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2 > Image 2 of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 2010-10-12

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

-2- There will be a Board of Trustees retreat on October 24 at Spindletop Hall, the purpose of which is to better understand the search process and to establish parameters and directives for the search committee. The request for proposal (RFP) for the presidential search finn went out on September 29 with the RFP proposal due date specified as October 22. The evaluation of proposals should be completed by November 5, potential consultant presentations are to occur the week of November l5, and tentatively the contract will be awarded to a search finn on December l, 2010. Candidates and selected individuals for the search committee positions were announced. Student Government Association (SGA) had ll7 applications for the one graduate student and one undergraduate student position on the committee. SGA advertised these positions through all campus emails, the SGA web site, and the Kentucky Kernel. Each applicant submitted a curriculum vita as well as three short essays, and each of these was reviewed. This process was under the auspices of Chief of Staff ofthe SGA Joseph P. Quinn who, with his group, did a magnificent job. The three undergraduate nominees submitted were Taylor Cox, Mary Ashley Lovelace, and Christopher Yared. Taylor Cox was selected. Mr. Cox was acknowledged in the audience with applause. Four graduate students were nominated: Andres Trimble, Ryan Smith, Matthew Longacre, and Christie Lundsford. The search committee participant will be Ryan Smith, who is a two-tenn SGA president who sits on the Board of Trustees currently. Mr. Smith was also acknowledged with applause. From the Alumni Association, three names were submitted: Myra Tobin, Elaine Wilson, and Scott Davis. Myra Tobin was selected. Ms. Tobin is a past Board of Trustees member and a resident of Hardinsburg, Kentucky. The faculty selected three representatives. These representatives are Dr. Sheldon Steiner, Department of Biology, College of Arts and Sciences, Dr. Holly Swanson, Department of Phannacology, College of Medicine, and Dr. Lee Meyer, Department of Agricultural Economics, College of Agriculture. The Staff Senates representative has not yet been selected because of technical problems in their election process. Staff Senates representative will join the committee in progress when the nominees are forwarded to Dr. Brockman and a selection is made. Dr. Brockman selected six people from the Board of Trustees. The chainnan of the search committee will be James W. Stuckert. The five committee members in addition to Mr. Stuckert will be Jo Hem Curris, Pamela May, Everett McCorvey, Billy Joe Miles, and Teny Mobley. In his role as Chair ofthe Board, Dr. Brockman will attend the search committee meetings as a nonvoting ex officio member. Dr. Brockman then explained the timeline to the search committee, stating that the schedule is ambitious. The tentative timeline is as follows: