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9 > Image 9 of The State College cadet, vol. 7, no. 6, March 1897

Part of The State College cadet

l *2 1 THE cannr. , 5 F And until special privileges are abolished and a cornpar- l ative equality of opportunity is established, the laboring millions will remain exiles from their just inheritance, ,g doomed to a tread-mill existence, and constantly haunted with the fear of eviction, starvation and a paupers A grave. IVe`inquire if the present condition continue to il exist, can the Republic live? No; either the penniless masses will arise in bloody revolution and snatch from l the wealthy some part of their ill- gotten gains, while i destroyingthe rest in anarchy and war, or else a despot- { 2 ism of wealth more corrupt and subtly poisonous than F Q king or aristocrat will fasten its leech-like hold upon the throat of the Republic, and, while all is splendid on the surface, will draw its lifeblood till naught remains but Yi lj a lifeless corpse, over which will be heard the sad sighs l [ . and doleful lamentations of expectant but betrayed l` p V humanity. Then out upon the heaving billows of times QV , ruthless sea will float the wreck of a vessel once laden ; with the best values of men ; the song of a once prosper- gl r 1 ous people will be hushed and nothing will be heard but the mourning waves of passion as they beat upon the il = .4 rocks of dishonesty and greed, upon which the vessel went , - to pieces. This is the decision of the ages; from it there j L can be made no appeal, for the High Court of Eternity ,, has adjourned forever. In order to prove the power of F the masses when incited to vengeance, I appeal to his ll l tory. Return with me to the close of the last century and let us study a chapter in the annals of sunny France. The political elements, which had long been in a state l of restless agitation, now blackened the heavens over the exasperated masses of that land of beauty and of sun- shine. The clouds of civil dissension had spread over all K I Europe, but they had settled back on France. J ` From the conquest wars of the XIV Louis, which 1 _ - slaughtered men and absorbed money, followed by his . Jl