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8 > Image 8 of The State College cadet, vol. 7, no. 6, March 1897

Part of The State College cadet

A , . . ri? 4 THE CADET. _ capital, who used to conduct the business of the country, are crowded out of their occupation and rendered super- . fluous. There is now almost no opportunity for starting in business in a moderate way. No opportunity {or the ,2. young man who has no qualifications save a disciplined T mind and a manly character-no incentive for him to exert his talents endeavoring to lift humanity to a higher _. plane of living, for the banded monopolies of our country Q6 _ stand in serried array battling for that class legislation [ which is so destructive to individual development. The y p ambitious collegian, as he goes out in the world to seek . ~ for himself an independent livelihood. he finds the pro- = Qi A fessions over-crowded, and as he gases upon the misery and woe of the mass of his struggling countrymen, turns i' if his back upon the world and from his overburdened soul i exclainis : it ` "T/Viiat is that whirl: I shouid turn to lighting upon days like those; Every door liarqed with gold and opens but to golden keg s." ` , These, then, are the products of monopoliesNational _ dishonor, social disorder and industrial stagnation. "By their fruits ye shall know the1n." Are they the products l of our civilization? They are not the out-growth of - l progress, they are rather fungus growths, horrible excres~ . _ I . cences, parasites upon the body politic. They dominate all channels of activity ; they corrupt judges; they con- trol governors and legislators ; they make hewers of wood and drawers of water of all who are outside of their velvet cireles. They are despotic in spirit, tyrannical in method g openly hostile to liberty and free institutions and threatening menaces to the pursuits ol happiness and t ` to equalitypand equal opportunities under the law. The only salvation lor our republican institutions is the utter i abolition of our present system tolerating unequal oppor- I tunities, whether they be natural or the creatures of law. _ . \y yi ~. ~ .