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19 > Image 19 of The Kentucky Kernel, September 19, 1930

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Available THE KENTUCKV KhKNKL PAGF.SW Always vor dealer who 11 sells Ice CREAM I IE PAYS more for it than he would have to pay for practically any other ice cream in the Blue Grass. ENJOY the wealth of FRESH CREAM from BLUE GRASS Dairies that goes into it, the REAL FRUIT instead of synthetic flavors the luscious fruits that are crushed into it, the CANE SUGAR, sweet and pure instead of a gummy glucose and all through this richer Ice Cream the absolute purity and deepness of flavor that HEALTHIZATION alone can bring. full-ripen- He does this to guarantee the protection of your health and to give you the best in quality that can be made. Most other dealers pay far less for the ice cream they sell you and then try to charge you the DIXIE price. Just buying any ice cream at the nearest corner and ignoring the DIXIE dealer who is doing so much to protect you isn't fair to him. And paying the DIXIE price for the ordinary run of icecream certainly isn't fair to you. "There's a Dixie Dealer Near You" MADE WITH BLUE GRASS CREAM M