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6 > Image 6 of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 2010-10-12

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

-6- G. Strategic Plan Progress Report President Todd introduced Vice President Connie Ray, who gave an update on UKs strategic plan and on the accreditation process that is under way. Dr. Connie Ray, Vice President for Institutional Research, Planning, and Effectiveness, presented an overview ofthe first year of progress for the University of Kentucky Strategic Plan, 2009-2014. The overview included 22 of 32 metrics for which both baseline infonnation and a first year of progress were available. Metrics serve as indicators that the university is achieving the 5 goals and 21 objectives set forth in the strategic plan. The University has made progress on metrics such as the ACT preparation of the incoming undergraduate class, the retention rate, the number of doctoral degrees awarded, research expenditures, publications and citations, IT solutions and service, enrollment of diverse student populations, and recognitions for engagement and outreach. Areas of concem included metrics such as bachelors and masters degree production, STEM degrees awarded, economic development, and instructional faculty salaries. The University has achieved its target on two metrics: Metric 1-1. Increase the 75th percentile ofthe ACT Composite Score to 28 for the first- year class. Metric 5-3. Achieve at least five national, regional, or disciplinary competitive grants or recognitions for engagement and outreach. Overall, in the first year of implementation ofthe 2009-2014 Strategic Plan, the University achieved 2 metrics, demonstrated some progress on 12 metrics, and showed no progress on 9 metrics; baselines are being established for 9 additional metrics. The second-year progress report will include updates on all 32 metrics. Dr. Ray encouraged Board members to contact her if they had any questions about the strategic plan progress report. President Todd added that a report on this years freshman class statistics had just been received, and Dr. Ray would forward it to the Board members. He expressed his appreciation to Dr. Ray and her staff for their work on the review. H. SACS Reaffinnation of Accreditation Dr. Ray continued with an overview ofthe 10-year reaffinnation of accreditation process by doing a demonstration ofthe universitys SACS web site. The web site provides content to infonn the campus community about the upcoming reaffinnation process and timeline. The process includes work to be completed by three groups: (1) the Leadership Team, chaired by President Lee Todd, (2) a Compliance Certification Team comprised of 72 faculty and staff] and (3) a Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) Team that will change over time as the QEP development process moves from pre-planning to topic selection to full development of a plan to improve student learning.