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18 > Image 18 of The Kentucky Kernel, September 19, 1930

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Mr ' A THE KENTUCKY KERNEL PAGE SIX I It J. I THE ART OF LIVING D. Morris Shoe Shop 209 E. Main Street For many years has been the leading Re- i pair Shop, and today offers you equal s and better' service. Look for 5 The Morris Shop By P. PAUL ANDERSON j j jj College of Editor's Note- The Dean of Engineering nt the University of Ken- 15 of this month tticky on September proved to the world via radio Matlon that he is tomethlng WHA8, Louisville, more than Just the dean of an en engineering school. In addition, he Is a whose kindly perspective on Ife enables him to separate true from false. The Kernel reprints herewith his radiocast, firm In the belief that it is one of the best things ever to go on the nlr from the university extension studios of PAGE SIX the nrt of living than the following Inscribed on n photograph of himself to one of his friends: Swift run the sands, the hours speed on their wny, Old friends depart and youth was yesterday, Still may wo have some measure of content, Of love and happiness a surer sense The patient strength to do life's simpler tasks, The fnlth to sec in all some MONUMENT TO LIAR BERLIN. Bodcnwcrdcr has a monument in memory of the "world's greatest liar." Baron Munchausen, of whom It is claimed told the biggest and best stories ever heard in Germany Is the human to whom this odd monument is erected. One of his stories told how he rode through a snowstorm, hitched his horse to what he thought a pole, and went to sleep. In the morning he found he had hitched his horse to a church steeple. WIIAS. Spirit of Cynicism Is Charge Against Undergraduates One of the charges most frequently made against higher education points to a spirit of cynicism which supposedly plagues our undergraduates. For Instance, there is the ostentatious cynic, who is no cynic nt all, but an ambitious noise In an empty barrel. There Is the surly cynic, who nurses his wounded vanity or a disappointed ambition. He discovers that his own sphere Is not the center of the universe and promptly embraces cynicism as an alibi. There Is the immature cynic who Judgments his flippant thinks strange and new. There is the cynicism which serves as an intellectual sausage-grinde- r, with all manner of scraps going in one end and only one kind scrap coming out the other. of There is the haggling cynic, by far the most despicable, who remorselessly dissects and analyzes human character and action, but In these good days when man' seems to have everything mntcrinl contributing to the case of living there Is much talking and writing about the effect of this machine age on human happiness which 13 iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Indeed the true Index of the ! unfitness of life. deMachinery and labor-savin- g ' vices In general have nothing to do HBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBsl with the individual's acquiring an understanding of the art of living, except perhaps to give relief from the drudgery of existence and and, therefore, decided to live into more opportunity therefore, crowd Into one small life a great- stead of die. Charles Lousbury's Will er volume of living. When Charles Lousbury, an inHappiness does not belong either to the rich or to the poor. Happi- mate of the Cook County Asylum, ness is a state of mind and not a at Dunning, Illinois, died, he left account. a will. condition of the bank Lousbury had nothing to bePerhaps the durable satisfactions queath "which is known to law", as man finds the of life hard to find as "It is easier he says, but he distributes a vast for a camel to go through the eye and wonderful property in his beauYOUR of a needle, than for a rich man tiful testament: to enter into the kingdom of God", "I, Charles Lousbury, being of hut he does sometimes land behind sound mind and disposing memory the pearly gates, so the man of do hereby make and publish this, wealth is occasionally well versed mv last will and tpstament. in or- in the art of living. der as Justly as may be to distrib "Happiness," says David Graysom, ute my interest in tne worm among "I have discovered is nearly always succeeding men. SMITH-WATKIN- S a rebound from hard work. "That part of my interest which "Happiness lives to see men work. is known in lay and recognized In (Incorporated) She will the .sheep-boun- d volume as my She loves be found not in palaces 'but lurking property, being inconsiderable and in cornfields and factories and hov- of no account, I make no disposal 236 ering over littered desks. of it in this, my will. "She crowns the unconscious head right to live being but a"iSe "My T. A. GOODING of the busy child. If you look up estate, is not at my disposal, but FELIX M. KENNEDY suddenly from hard work you will these things excepted, all else in the see her, but if you look too long she world I now proceed to devise and fades sorrowfully away." bequeath. The Art Early Learned "Item: I give to good fathers and llllilllilllllllllillllW The ability to live a life begins mothers, in trust for their children, early. One of the most charming good little words of praise and and cheery boys I have ever met all encouragement and all quaint pet A sandwich, a soda and a walk is a health tip came last week to the university. names and endearments and I His father came with him and he, charge said parents to use them that is guaranteed to work. too, was a picture of satisfaction the needs Light foods are healthful and prevent that after- nnJ rrnnlllnonPCC f!nn Vflll lmacine justly and generously, asrequire. children may noon' drowsiness that comes from over eating the fortitude in rearing a family of of their leave to children exclu"Item: I a smaii larm children For luncheon today, or any other time stop at 'twelvegiving eachonand every one a sively, but only for the term of their and our modem fountain and trr a sandwich, chance to And the best in life? childhood, all and every, the flowers salad or aajr of our delicious fowitakt foods. This boy referred to is the eleventh of the field and the blossoms of the rhtifi his vouneer sister Is In her woods, with the right to play among cussecond year of high school and she them freely according to the toms of children, warning them at will be in the university later. the same time against thistles and Now this boy has already learnthorns. And I devise to children ed the art of living for he is unselfish, and knows that the banks of the brooks and the in the work of the day golden sands beneath the waters (Incorporated) brings peaceful rest and content- - thereof, and the odors of the willows that dip therein, and the white monf at nlirhr,. For the last lour years mis uuy clouds that float hlgn over tne giant twice a trees. And I leave the children the milking ten CURRY'S CORNER PHOENIX STORE John's Corner has been long, long days to be merry in, a 101 W. Mam St. 100 E. Main St. 201 E. Main St. rv the family load. His father gave thousand ways, and the night and outfit of clothes, handed thf moon and the train of the him a nice a QB Milky Way to wonder at, but sub o Kanlf hnok ShOWinE posit of $100.00 to his credit (and ject, nevertheless, to the rights given to lovers. v,tc tr. Ho tho lastl in the home hereinafter "Item: I devise to boys jointly all bank, and with a loving slap on the on nis umveion,y the useful idle fields and commons back has sent mm 4r nncrfnpprlnff. where ball may be played; all pleas-nn- t. waters where one may swim: The frankness of the story about smiling, dreaming about nil snnw.pind hills where one may this boy's i,v, tn irn to collece as he coast,, when grim winter comes, one ii whistled at the work on the little may skate; to have and to nom mefarm, the courageous priae ui u same for the period of their boyfather, the joy of the frail little VinnH Anrl thp meadOWS With the and butterflies mother, weary in body but dancing clover blossoms elevtvinrpnf thp woods and aDDurten in soul at the thought of the enth child's entry into a new realm ances, the squirrels and birds, and easy to echoes of the strange .noises, uim of possibility, make it very to all distant places which may be vissee that this boy has the chance help himself througn me uiuvbohj ited, together with the adventures j v, hc thp hicr chance to en tVioro fniinrt And I Give to Said ter the employ of some great indus boys each his own place at the fire try where in a aozen jfc" side at nignt witn an pictures uw have attained the position where he may be seen in burning wood, to ,,torini thines. creates enjoy without let or hindrance and Modified Munson last for Mil opportunities for men, and brings without any incumbrance or care. "Item: To lovers I devise their joy to tne lovea uuo itary and Dress wear imaeinarv world, with whatever shadows of tneir uvea n.., 4., TTu Wraith tviov mav hieed. as the stars of the Greatest of all sky, the red roses by the wall, the iiroitv, tc th earthly powers when used for ere bloom of the nawtnorne, me sweet strains of music, and aught else by The man who acquires wealth in which they may desire to figure to pnnh other aim tne lasungness cidentally in the carrying uui some great enterprise of value to beauty of their love. ti, c nsnniiv able to oreserve "Ttpm- - To vouncr men Jointly I v, ,inHnmpntal scheme in the devise and bequeath all boisterous, !. Seems inspiring sports oi rivalry, ana bivc philosophy or living. money to them the disdain of weakness The man who accumulates 'c Knirp lnsns an ideal ev- - nnri undaunted confidence in their he cantures a dollar and own strength, though they are rude; rv tit Friendly Five Shoes, enough dollars all of I give them the power to make last- if he secures we !ni frlpndshins. and Of DOSSeSSlng modestly priced at $5, Brown Calf Wins-ti- p Brogue his ideals (If he ever had any) will companions, and to them exclusive have departed. you, so we A real service shoe are made of the finest merry songs ana Drave I have a arm convicuun mv and ly I give all choruses, to sing with lusty voices. association with plant genuine calfskin and in nnimni iif hrinus man into a bet "Item: To our lovea ones wiin understanding of the purposes snowy crowns I bequeath the hap- the smartest and most ter nlness of old age, tne love ana and duties of nis own me on FRIENDLY while, popular styles. Try on a gratitude of their children until . sphere. HI CIUIIIU UUJllllwa Thn they fall asleep." pecasion. today here. romnared with the if Dr. Kaslle rralsed The most brilliant man ever In finesse of the speaking animal. t om vint. nrivnrntinc hard work tho farnltv of the University of new to the exclusion of recreation and Kentucky, in my opinion, was Dr. Joseph H. Kastle, for many years laughter. It Is the warmer of hotel chairs at the head of the Department oi onH trio rrnnnrnl sitter about Who Chemistry. He knew the art of liv should be slipped Into Dante's sev ing. He accomplished much. Tpe London Chemical Journal has more enth ring, and, u tne law oi is still on the iob. I sus chemical research titles to his credit Russian Calf Scotch Grain pect this particular breed is already for a period of ten years than any plain toe for all purposes mentally where it ueiongs. other man except Remsen of John Hard work ana anxiety wunout Hopkins. Dr. Kastle was a frail itnnnlnp' tn Innk un at the stars or Httlp man hut. hp wnrltpd and nlav- inhale the perfume of a rose is what ed and loved nflk-- than most men. TI ,l1l,.l.n,t l.oitln,. IIT n.onf in kills. are com- - do what I can, as quickly as I can, Even the undertakers $tu,ie Corner nlnlnlntr slurp the Wall street fiasco then net oft this Dlanet and idve 140 West Main Street of last December about hard times. some other wayfarer a chance." Humanity was given a good shak Dr. Kastie leit some charming Ing up, showed there was something verse. Where is there anything to live for besides making money, I better in all literature pertaining to p CHAS. H. McATEE, Manager L,.WAW.W.WWWAWAVWV;WVWiVAV,A PBBBsHslBfl Best Copy who has no end in view except his own amusement. He is not seeking to make others wiser or better and cares little whether anyone listens. But collegiate cynicism is none of (his; It has different antecedents. On the whole, collegiate cynicism seems to be wholesome. It docs not dwell on the faults of mankind, but it recognizes them and calculates accordingly. It has not the rashness of Ignorant optimism or the impotence of ignorant pessimism, but attempts to combine optimism and pessimism that the better points- - of each are merged into a practical view of life. It is more or less modest, somewhat genial, and at least sincere Tho Marquette Tribune. Fewer pedestrians would be killed if some motorists used as much care In driving as they do in blowing their horns. A boob Is one who pretends to believe something he doesn't believe to keep from being called a boob. Youth complains there is no place to go. Age Is cranky because there are places to go. 'Ray-'R- ay You're Back Tl Make.our( Store Sporting Goods and Hardware Store THE Have Luncheon CO. EAST MAIN L. P. GOODING at our modern FOUNTAIN LUNCHEONETTE Consolidated Drug Stores BASSETT'S S VVelcome, Students like things brighten up the minute the gang returns It's mighty good to know you're back. hope to get acquainted with And Freshmen, may be able to serve you as we have that your upperclassmen. We've been preparing for the event for quite a assembling apparel well worthy of the Everything brand new from a pair of garters to a Fall Braeburn. t5 S. Bassett & Sons Kaufman iiwtfionr at Short r4