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7 > Image 7 of The State College cadet, vol. 7, no. 6, March 1897

Part of The State College cadet

T THE CADET. 3 , national capital ready and willing, like Esau of old, to i . `sell their birthright for a mess of pottage. For years fl i r they havebeen making laws so as to enable these modern l if Shylocks to take their pound of flesh from the breasts off i people, but now the people have come to demand an accounting for the blood. Then again in our elections, when the majority for the victorious party is not large, YQ the cry raised by the defeated minority is bribery and . T V fraud, and the ballot box, palladium of our liberties, if taints of political corruption and dishonor. ` The effects socially are such as tend to array class against class and man against man. Set your . if embossed, cushioned, diamond studded ease and com- T fort along side of the pain and the weariness, the is hunger and nakedness, the darkness and no hope of your { neighbor. He beholds the splendid and sunlit lives of { _ your wife and your children. He finds himself com- I J pelled to eke out a miserable existence; he sees his wife ' a galley slave to a tub, his children the heirs of his own half-fed fate. Do you wonder that the contrast incites E 'V to anger and moves him to crime? Again the spectacle ` presented in many instances of great wealth notoriously l iili won by corrupt methods has undermined the very foun- 4 , dations of honesty. The consequences of the appropri- li ration of the nations wealth by a few have made possible tl a policy of monopolizing the control and profits of the q industries of the country, never before even imagined as among the possible perils of society. The third effect has been upon industry and has been i to bring the wage earner more completely under the l 3 thumb of the employer. The small tradesman and _ manufacturers have quite as much to fear from monopo- l e lies as have the poorest class of laborers. As one after f another of the departments of business pass under the ; V control of the syndicate, the business men with moderate