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6 > Image 6 of The State College cadet, vol. 7, no. 6, March 1897

Part of The State College cadet

2 THE CADET. V M - the hills-aye of all matter, rests upon the forces of their constituent molecules. The highest end, therefore, of . V government is the development of the individual, for the individual character is the determining factor in civili zation. Whenever the individual man is crowded out of A his occupation and becomes a stranger in his own land, dependent upon the laborc and products of others for his lg subsistence, then it is the unit of_ society is destroyed, the jr { government has passed its maximum developmentand the downward journey has begun. Our government is { ` rapidly approaching that period in its history where the A individual man is no longer an integral part of society but is rather coming to be a burden upon it, and the highest expansion of his character into its mental, moral and A physical capabilities has become a golden impossibility. l The greatest menace to individual freedom and to true _ popular government, that confronts the American peo- _ ple today, is the concentration and accumulation of l wealth in the hands of the few. A Wealth is power. It is power in its most concentrated, , Z its most efiicent and its most appliable form. For the sake of clearness we may distinguish the evil effects of j , ,, l this concentration of wealth by a threefold division of ` the subject into Political, Social and Industrial. As to i its political effects it may be said, perhaps with too much l truth, that the legislative body at the capital of our nation. no longer represents the masses of the people, but are pliant minions in the hands of the cor- porations and combinations that furnish the funds I at the polls necessary for their election. The aver- age Congressman is such simply for patronage. And . who controls them? The money sharks and stock gam- blers, the ring, the syndicate and the trust. Their V vocation comes merely to be a piracy within the pale ' of the law. They stand in the lobby halls of our