders of bovs. a most lmnortnnt matter in my opinion. Looking at the bovs as a snunH they are as suDerb a lot of nowprfni athletes as ever I saw, and there must be a lot of football in them. EJUS Johnson, the soDhomore who has been SO loudlv nrnlnlmprt slnnp he wore knee breeches, is utterly unspoiled by all that laudation. He's Report Favorably Quality i W. B. MARTIN Barber Shop Shave Haircut Shave Haircut Th Clothes Shoo .Weicomes .. . You to and wishes happy and prosperous year V CLEANING AND PRESSING "'"".""J i Students, Welcome THE LAIR . YOUR DEN . . SO GET IN LINE WITJI THE REGULARS AND ENJOY A REAL COURTEOUS COLLEGE SERVICE FROM THE START Your Valued Order Will Receive Individual Attention THANK YOU SPRUCE UP And in welcoming you, we wish to say that within the walls of this institution you will find embodied the spirit of youth an understanding of your joys and expectations that sponsors with a cordial understanding, everything that better expresses you. SODA GRILL SANDWICHES PLATE LUNCHES Check your Ward- robe Today For the Delivery Service at All Hours Open Till 1:00 ! The Wildcat Lair Phone Ash 9191 304 S. LIME Phone Ash 8262 You are the joy and envy of our hearts, you charming, youthful visitors who have adopted Lexington as your temporary home for this new college year. Hats, Ties, Suits, Dresses and Coats That Need Cleaning Pressing Service PHONE 288 27ti And an APPLEGAWJ-GRAVE- S COMPANY, Inc. Courteous Service Man Will Call St. It is our wish that you make our Hotel your headquarters while here. We're for you from the opening-whistlto the last touchdown win or lose and it is our desire that you make the Lafayette a part of your e college home. Hotel Lafayette LEN SHOUSE, JR., Manager ft