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2 > Image 2 of The Kentucky Kernel, September 19, 1930

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

4' Best Copy THE KENTUCKY KERNEL PAGE TOO ISOCIETY P H g E H:tttt:tt:Kt::tKtK:t::::::tMt:::t:t!::::t::t::::::t:tmKt:::tt:;l E$ 1'lionc Ashland 3G48 Blue sailors talk of quests Incredible. September smiles at lofty scorn or . praise; Sweet fragrance of ripe fruits drifts j Too old she Is, and young, for caring much; on the air; The cricket's chirp Is louder In the j But walking down the woods and meadow ways-Frin- ged grass; gentians measure beauty by Bronzed branches of old trees have her touch. care For summer green when frosty CALENDAR dawns shall pass. Tall goldenrod maturely stands beFriday, September 19 side All sororities entertaining at their Brown roads that wander woodward chapter houses with formal teas in by old walls Of stones that grayer grow; the the afternoon for new women on the campus. mullen's pride College night for all the students In her warm velvet splendor slowly of the University in the Armory falls Stout thistles bend their dagger's building at 8 o'clock. rusty blades; Saturday, September 20 Ragged burdocks of a youthful glory The Delta Delta Delta sorority tell; luncheon at the Country Club. Alpha XI Delta luncheon at Shak-ertoSteeple bush and toadflax drowse in secret shades; Inn. SEPTEMBER By William Stanley Braltwaltc llB incorporated , 146 WEST MAIN ST. W&if Specializing In Apparel for J& The College Miss I I I Coats Dresses Millinery Accessories I I' fe At " P0PULAR T'' P a bridge party In the private dining room of the Chimney Corner. Wednesday afternoon a tea was given In the recreation room of Patterson hall, from four to six. In the receiving lino, were the "Miss Edna Whcatlcy, of Piatt, as officers of the organization: Miss Miss maid of honor, wore an apple green Louise Schmidt, president; crepe chiffon frock and matching Mildred Little, secretary; Miss Marcarried an arm garet Howes, treasure. satin slippers, and bouquet of pink Klllnrney roses and New Locations babybrcath. The flower girl, little The opening of the new semester Miss Dolores Nlssen, in short full SUMMER WEDDINGS pe(THE DENTOK CO.) will find several fraternities blue taflcta frock, scattered rose and Among the events which took tals in the path of the bride, and sororities In new locations, and the her little brother, Master Roland following addresses' will help old place during the summer months were marriages of many University Nlssen, In a black suit with a white students as well as new; In Alpha Delta Theta, 273 S. students. These notices appeared in blouse, carried the wedding ring the summer editions of the Kernel a rose. Alpha XI Delta, Corner S. Lime "The bride, who was escorted to but are reprinted for the persons who did not read the paper during the altar by her elder brother, Mr. and Warren Court. Delta Tau Delta, 451 E. Maxwell G. P. Nlssen, of Salina, Kansas, vacation time. Street. Miss Lillian Combs to Mr. Reid wore an ivory wedding gown fashPhi Sigma Kappa, 211 E. Maxwell. Phillip Meacham on the third of ioned very long with Insets of Chan-till- y Phi Kappa Tau, 365 Aylesford June. lace In the skirt, the fitted boPlace. Miss Oeorge Jameson and Mr. dice being finished with a round neckline. A white tulle veil was Garnett Rces on June 13. Delta Chi Fraternity Smoker Miss Pauline Claussncr and Mr. caught about the bride's head with The members of the Delta Chi James Johnston June 14. clusters of orange blossoms at cither Miss Nancy Stevens to Mr. Joshua side, and she carred a shower Bo- fraternity entertained a number of uquet of bride's roses and lilies of the new men at the University with a Jarvis on June 14. smoker Saturday night at the orMiss Sara Norwood Walker to Mr. valley. Younger Alexander Staten on June "Mr. A. H. Nlssen. brother of the ganization house on East Maxwell 21. bride, attended the bridegroom as street. About fifty members of the fratMiss Ellen Dale to Mr. Marlon best man. Clark, June 26. "Mr. Hopkins was graduated from ernity were present. 1 Miss Marguerite Morris to Mr. the University of Kentucky in the Fraternity Dinner James Pawcet, June 27. class of 1917 with the degree of Miss Mary Riley to Mr. Ralph Bachelor of Civil Engineering. For The Sigma Alpha Epsllon fraternthe past seven years he has been ity gave a dinner Sunday night in William Ranch on June 28. Miss Nan Burglss Chcnault and associated with Black and Veach, the Amerlcan room of the Chimney Mr. Gerald Ferrar on the third of consulting engineers of Kansas City, Corner for some of the new men of July. Mo. Miss Nlssen, the bride, is a the University. Miss Sallie Love Prlchard to Mr. graduate of Baker University at An elaborate menu was served at Robert Jonson Grehan, July 8. Baldwin, Kansas, and a member of a long table with bowls of fruit and Miss Bernlce Edwards to Mr. ine Delta Zeta sororltv. For a short flowers in autumn tones. Walker W. Robinson, July 12. time they will reside at Anthony, About 25 guests were present. Miss Ruth Bonnln to Mr. James Kansas, where Mr. Hopkins is en Dinner for New Stadents R. Hester, July 24. gaged in engineering work." Miss Florence Rogers to Mr. AlThe Delta Tau Delta fraternity fred Stanhope Portwood. August 11. entertained with a beautiful dinner First Tea of School Year Miss Carolyn L. Smith and Mr. President and Mrs. Frank L. Mc-V- Thursday night at the chapter Marion Custard, August 4. entertained the students and house on East Maxwell street in Miss Maldena Poe to Mr. Earl faculty of the University, Wednes honor of about twenty of the new Franklin Cecil on August 12. students at the University. The day afternoon Miss Rozana Ruttencutter to Mr. with the first of at Maxwell Place house was decorated with purple, George Edward Waples, August 12. be given during the series of teas to white, and gold, the fraternity colyaer. the school The house was charmingly deco ors, and baskets of flowers of the WEDDINGS rated with varieties of autumn same colors adorned the tables. The Delta Tau Delta Mothers' flowers and the host and hostess were assisted in entertaining Brown May by Club was In charge of the affair. The following announcemtents uean ana Mrs. Paul P. Boyd, Dean Entertain for Freshmen and Mrs. W. S. Taylor, Dean and have been issued: Tuesday afternoon, Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Franklin Brown Mrs. Edward Wiest, Dean and Mrs. Alvin E. Evans, Dean and Mrs. F. Frank McVey, entertained announce the marriage of at tea Paul Anderson. Dean and Mrs. from four to six o'clock in honor of their daughter F. Paul Anderson, Dean and Mrs. the freshmen of the University. Lucille Withers smartto Assisting in the entertaining were Thomas P. Cooper, Dean and Mrs. Mr. Earl Campbell May Columbus R. Melcher, Mrs. P. K. Dean and Mrs. P. P. Boyd, Dean and indiolmes, dean of women. on Saturday. September sixth Mrs. Alvin Evans, Dean Thomas nineteen hundred thirty Also by Mrs. Eda Giles, Miss Dora Cooper, Dean Edward Welst, Dean anyLouisville, Kentucky. models. Kerkeley, Mrs. Margaret Chenault and Mrs. E. D. Funkhouser, Mr. and Mr. May is the son of Mr. and Crutcher, Professor and Mrs. Carl Mrs. Nollou, Mrs. Edna Giles, Mrs. you Mrs. A. N. May. Maxwelton court, Lampert, Prof, and Mrs. Louis E, Berkeley, Mrs. Erickson, Mr. and we and a member of the 1929 graduat- Nollau, Prof. Otto Kopplus, Prof. Mrs. Carl Lampert, Dr. and Mrs. ing class of the University of Ken- Morris W. Beebe, Prof. Emmett Pinney, Miss Hazel Nollou, wish J. Marian Pinney and Mrs. James Miss tucky, where he was a member of Canaday, PatWalp, Alpha Tau Omega social fraternity Margaret Prof. Paul W.Palmer, Miss rick. Tuttle, Mrs. Miss Presiding over the tea table were and Theta Nu Epsllon, political Ethel Parker, Miss Margaret Hors-flel- d, science fraternity. He is connected MAKE DENTON'S MILLINERY SALON Misses Marian Pinney, Anne Mrs. S. Taylor, Mrs. Edward Welst, with the Provident Mutual Life In- Jones, Hazel Nollau, Mrs. Anderson and Mrs. Thomas Margaret Cooper. surance Company. third floor your headquarters and be a smartly-dresse- d The bride was a student at the ' Smith, Mrs. James Patrick. Collegian The tea tables were presided over Univesity of Louisville and attended Mrs. Anderson Chenault Brown, summer school at the University of by Mrs. W. S. Taylor, Mrs. Thomas Georgetown, arrived Friday to begin Kentucky. She will resume her stu- P. Cooper, Mrs. Edward Wlest, and her duties as house mother at the Mrs. F. Paul Anderson. Alpha Delta Theta house. dies here this fall. Mr. and Mrs. May will be at home Miss O. Latham Hatcher, presiat 660 Maxwelton court after Oct. dent of Ihe Southern Woman's Ed15. They have the good wishes of ucational, .Alliance, ;who is visiting many friends. President and Mrs. McVey for a few days, andUhe new members of following announcements the university faculty, were guests The of honor. have been received: Mr. and Mrs. George G. Wilson announce the marriage of their The Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority daughter The Zeta Tau Alpha sorority is There'll be thrilling invitations that demand a forNancy Mary entertaining new students of the to University with series of parties. mal frock. Denton's are ready to help you get ready Mr. Carl Jean Owsley The sorority gave a "Court Whist" On Tuesday, August the twentieth party on Thursday, and novelty in an irresistible, charming (and thrifty) manner. Nineteen hundred and twenty-nin- e manicure sets were presented to Jamestown, New York each guest. Members of the soror At Home ity will be hostesses Friday after 421 North Sixth Street noon at a formal tea at the chapter Paducah, Kentucky house. Is a member of Zeta The bride In the receiving line will be Mrs, Tau Alpha sorority and Eta Sigma Bruce Davis, former grand-pre- si . Phi, honorary Latin and Greek dent of the sorority; Mea Bryant, fraternity. She was graduated from chapter president; Mrs. Bettie Bed the University of Kentucky in 1928 ford, chapter house mother. and received the degree of Master The following Zeta Tau Alpha of Arts in Ancient Languages from Alumnae were guests at the chap the same university in June, 1930. ter house last week: Misses KathWhile attending the university she leen and Jane Ann Carlton, of Lou to be was prominent in campus activi isville; Mrs. Charles Pollard, Louisties and held a number of offices in ville, and Miss Adrlenne Mason. So- She received her nora, Ky.; Mary Dudley Faut, Dan her fraternities. eggnumerals and letter in athletics, vllle. Ky. In their rich golden yellow, peach, pink, green, tat-fet- a, was manager of the woman's rifle Zeta Tau Alpha held its annual shell and blue hues. The lovely satins, crepes, team and one of the Woman's Ath- camp at Camp Driftwood Lodge on chiffon and their combinations are in a titting letic Association Council. Also she the Kentucky river the past week draped necklines . . . swathed hips mood . . was a member of Phllosophlan Lit- end. An Informal dance was given erary Society, The Classical Club, Saturday evening at the lodge and and flares that drop softly to the ankle. Most Le Cercle Francais, El Circulo invitations were Issued to several flattering in their neat trimmings. and the Woman's Adminis- campus fraternities and their trative Council. rushees. The following members of Misses Mr. Owsley is a member of Phi the sorority were present: Sigma Kappa fraternity and was Mae Bryant, Jane Bland, Anna graduated with the degree of Bach- Pope Bland, Kathryn Aufenkamp, elor of Sciences in Mechanical En- Mary Lou Yelton, Ramona Illff, gineering from the University of Mary K. Crowe, Sing Rogers, MarKentucky this last June. He was tha Carlton, Mildred Settle, Ber(DENTON'S FASHION SHOP SECOND FLOOR) formerly of Louisville and Paducah nlce Byland, Dot McGown, Kath and is now in the Engineering de- leen Carlton. Gladys wiison. lAicue partment of Southern Bell Tel- Preston, Peggy Monroe, Louise Rog ephone and Telegraph Company. ers. Mary D. Faut, Helen Btnim, May Gordon Squires. The party was An article which appeared in the chaperoned by Mr. and Mrs. joe social columns of a Wichita, Kan- Turley, Mr. and Mrs. Lylse Croft, sas, paper recently will be of inter- and Mrs. Estil Lehman. est to the many friends of Woodson 16 Button Length Hopkins, formerly of Lexington, and Mrs. Daman's Tea a graduate of the University. While Mrs. May K. Duncan, supervisor at the University he was an out- of the new elementary training French kid in black and white and standing athlete and was well school of the University of Ken suede in pastels, worn below the elbow every campus circle. Since tucky, entertained informally at tea known in and neatly wrinkled. Adorned with his graduation from the unverslty Saturday afternoon at ner nome, two irridescent pearl buttons. he has been employed by the Black 218 Irvine road, in honor of Miss and Veach Company of Kansas City Frances Martin, Columbus, O., the as a consulting engineer. The ar- new kindergarten teacher m tne ticle follows: tralnlne school. Guests asked to "Of more than ordinary state- meet Miss Martin were the kinderwide interest was the marriage of garten teachers from all the LexMr. Elmer Woodson Hopkins, of ington public schools, Sayre and Kansas City, Mo., son of Mr. and Hamilton Colleges. Mrs. Woodson Hopkins, of HenderThe house was beautifully decorson, Ky., and Miss Lyda Nlssen, ated with asters, snapdragons and which took place at the home of the gladioli from the garden of the bride's brother and sister-in-lahome. Mrs. Duncan was assisted Grenadine crepe, with a dullness that Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Nlssen, of 211 In entertaining by her mother, Mrs. will not wash out, in pastel and light 8 o'C. A. Kenney. Delrose, Wichita, Kansas, at evening shades. clock p. m June 28, 1930, with Dr. New Students Entertained L. Morgan Chambers, of St. Paul's With the commencement of the Methodist Episcopal Church, fall semester, the various sororities "Preceding the ceremony Mrs. and fraternities on the University Wilbur C. Marten, of Winfield. at campus, are greeting the new stuthe piano played "To a Wild Rose" dents with various parties in their (ACCESSORIES FOR THE and "At An Old Trysting Place," by honor. COLLEGE GIRL Street Floor) L Among the various affairs of the MacDowell. and Miss Laura Parker, of Ponca City. Okla., sang two solos, past few days are: The AlDha Delta Theta sorority Love You Truly," by Bond, and "I "The Day of Golden Promise," by entertained Thursday afternoon with Alpha Delta Thcta luncheon at the Chimney Corner. Kappa Knppa Gamma alumnae luncheon at the Green Tree. Monday, September 21 Alpha Gamma Delta cabaret party at the chapter house. Wednesday, September 24 Tea at President and Mrs. home for all the students of the University. PRICES Bernard Hamblen. For tne entrance of the bridal party Mrs. Marten played Mendelssohn's Wedding March," and during tne ccrcmunj "Like Unto a Flower," by Rubcn-stcl- JS t 1 1 mm HATS For The College Girl HATS of the latest materials, in the est styles the new shallow crowns in Whenever there is vidual have it and at a price thing new to pay College Girls! it Evening DRESSES i 1 Brilliant that Dare .. $18.50 We Welcome Every One of You Back The upperclass students know how we feel and the freshmen will soon learn that Lexington looks forward to their coming each Fall with pride and pleasure. It won't be long before the first game, so have your feet stylishly and comfortably shod in the meantime and there will be nothing to do but enjoy it. 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